Tuesday, November 30, 2010

An elegant white!...

It was one of those days. I went to the little garden and watch all the greens grow. It has been my morning ritual and I am happy doing it. It is one of those things that made me happy: taking care of the plants in the garden kept me busy in the early hours of the morning or in the late hours of the evening. With time on my sides I often take it easy and while the time away careless of the happening around me. Enjoying every moment in the garden, watching the ants running around doing it business, watching the little birds perching and tweeting on the branch. And at time saw that elusive squirrel of mine comes to eat the fruits that I had left on the plate on the top of the fence. It now more friendly but still elusive. They say it would be friendlier as time passes. Sometime while doing the gardening it rains. It does not matter for my little garden is under a translucent roof. I love to see the pattering of the raindrops on the roof and enjoy the coolness that rains bring to the humid tropical temperature. In a way the garden rejuvenate me and I often felt fresh and happy. That is why the garden means so much to me. It gives me that green atmosphere as well that rural feels that is not easy to get living in the city. This little garden gives me that touch of the rural. It is a place that inspire me to wild my thoughts and at time daydreams. This morning while browsing the garden I saw this little white flower. The branch of the flower sat on the leaf of a fern above the fish pool. It was just one tiny flower and yet it looks so elegant on its own. I did enjoy that brief moment looking at it. I snap it up and sharing it here for everyone to enjoy. Have a nice day.[click image to enlarge]

Friday, November 26, 2010

A bright Friday morning...

Woke up to a beautiful Friday morning and I took a walk outside the house and enjoy the fresh air and watch the insects enjoying it morning breakfast on the nectar of the yellow flowers. I felt good. That freshness of the morning air and sun make me happy. I met my neighbor and the Mobil market vendor, chat awhile with them and then took my camera and snap those images about. I did enjoy those flowers and it does made my day. As they say flowers is the keeper of our joy. How true. Have a nice day folks.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Under the weather...

I have been slow in my blogging for a simple reason I had been under the weather lately. It started with a bad stomachache that got worse in the early hours of Friday, so got myself admitted at the nearest hospital for treatment. Since I am not the one who could stay at such an enclosed space in more than three days I decided to get home and continue the treatment from there. I am now taking a rest, ate a proper diet and continue to take the given medicine in a better atmosphere than the hospital, where looking at the greens of my garden alone bring relief and joy and that help in the recuperating process. At this age sickness just comes without notice and I am taking it just a day a time.

Have a nice day.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Happy Eid Adha...

Happy Aidil Adha folks;. May we continue to enjoy peace and prosperity together. Have a nice day.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Whiling the Sunday...

It was a beautiful Sunday folks and I felt good. The sun was out and the sky was blue with patches of cirrus clouds. With that clouds there would not be rain today. It humid as usual but not that hot. I took the Volvo classic out and drove to the gas station and fill her up and check the air pressure of all the tires and then fill it up too. Got it done and move on for a spin around the neighborhood. I turn off the air condition and down the windows and enjoy the breeze of fresh air that rushes into the car. It was indeed refreshing just like the old days when cars are not air conditioned. Then I stop at the nearby stall and had Roti Canai and Teh Tarik, the all Malaysian favorite breakfast combines. I sat there and enjoy that snacks and then a friend came by and ordered a takeaway Roti Canai. After a short chat he left to get his morning paper. I then continue to enjoy my Teh Tarik and Roti Canai careless of the happening around me. It was indeed a great week; a few days ago I got a gift of the Amazon Kindle from my youngest daughter who had just returned from the US after attending a Seminar there. It was really nice to get such a gift. With that I now could read e book with ease. Grandma is now at our eldest daughter house taking care of the grand kids while their parent went to do the Haj. So all in all life have been good and I am enjoying it. 

Have a nice day.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Periok Kera @ Pitcher plant...

When I was a kid playing in the bush in between the rubber trees I would come across this  wonderful plant that we call Monkey Pot. It just grows wild and most of the time we would watch how it trapped the insects into it. It is one of the plant that is alive and could trap insects and then the pot's lid would closed. 

As we progress on this plant soon disappears from the bushes. Nowadays it has been breed and grown by farmers and sold in pots for display in garden. I recently bought one and it is now growing in my little garden. 

The images in this posting shows the plants as it grows. Such a unique plant and with the kind of attention I believe this species would live on to enriched the ecosystem of our garden. 

Have a nice day. [These images are taken with Macro lens; click to enlarge]

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Happy Dewali...

Happy Dewali folks. May we all continue to enjoy peace and prosperity together.

Have a nice day.