Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Abdullah School Kuantan 1957...

Above is a group photo of the students of  Abdullah School in Kuantan, Pahang;  the English School that I went to study in 1948 from Primary to Secondary school except for the last six month in form V.  In the mid of 1957 the Form V students were move to a new Secondary school call Abu Bakar School. This new school is at Alor Akar and very far away from my home in Tanah Putih. So it was a daily ritual of cycling to and fro from the house to the school. In a way it was a new experience as before that the Abdullah School is near to my house and I just walk to school. It was at the Abu Bakar School that I sat for the Cambridge School Certificate as well the new Malayan School Certificate examination. I start schooling in a Malay School at Jalan Gambut when the school was open in 1946 after the war. Well folks that is part of the history of my life. 

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