Monday, April 30, 2012

Just another day...

It is Monday the 30th of April 2012, the last day of April this year; a beautiful day with bright blue sky. It would be a great day to take a drive around the neighborhood and enjoy the scenery or just to while the day away. It looks like we have gone through  four months into the year 2012. Amazing how time passes so fast indeed. It was like yesterday that we welcome the year 2000 and start living in the twenty-first century, years that brought new technologies into the fore like the cell phones. Now that gadget not only is just the way to makes call but today it is a media for folks to play games and do works over the internet. It does changes the culture of doing business now. With the cell phones there are no reasons that one could not communicate with one another anymore. And I believe the development of the cell phone is still in its infancy and we would be seeing new developments in the not too distance future. 

Today the weather is good and I may just go out and wander along into the old part of the city. Who knows I may find something interesting to write or to photography and share in my blog later. Anything could happens and when we are on the path of our journey of life we may encounter many things and happening that at time we least expected. Well folks life is like that. Last week at this time on Monday we were on our way back from Malacca after attending the AGM of the Owner Association of the Mutiara Melaka Beach Resort at Pantai Puteri. It look like nothing much to be proud of happens at that resort. The management is still not to my liking but what could we do but hopes that our investment there would not go to waste like so many others where there are glut of resorts and no taker. Anyway since we have a condo there we still have to go there from time to time to stay and upkeeps it. At the same time as the Deputy Chairperson of the Association I had to have a look of it for the association.  We went to Malacca on Saturday 21st and stayed for two nights there. Met the other owners and attended the AGM. 

Today, this Monday I thought that I would just take a ride on the LRT and go as far as the Sentral Station and then maybe stopover at the KLCC before coming home. Yesterday we were at the KLCC for lunch with an American couple. It was a great get together over lunch at the Little Penang restaurant, one of our favorite restaurants there. We chat over the lunch on subjects that just pop up from our minds and enjoy the day. They are making Malaysia their second home and have already bought a condo in Damansara as their home here. This Wednesday they would fly to their home in the US and then would be back to Malaysia sometime in July. 

Well I would just stop this rambling here for now. Have a nice day.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Bersih 3.0

The about image is taken from Hamzah Zain Facebook wall showing the crowds near Dataran Merdeka [Independence Square] just before 2PM on April 28, 2012. for the Bersih 3.0 rally.

Watch this

and This 

Have a nice day.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Kaki Lima @ Five Foot-Walkway...

The Kaki Lima or Five Foot-Walkway in towns is a normal feature of shops in the old towns in Malaysia.  The image on the left taken in Penang posted by a Blogger/Facebook friend Steven V-l Lee on Facebook shows what a Kaki Lima look like. That scene does brought back memories of my growing up period in Kuantan. It rekindle old memories of my childhood growing up in my father's shop along Wall Street in Kuantan. The street name has changed to Jalan Mahkota now for reason I just could not understand. I thought it would be great to keep the original name Wall Street since the other Wall Street is that famous and well-known street in New York. That would be a value adds to the town of Kuantan. Another is historic in that the street is name after one of the District Officer of Kuantan during the colonial era. To me it would be good to remind us of our history and one way is to keep some of the colonial names of places and streets. Well nothing could be done about it now. I do hope someone would open a restaurant or other shops along this street and call it Wall Cafe or Wall Street Restaurant. And put a plaque there explaining of what that name meant.

Back to the subject of this posting, well as a young kid from the age of five that Kaki Lima or the Five Foot-walkway was where my siblings and I would play all-day long. Especially the one in front of my dad's restaurant. The most I would walk along it on to two or three other shops on both sides. Our dad's restaurant is both our home as well the shop for there is where we live and grew up, in the shop. We seldom venture or allow going further than the end-shop except at time we were allows to play at the field in front of the Police Station there, an imposing building then. That imposing Kuantan Police Station has since been demolished making way to new buildings that to me has no architectural beauty at all. They should have kept the old building and turn it into a Police Museum. It would  surely be a tourist attraction in town now.

In those days the Kaki Lima as the local calls it was not only a space that separate the shop from the road in front, it is also a link-way for folks to walk from one end of the street to the other end in comfort and safety. Nowadays shops are no longer built like that. Most are in Shopping Mall. Anyway those old shops are still there and one could still experience walking on the Kaki Lima and get the feels of why that walkway is so important before the coming of the Mall and Air-conditioning.  The Kaki Lima is an extension of the shop and it provides shades from the sun and rain, thus it made walking from one shop to another a pleasure, as well away from the traffics on the road.

Well folks time has change the way we shop but the old way could still be part of our shopping culture. That fusion of the old and the new would surely continue to give color to our lives.

Have a nice day.


Friday, April 13, 2012

Just rambling...

Woke up to a gorgeous day in April and heard the birds chirping from tree to tree in my little garden. Thought that I would just ramble along what's in my mind now. After the ritual of cleaning up the front part of the house which includes my little garden, I decided to fix a lamp above the dressing table. I had bought the lamp at Ikea yesterday, it sort of upgrading the second room. 

Yesterday after returning from Ikea I had all the doorknobs of the Kitchen Cabinet replaced with new one I bought there. After the installation is done it does give the kitchen a new look. Tomorrow Ikea transport would be sending my new bookcases since the items are too heavy and big that it was not possible to take it in the car. So tomorrow and possibly Sunday I would have plenty of jobs in hands to assemble the two bookcases that I had bought from Ikea. 

Today I would not visit Facebook. It is sort of a no Facebook day. It would be great to leave Facebook for at least a day, lest one would get addicted to that social media which I thought is not healthy. I had once deactivate my Facebook account. But because relatives want me to send them some images that I had taken I reactivated my FB again. Now I am there just to follow the happening in that media and not like before, too obsess. With my No Facebook day I would just ramble along as I write this posting. 

As I had said earlier I decided to fix the lamp which I bought from Ikea yesterday. It looks simple but as usual it takes hours for me to fixed one small lamp above the dressing table. That is because I had to take out everything in the built-in cardboard above the dressing table to get access for the wiring so that my handiwork would be like a professional job. With all the DIY tools I start doing it careless of what happening in the other part of the house. It takes me almost two hours to get it done. And I am indeed happy with the result. 

Last Sunday evening we went for dinner at KLCC and after dinner and shopping on getting into the car to get home I notice my GPS and Smartag with the Touch and Go card missing. On checking I found that it was stolen. Someone had got into my car and stole the three items. No other things were missing and the car look alright without any forced entry. The remote control was functioning well. I then drove the car back home and only then that I realized my alarm-system was deactivated.  Well nothing could be done about it and the next day I reported to the matter to the KLCC authority. Meanwhile I call the Touch and Go card authority and told them that I had lost the card. They say that they would block access to the card and if there is any money still in the card it would be refunded to me. I then told my son-in-law about the items lost and he say not to worry and that he have an extra GPS and a Smartag and would give it to me as a replacement. The next day that was yesterday I went to the nearby Honda Service station and got a new lock fixed and Service the car as well. Now everything is alright. Well folks that is life, sometimes you lose and sometime you gain.

As I had blog earlier we now have a baby squirrel to take care and it look like it doing find and jumping up and down the cage. It is still too small to let it go back to nature. It looks like we still have to keep and feed it until it is big enough to venture on its own. 

Have a nice day.

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Flowers @ Keeper of our Joy...

Yes folks flowers is often said to be the keeper of our joy. It always made us happy when seeing flowers. It does not matter what color it is. It presents itself in various forms and shades of colors. In whatever shapes or sizes it always brings joy to us the instance we see it. Give a bunch of flowers to a sick person and it instantaneously rejuvenates his or her energy, enjoying that short moment in time when getting that gift of flowers. Put a bouquet of flowers in a room and its beauty radiate into a charm that turn a dull environment into a vibrant one. And everyone presence in that space would felt the aura of that gorgeous bunch of flowers. In whatever ways it does affect our lives. So folks do take a moment to appreciate of what nature had to offer. It may look simple like that red flowers that I had posted above, a plant that I had grown in my little garden. It does affect us and most of all it made us happy. That folks is because of the aura radiated by the flowers, nature's gift to us to help us enjoy life to the fullest. 

Have a nice day and take care.

Friday, April 06, 2012

The Morning Sun...

The morning sun always refreshes me and it always brightens my day. Among the daily ritual is to take care of my little garden in front of my patio. It just a small space that I have turned into a garden of my own with greens of all kinds and shades. Above is a whole old coconut that had been turn into a bird nest of sort. That yellow flowers attract some little birds that comes a visiting in the early part of the morning. I love to see it hovering above the yellow flowers enjoying the nectar inside those little petals. It look like this yellow flowers that hangs from the roof of my garden attract the little birds and I am happy to see it coming in the early part of the morning. I am yet to get an image of it since it was never in one spot and would fly away when one get near to it. I believe like that elusive squirrel that comes to feed in my little garden I would eventually get a photo of that birds as it comes to feed on that yellow flowers. This little garden is alive with activities in the early part of the morning, creating an atmosphere of joy and happiness for a healthy living. 

Have a nice day.

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

The Zen....

Above is an image that I believe shows an atmosphere of peace and tranquility, the feels of Zen. Little things when in harmony gives us that zen feeling. A healthy living atmosphere that would translate into happiness for us all.

Have a nice day and take care.

Monday, April 02, 2012

April Fool Day...

Well folks we are now in the month of April 2012. See how time passes by, so fast indeed. It was just like yesterday when we welcome the year 2012 but no folks yesterday was the first of April; an April Fool Day. During the colonial era April Fool Day is big. Folks would play truants with one another and in school we would do it on our teachers too. But been an April Fool Day no one was punished, instead we would laugh it away after having fun for a day. Well time has changed and now no one celebrate April Fool Day here in Malaysia anymore; its history now.  

Have a nice day.