Thursday, November 29, 2007

A KVK dinner...

So what is this KVK. First let me explain what is this all about. KVK is a name of our club in the Malaysian national Language. It is an abbreviation of the Kelab Volvo Klasik or the Volvo Classic Club, whose members are those crazy folks who own old cars of the Amazon series, the Volvo 122, 121, that was produce in the sixties and sold millions of units all over the world. We are the owners of these classic and are very proud of it. There are now some hundred and fifty members as registered in the club manual but the active one are but a few. Anyway the club did well to gather those folks and from time to time held get together as a mean of meeting and exchanges notes. Like going on a trip to nowhere or to somewhere like the National Parks. At time we would have a breakfast do to just enjoy each other company. Most of the time our spouse would follow along making it a sort of a family get together. For those of us who has retired these events gave us chances to rejuvenated and enjoy a better quality of life. So in a way the activities of this club is actually a mean to an end and it served it purposes well. It keep us folks active, thus bring enjoyment that we would otherwise could not do it alone.

On the evening of November twenty seven, we all attend a dinner at the Lake Club, a club which is a reminiscence of the British colonial era. This dinner was organised as a sort of a farewell get together to the club president Mr. Simon Suresh who would be going on a new adventure in the white man land, to take up a new position and perhaps getting richer as well. A lawyer by profession he is the founder of the club and since he was rather young at the time the club was registered, other veteran took over the presidency until recently when the club decided that it is time that this now not so young lawyer take over leadership of the club. And as years passes by he decided to look for a new and greener pasture and eventually found one in the UK, the former colonial master of our motherland Malaysia. So soon he would depart for his new world and before he left we the club members decided to give him and his charming spouse a farewell party, thus this Dinner at the Lake Club. As usual with such event, it became a sort of a family reunion, part a happy occasion and partly a sad one. Parting is always like that. Anyway in life that is the nature of things. So for the enjoyment of everyone that evening we had dinner of Chinese food. As usual with such dinner some would not go without the wine and hard liquor. One such person that I believed enjoyed most is our friend the veteran owner of a classics is a Mr.Michael who were enjoying his drink to the fullest. I told him that if he drink too much he cannot drive. His reply was that he would just walk home. So that would solved his problem with the law and I believe by walking he must have arrived at his home in PJ early the next morning.

As usual over dinner we chat and yarns with jokes thrown in between making everyone laugh, especially so to those who had one too many. We chat on various subjects like the recent happening such as the Bersih, the Hindraf, the Proton and about the recent election in Australia where the ruling party lost and the opposition would be the next Australian government. Changes are always good and we always hopes for the best when things changes especially the government. I am not sure that would happen in Malaysia but in a democracy anything could be possible. Well let see when the next election come, maybe early next year and see what changes it would brought about. In the meantime we all could dream and dream of a better Malaysia tomorrow. Not that Malaysia is not better already but that has been the nature of our species, we always yearned for some changes, hoping for a better better. So while enjoying the sumptuous foods we yarns along and like any great time it has to end.

Before we parted one of the spouse on behalf of the club presented a mementos to Mr.Simon and he was asked to unwrap the present. To add some excitements to the evening and before the gift was given to the outgoing President of the club, Mr. David a veteran member and also the VP of the club gave a short colorful speech, which in a way trying to throw light as to what is in the package and at the same time trying to confused Mr.Simon as to the real content of the gift package. And because of this I believe it in some ways worried Mr.Simon in unwrapping the package in front of his spouse. What if it might contain some items that might embarrassed the ladies. Remember members often do such thing just for the fun of it all. So it actually took him some doing unwrapping it before it came to the real gift, which turn out to be a watch. I not sure why a watch was chosen as a gift, perhaps as a token to remind him of his friends in beautiful Malaysia if he ever got lost after a drink in a pub somewhere in the UK. Anyway it does not matter to me since a gift is a way of showing our appreciation of his tenure as the President of the club. Like a big Thank You with something solid like a ticking clock. And at the same time would made him to remember of the joke that I told of the man and his watch back in rural Africa in a era gone by. I believe he would laugh if he reflect on the hilarious moment at the party that night. Laugh on hearing the last part of the joke. I believe the next time he is in an English pub, this joke would makes others laugh as well. And of course it would remind him of the great time we all have had as members of the Kelab Volvo Kelasik Malaysia that evening.

Friends. the party went well indeed and we all really enjoyed the evening. To Michael, the angle I believe by now is quiet sober and would be able take his classic car for a spin around the town without flouting the law. That my friends was a great evening with the KVK members. Have a nice day.. [Please click on image to enlarge]

Friday, November 23, 2007

888 posting to date...

Yesterday I check my dashboard and found that it shows my posting as 887 and with this posting it is now 888 posting. Well, it look like that I had done 888 posting to date since I started blogging in the year 2003. To the Chinese, eight is a lucky number and since the Chinese has somewhat influence the culture of this country, it do affect the way Malaysian believe and think. I am therefore happy with that numbers and I felt lucky. I have been blogging for more then four years already and happy with it. Making new friends from all the corners of the globes. The young and the old. In the process of communicating in cybersphere I felt that all those bloggers friends whom I met are very close to me, although most I am yet to meet. The Internet has made that closeness possible that no other means of communication could made it. In a way time and distance does not exist anymore. It just evaporate into thin air. I have met bloggers or some strangers from faraway land because of blogging. Like that Frenchman from Brittany. At first he contacted me for some information and then after a lapse of time, out of the blue he call from sunny Langkawi saying that he is there and enjoying his holiday basking in the sun on the beach of Langkawi. Since he has a few hours in KL before catching his flight back to paris, I told him that we could meet and sure enough we met. Had lunch at KLCC and then I took him and his girlfriend to see Putra Jaya and then back to KL, leaving both of them to wonder on their own in KL before getting to KLIA for a flight to Paris. Well with that meeting we are no longer stranger. Of recent because of the Cupcakes I met in person another local blogger Wiz.

I thought that after I retired I would just lie low and enjoy life as it is but with blogging everything changes for the better. It is just like starting a new adventure into the unknown. This time in cybersphere where most of us have never been before. With blogging I began to get into the limelight again and with that getting to know more people of all ages which I never thought possible. When I was working in the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports getting into the limelight was a normal things. But after retiring I thought that there would be no more of that. So getting back into the limelight is a sort of a surprise to me at first. I began to get more exposure and soon get to know more people, as well as people getting to know me. I believe in a way it has to do with my bloggers friends, like Rocky and Jeff who from time to time link my blog in their posting. By doing that gave my blog more exposure. Thanks buddies, that is what bloggerhood is all about. And because blogging at time hit on the raw nerves of the authority we get more and more publicity. It in a way makes me happy as well.

Had it not been for blogging I would not have known, to mentioned a few those bloggers like R.Ho who live in one corner of the US and Wwi in a land call the Golden Sand. Soon I would be meeting Wwi in real life. Probably sometime this month when he and his spouse are on duty to babysit at his children's home in KL. Well at this age Grandpa and Grandma love to do it from time to time. Once my spouse and me did just that in Boston, US for one year and enjoy doing it. Only from time to timelah as the Malaysian says and not alwayslah. And then there is this blog that I frequented, who at time would get lost in a faraway land in the Antarctic or somewhere and write beautiful anecdote or smash the authority with her kind of blogging. When her blog get idle I got worried. Maybe she forgot to wake up from hibernating in the North Pole. Hi!! Rox, hope you are OK and enjoying life. Actually I am yet to meet her in person. Perhaps one of these days who knows!!

Some people ask me what do I blogs. I told them that I write anything that comes to my mind and that I do not write much on politic or religion. Let leaves all the politic to the young bloggers like Rocky, Jeff and the others, who are good at it. I would just do a little of politic my way and go on blogging on the reality of living and enjoying that. When I am in cyberspace of course I visit as many blogs as possible and enjoy those creative and powerful writing of bloggers from all over the world which includes the like of Ruby, who happened to be a Leo like me. She is well articulate and interact very well when people posted comments in her blog. I notice that she never failed to reply to all those posting, which sometime became sort of a chatroom happening. I would have written like her had I been her age but now in my golden age I would just prefer to color my posting the way I like it. Hay!! Ruby go on and blog your mind and enjoy doing it.

Then there are the good people out there who includes my blog in their Blogroll. One of such person is Lynn. Thanks Lynn, I do enjoy your blog. And of course our own blogroll like Sopo and BolehBlogs. It provides a one stop avenue to get to read blogs in the other region of the world as well as the local one, without doing the Search!!!. And then we have the Project Petaling Street site [PPS] where we could ping our posting to get more exposure. The good people of PPS were the first to organised a Get Together cum Dinner some years ago. Hay!! what about organising another one. The last time we all met it was really great!!.

Blogging is here to stay, so I hope that the authority especially the Information Ministry would realised the important of the Citizen journalists [bloggers] and works with them to get information and ideas from everywhere in the country. By doing that stories and news in the mainstream media would reflect the actual thinking of Malaysian everywhere. Well it has been great blogging all those years and I am enjoying it. So it look like the number 888 do bring happiness to me as well. Have a nice day.

Monday, November 19, 2007

A Petite lady, Colorful cupcakes and Joy!!!...

So what is this all about you may ask!!. What does Joy has to do with a petite lady and the colorful cupcakes. First let me clarify as to the meaning of Joy that I pick up from a dictionary "emotion of great happiness". It has to do with Happiness which is so important to all of us. Well, it is like this. It may sound to be a rather complicated story but yet it is not. It is a story that has to do with the ingredients of creating Happiness. It is just one of those happening that happen in life. Real life is like that. It is a story yet to be told. So this is one of the story that unfold as its goes.

So how do I start this story that has yet to get an ending, I believe all writers write as its goes along with their thinking process. You continue to write as the ideas flows on, like water flowing on a clear mountain stream. It flows and at time when it get into an obstacle it divert itself but yet it flows. Ideas in writing is just like that. This story start with the talk of a birthday party of our granddaughter Adilah. She is having a party to celebrate her sixteen birthday over the weekend. To kids at this age birthday is real special, so I decided to give a sort of a helping hand to her party. After discussing with here mom, I decided to order some cupcakes from a fellow blogger. This is the first time that I had ever ordered anythings through the Internet. After looking at her blog with Adilah, the birthday girl, without much ado, I placed an order.

So on last Friday evening a petite lady with her spouse came to the house to deliver the cakes. We have not met except in cybersphere. Like me she is a blogger. In a way we are just cyberpal until this evening when we met in the real world. She delivered the cakes that I ordered and met my spouse, the Nenek. In just a breeze they left. My spouse and me then sat to look at the cakes she just brought and admired at the works of art.

Immediately after they left we took the cakes to our daughter's house nearby. On seening the cakes everyone including the tiny tot were exited with the jewels of a cakes. In an instance they fell in love with the cupcakes that comes in three containers. So without much ado we sat to sample the cakes for as we often knows that looks could be deceiving. We soon found out that not only that it look great, it taste great as well. Everyone especially Adilah were delighted with these special cakes for her birthday over the weekend. In that instance happiness and joys brighten the home. It was like love just exploded. I am indeed happy to have ordered this cakes for the special day of our granddaughter.

And on the day of the birthday party these colorful cupcakes stole the show. Everyone were full of praises of the quality of the cakes and the taste as well. You know how kids are nowadays, they are rather sophisticated on their taste, their likes and dislike. And when they say the it is great then it must be great. I agreed. So my first order through the Internet did come out well indeed. Thanks to Wiz for a job well done. The cupcakes was a mean to an end 'Happiness'. That my friends is the end of the story. Have a nice day.[click to enlarge images]

Saturday, November 17, 2007

That elusive squirrel....

There you are, I got it!!!. That elusive squirrel that frequent my little garden. I had been feeding it with cut apple for years already and has never had a chance to get a snap of it until that afternoon [Thursday November 15,2007]. Every days and for years I had placed a plate of cut apple to feed the family of squirrels that I know live somewhere around my garden where orchids and other greens turn it into an eco system of a sort. Little birds, butterflies, dragonflies as well as other insects seem to enjoy this little paradise that I had nurtured. It is my ways of bring back nature to my doorstep, the patio in front of my house.

There is a kopitiam table there where we would sit to enjoy the days. At time with friends who come to visit or just with our family. It is a small place but it is a place that we could call our our paradise, where orchids blooms and green plants grows in harmony with each other. There is a small fish pond there with water flowing into the pond. This provide the sound of water splashing all day long. We all have to find a way to bring back nature as well as the Kampong [village] atmosphere to our surrounding in the city, so this is my ways of doing just that.

As I was about to go out I saw that squirrel sitting on the wooden fence munching it meal of apple. This time it seem not to worry so much. I believe after all those years it has became sort of use to my presence. So I quietly went in to take my camera. Got it ready and went to the front door again and sure enough it is still there eating the apple. I aimed the camera and managed to take two snaps before it move on. It was indeed a great moment for me. I got this elusive squirrel digitized after all those years waiting for the right moment like this. So my years of waiting has finally bear fruit. I am sharing this great and beautiful moment in time with all to enjoy. Have a nice day..

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Book... We're All Journalists Now....

That day when I went to Kinokuniya while trying to kill time and browsing the rows and rows of books, I was not sure of what book to buy. I just had to buy a book since I have just finished reading a book and had non to read after that. So I thought that I might as well browse along and have a look of what new books are around or just look at the noticeboard which shows the bestseller of the week. While doing just that I notice this book which is so relevant to what I am doing now, Blogging as well trying to get more Malaysian to understand what blogging is all about. As a Blogger I have written many articles on Why Malaysian must Blog, Appeared on TV, Featured on a mainstream newspaper The Star and interviewed by a few students. All these efforts are to pass the messages that Blogging is good for Democracy as well it is good for the bloggers.

What a coincidence that I found this book ' We're All Journalists Now' by Scott Gant' and reading through it found that my thoughts on this subject are in tune with what this author wrote. I have just gone through the book on my first reading and have to do a second reading before I could digest all the thoughts and ideas that have been put so brilliantly by this author. For now let me summarise that it is a godsend book for our time especially so for Malaysian where blogging is beginning to made its impact on the socio political scene. Although the contents of this book are of the American socio political/cultural scene, I found that there are so much in common with our ideal. The need to have a free flows of information and ideas especially from the ordinary folks. In the past it is not possible to do that but blogging has made the flows of information and ideas now possible. To quote the author "a Marketplace of Ideas, which provides the best chance for uncovering truth". And the New Media [Blogger] would be playing that part well. The new Media, Blogging or Citizen Journalism is a term use by the author Scott Gant in this book.

Another aspect that I found to be in agreement with the author is that Journalism should be part and parcel of a good governance. The author address this issue at length and I find this part is very important...In the past government has always been referred as the sharing of power between the Executive,the Legislative and the Judiciary only. The author pointed that the role of Journalism especially Citizen Journalism could made government more accountable and transparent. So a good government in a democracy should be the sharing of power that includes Journalism/Press, first dubbed as the Fourth Branch by another author Douglass Cater in 1959. Thus the four branches should now be The Executive, The Legislative, the Judiciary, and the Journalism/Press. With the element of Journalism in it, it would made information and ideas flows both ways which surely would create good governance for any country and in turn would be good for its citizen too. To me this is a tall order indeed but if it is good for the country, why not!. After all what the people want is good governance and with that provide for a better quality of life for its citizen.

That the old media would still there and continue to play its parts in the dissemination of information and ideas. And as usual with things it would evolved in its own ways. Citizen Journalism would play its role and evolve as it goes. Changing the ways we get news. Quote from the book " The days of the mainstream media as the "voice of God" are over, declared Dean Wright, a vice president at Reuters". The author also highlight one very important aspect of journalism, much debated in the US and already implemented in some States. That is what he call as the 'Shield Law'. He also pointed out that Journalism should be an endeavor and not just a job title. And that Journalism should be look at as an activity rather then a profession. As for the future of Journalism, the author wrote "Journalism is essential" and that it is a vital part of sharing information needed for the functioning of the socio political systems.

In most countries including Malaysia before Blogging news has always been a one sided affairs. What the Publishers want us to know and that's is. And because in Malaysia you need a licence to start a Newspaper, only a few got it. Thus the limited numbers of Newspapers in the country. The author stated that in the US no licence is needed to start a newspaper. So in Malaysia with Blogging, the citizen journalists has open up the Pandora box on the flows of news. Now the information and ideas comes from the people as well. The status quo has changed. The flood gates of news has been open by bloggers and there are no ways of stopping, except with the truth. It is a fair game now, the playing field is getting even day by day. Those who refused to accept these facts would surely be swept by the new waves.

Friends, this is a good book for us Bloggers. It is about us and our involvement as the pioneer of this new media. The understanding of the power of Blogging [citizen journalism] in our [Malaysia] young democracy. I believe we the Malaysian Bloggers could made the differences in the coming years in making democracy works as democracy should. Have a nice day..

Monday, November 12, 2007

A Pak Blogger lunch..

It was a Sunday, Pokku had SMS me earlier suggesting a lunch at KLCC on Sunday with Pak Adib. I replied saying that I shall be there. So at eleven on the beautiful Sunday morning we met at the Dome KLCC, and got an outside table since both Pokku and Pak Adid still smoke. I had quit since 1981 after smoking for almost twenty four years. Well since they still enjoy smoking and enjoying life, why not!!. But then you are not allow to sit inside and that is the disadvantage. Well life is like that. We sat there and enjoy our lunch as well chat and yarns of subjects that comes to our minds, especially so of the demonstration/rally the day before [November 10, 2007], in the heart of the city where not less then forty thousand people participated despite without a Police Permit. They wore yellow T.Shirts and you could see seas of yellow. It was indeed a sight to watch. Had the police given them permit and not cordoned off the city, there would be more attending the rally, to me part of democracy in action. If I were the authority I would have given them the permit to hold the rally, after all we Malaysian are peace loving people who treasured peace and harmony. After their leaders had handed over their memorandum to the Palace, they all dispersed peacefully. Of course there are a few arrested for attending an unlawful assembly, but I found that they all have since been released.

Of course we talk about other subjects like the coming election and about the price hikes, the news of another price hike on petroleum. There was so much to talks about when blogger meet. We all know too well the reason why blogger write, it is because they love to talk, so when they meet the talks never seem to end. While they puff on I enjoyed my lunch and the company. As the day goes on the place became crowded. Hardly we knew it, it was past two in the afternoon. Well, with that we call of the lunch meeting and promise to meet again some other time. Have a nice day. [The above image shows Pokku on the left and Pak Adib in the centre].

Thursday, November 08, 2007

A colorful day at KLCC..

It was a Tuesday, I had an appointment with a young student from University Tunku Abdul Rahman [UTAR]. She wanted to interview me on Blogging. Part of her thesis on Journalism. She had interviewed Rocky earlier. As usual with me I went early and spend my time browsing at Kinokuniya, the biggest bookstore in the KLCC. I like this bookstore, first it is near my home and second it has a large collection of books, including the latest.

I went into the huge bookstore and soon found that the place has just had a sort of rearranged. I browse along and eventually got myself oriented to the new arrangement in the store. I went to see the new section that house the Japanese and Mandarin Books which together occupied half of the bookstore space, right to the back of the store where the windows faced the KLCC Pool and Garden. On my past visit I did not notice these windows. I walk near it and look outside. Looking through the window now you can clearly see the Pool and Garden from various angle. Wow!! The sight is simply magnificent. A panoramic views of the Pool and the Garden below. Amazing I never had the opportunity to see it this ways before. It is not always you get the opportunity to see the Pool and the Garden below.

I did not bring my camera but do have my Dopod and its has a camera. The Dopod 838Pro is an all new Window Mobile Smart Phone that my daughter gave me on my sixty eight birthday August this year. It is indeed a wonderful gadget especially so it has a Mobil Window software. With this I could surf the net anywhere using 3G or GPRS. So I am now connected with the Internet all the time. What a world we live in now.

I browse along the rows and rows of books and eventually found one with the title ' We're All Journalists Now by Scott Gant. I check the content and it look good. It is in a way about the evolution of this media and the future of Blogging. Interesting I bought it. The price RM96.88. Books are getting expensive but what can I do for reading is one of hobby. So there goes my Ringgit!!!. Happy with that purchase I went to the Bookstore's Coffee Club [Tell us how you feel]. I ordered a black coffee and took a corner table and wait for that student to arrive. I waste no time and start reading the book. From the first page it got me hooked. As I was immersed reading and sipping my steamy hot black coffee, she arrived with a friend. We made contact and she introduce herself, showing her University ID card. She thanks me for accepting her request to interview me. I told her that I am glad to do my bit for her. The future of Malaysia depend of professional like her. In a way it is an investment in the future of my country. She says that she is in her final year doing a degree in Journalism. Well, as we all know Blogging is the In Things now and our Universities are preparing the future Journalist to be a Citizen Journalist as Well. I am using the term Citizen Journalist, a term use by the the author Scott Gant to mean Blogger.

So we sat there. She is just one of the student of the generation of my grandchildren and me from the generation of the cave that got quantum leaped into the present, the ICT world of today. She is the future and I am from the past. Well she start saying that she would need at least two hours to get through all the questionnaire, which she placed in front of her. I told her not to worry and that I have all the time in the world. She ask me whether she could record our conversation. I told her it is alright with me. She then took out a tiny iPot, the size slightly bigger then a thumb and placed it on the table and said that this gadget could records more then two hours. Well another gadget of our today's world. So we sat there care less of what's happening around us, Me seeping coffee and she wrote as I speak. Hardly we knew it, the interview went for two and a half hours. Well like Einstein says Time is Relative, how true. When you do not relate it to anythings it just passes by just like that. And that ends the interview. Yet another fruitful day on my journey of life. Adding more colors to my already colorful life.

Soon she would get her Journalism Degree and journalism would not be the same anymore. Another Liz Wong or MarinaM perhaps. Well, folks that is life and things are bound to change whether we like it or not. Journalism would never be the same anymore. And Citizen Journalism [Blogger] would surely be in the fore. Have a nice day.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Happy Diwali...

Happy Diwali to all. May we all continue to prosper and live in peace and harmony. Have a nice day..

Sunday, November 04, 2007

The Mall, the cakes and cookies...

Well, what shall I write today. Let me see. I am not sure of what to write. I am thinking while I write this. OK then, I shall write of a new shopping paradise that just open for business in my city of Kuala Lumpur. It is call the Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. A very prestige name for a very prestigious shopping mall in the heart of the city, the famous Bintang Walk. Been curious like everyone else in the city, my spouse and me decided to go and have a look of what is this new mall is all about. We knew of the building but has yet to see what is actually so special about this new shopping mall call the Pavilion.

So on one fine Sunday afternoon we drove to the mall taking the Elevated Highway, to Jalan Tun Razak [south] then got into Jalan Bukit Bintang. Just after the junction of the Jalan Imbi is that imposing new building of this new mall. This huge complex is situated between Jalan Bukit Bintang, in front the Star Hill Mall and Jalan Raja Chulan. Actually it sit on the land that once was the Bukit Bintang Girl school. I believe those of you who got their education there know this spot very well indeed.

Since this is our first visit, I drove slowly as I approach the building, looking for all the signboards so that we do not missed the car park. I found it and drove into the basement and fortunate for me I got a parking space at the the first basement. Parked my car there and then went looking for the entrance to the mall. Since it was not only us that are looking, there are others as well, the first timer like us, we just follow the crowds and got into a lift. Out of the lift on the ground floor we soon wonder along, again following the crowds. There are many eating places all around us at this floor. We move on and eventually found the lobby. Got my bearing right and start to have a look around. Soon I found that this mall is really huge. It is seven storeys high with a large retail spaces all over. Just imagine the space that once occupied the Bukit Bintang Girl school, it is that large. We took our time to look around and I believe the others are doing the same and eventually got to the anchor tenant, the Parkson which occupied six floors on one side of the mall. Next to it is The Tang.

The interior architecture is interesting, making it look real grand and cosy. The foyer and the lobby is spacious with a grand entrance from Jalan Bukit Bintang, just in front The Star Hill complex and the Marriott Hotel. If you approach it from the Bintang Walk, you would find a grand stairways toward the main lobby. You walk down this grand stairways and down there you would find the huge concourse. We wonder around and then found a great place to have dinner. The sign says Tony Roma's..Ribs, Sea Food,Steaks. Hungry, we got a table and ordered grilled white cod. Soon the place became crowded with diners. Our orders came and we sat to enjoy it. While doing that a passer by asked is the food good. I told him that indeed it is great. He thanks me and move on. That was that at this new mall and we shall be back again to do some shopping here, the next time.

And now lets looks for something colorful. It is about Cakes, Pastry and Cookies. Just have a look at this site Whiz. It belong to a young homemaker who in her spare times bakes cakes, pastry, and cookies. The array of cakes and cookies in her blog look so colorful. What a creative person she is. From the look, all those cakes, pastry and cookies look great and tempting. I believe it should taste great too. She takes orders and deliver it too. So if you think those colorful cakes are great and want to have a taste of it, her email address is there for you to get in touch. Friends that's what blogerhood is all about. Have a nice day and take care.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Blogging and Negaraku....

A lad, a university student still in his teen from the generation of my grandchildren while on a holiday recently watch me on TV. He is among the millions who watch that Talk Show on TV9 that day. Most I believe just watch it as another entertainment programme but some do listen to it attentively and one of the person is this lad. After watching it he wrote to me and said that my talks do open his mind toward what blogging is all about. Before that he has a totally different views of what blogging is. He thanks me and say that he like what he saw and heard and he might start blogging. I replied thanking him for been so sincere and told him that he should try blogging. And guess what!!. He did just that and this is his blog. And I believe some of you have already visited his blog and found him to be a resourceful person for his age. I am indeed glad that at least another young Malaysian have start blogging and this add to the thousands that are already enjoy blogging and by doing that contributing contents to the Internet. Remember by blogging you activate your thinking cap and for the young it would open up their minds and start to think outside the box. Student would be more knowledgeable and resourcefully and this would made them easily marketable after graduation. We should remember that when we share information we also get to learn more from the feedback. Knowledge is like that, the more we talk about it the richer our knowledge would be. Interaction of knowledge between more people makes the knowledge richer and more useful.

Science and technology are changing our world very fast indeed. Television and the Computer are going to converge into one. Because of this blogging is going to be a very powerful tool, more powerful then the present media like the Radio, TV and the Newspaper. Together with You Tube I believe it would become an alternative if not competitive media with the old media as the means of disseminating news to the masses. But some in our society has yet to come to grasp with this new media. A media where the rakyaat [ the people] would be the sources of future news. Just imagine there are Newspapers or Radio station or TV station in every corner of the country where individual are the owner, the producer, the editor of the programmes that are accessible all over the country and the world. That is what Blogging and You Tubing are going to be in the near future. Soon Blogs like this could be the Subang Jaya Post, this could be the Pasir Mas Post, this could be The Klang Post, this could be De Politique, this could be Business Post, this could be De Source and so on, spreads all over the country. All these Blogs would be the source of firsthand news that you get on your laptop or your PDA all days long. That scenario is not an impossibility but would be a reality once the rakyaat get to understand of what Blogging and You Tube are all about and how it could change the society and fast forward reform in the Malaysian society, thus change the Malaysian mindset into a global thinker.

It is already a reality in the west, where politician and businessman are using blogging to reach the masses and it is working well. But sad to say some of ours are still in the dark of what blogging and You tube are. They have not really understood the philosophy of the new tools as yet. I hope that they wake up fast to the reality of what the Internet and blogging could do to improve the quality of the civil society in this country. Where accountability and transparency would be the norms. A society that is as democratic as never before. Where the power of dissemination information are in their hands rather in the few. That my friends is Blogging and You tubing. The future is here already.

Our former Prime Minister Tun Dr.Mahathir once said that we had missed the Industrial revolution but we should not miss this new revolution, The ICT Revolution. To me this new revolution is not about creating Cyber cities like Cyberjaya or Super Corridor here and there only where the players are the makers of hardware and software only. It should includes the ordinary rakyaat as well. And this is where the Internet especially blogging and You Tubing come into play. I have pointed that the Malaysian content in the Internet is much lacking and if we do not do anything about it we would again be the looser. So I hope institution like the Dewan Bahasa and Pusaka realised soon and start putting contents on the Internet, like a virtual database on Malaysian culture, their research works so that Malaysian and other could easily get information.

The above blogs that I highlighted are but a few example and it belong to my blogger friends. The imaginary title of their blogs are just of my own doing and I hope they would not mind it. It is just an example. There are already thousand of Malaysian blogs that provide posting on various issue and soon there would be more and more. I believe that in the not too distance future there would be blogs in every corners of the country. These blogroll sites Bolehblogs, Sopo, PPS shows some statistic of the blogging scene in Malaysia. It sure going to change the way of how we get information. Even now people look to Blog to get the latest news of the happening, especially so on the socio political scene of the country.

Folks I am not dreaming but just been an optimist. Have a nice day. [note: Negaraku mean Homeland]