Friday, March 30, 2012

Jatoq the Baby Squirrel...

It has been a great week folks. A few days ago I saw an appeal from one of my Blogger/Facebook friend Wong Ee Lynn asking whether anyone is willing to foster a baby squirrel that had fallen from a tree and still not stable. The tree was high thus it was not possible to put it back up there. Besides it is still small and weak. As usual with Wong Ee Lynn, one of the Good Samaritan with the SPCA she seeks for help. I saw that FB note and call her and told her if there are no taker I am willing to take care of it. 

After a  while she call back and say  that so far no other taker and that she would come over to my house and hand over that little baby squirrel for us to foster. Well that night after eight she came with a friend and handed that little baby squirrel to me. Lin our daughter was around and as usual Lin who love animals took care of it. Asmah was happy too and asks me to go and get a cage from our eldest daughter's house who kept baby rabbits whenever their pet rabbits have baby. And now that all her rabbits have grown up, the cage had been clean and kept in the store. I then drove to her house to take the cage. On hearing about this little fella, the fallen little baby squirrel all the three grand kid got excited and want to come over to the house and see it. These kids all love animals and they have many rabbits as their pets. I then took the cage and two of the kids home and they were delighted to see that little squirrel. Later the other grand kid came with her parents and soon the atmosphere of our home became hilarious. Everyone was trying to play with it and it look like little Jatoq is enjoying been pampered. They then decided that we should give it a new name and suggested that it should be call Jatoh as in fall. So we decided that it name would be that, Jatoh. I then took to giving it more of an animal like name thus I spell that word Jatoh to Jatoq and then told the world on FB that the name of that little baby squirrel is now Jatoq. Well everyone love that name including Wong Ee Lynn. 

Well folks it looks like this little fella is going to be an addition to the family until it is big enough to go its own way, back to nature. Meanwhile we have an extra job to take care of it. It would not be easy but surely it would be fun, a joy to the family as seen in the faces of our grand kids. With this addition came responsibility and Lin our daughter took to feeding it since she love animals. And of course Asmah and I would help as well. It look like it going to be an added ritual in our home, feeding and then taking it to the garden in front of the patio so that it would get use to nature, it natural habitat. 

Life is like that, the unexpected happens as we move on our journey of life. Have a nice day.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

My little Garden...

It was a beautiful day with the sun shining bright. It has been hot and humid but with the greens from my little garden and the trickling water from the fountains, the patio became cooler. It made a great place to sit down in the afternoon to enjoy a good cup of coffee. And that is what I was doing that gorgeous day. 

Then I notice the new flowers adding color to the green background of my garden. It looks enchanting indeed. I then took my camera and snaps a few shots and sharing it here for all to enjoy the charm of my little garden. 

To digress a little; early this month I had redo my garden with the addition of new flowering plants and other greens. With that introduction of new plants the garden began to look better than before. A few of the newly grown plants has flowers adding colors to the little garden, thus the changing scene of my little paradise of greens.

 Have a nice day folks and take care.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Hanging flowers...

Above is an image of the hanging flower in my little garden. When I first saw it at the flower shop some years ago it had just one small flower in a hanging pot. I like it so I bought it and hang it at the front of the patio. After awhile it stop flowering. I then put it on the ground in a bigger pot and nurtured it with love. Eventually after waiting for years it start flowering again. I was delighted to see the first bunch of the yellow flowers hanging down its branch. It does make me happy indeed so I kept nurturing it and feed it with fertilizer. And soon more flowers start to bloom adding that yellow color to my little garden. Now it has not stop flowering creating a radiant atmosphere to the patio’s ambiance. Enjoy it folks. 

Have a nice day.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Sweet and Sour Udang Galah...

Udang Galah is a big Prawn. There is no specific name for it in English. It is only found in the tropic especially in the Southeast Asia region. For more detail of what this wonderful freshwater Prawn is please read this. Some call it as Giant Freshwater Prawn. It is like a lobster but yet not a lobster. It is fleshy and made wonderful and nutritious dishes that taste great as well.

Nowadays it is difficult to get it at the local market since most of it is bought by hotels or restaurants and what left is expensive. Anyway I still could get it at the Datuk Keramat market sometime where I go often to look for fresh seafood, poultry and meat. Now it cost RM40 to RM50 a kilo. One may get about  seven or eight Udang Galah in a kilo. I normally bought 2 kilos which is just enough for the family. [US$1:00 = RM2:96]

There are many ways to cook it. One simple way is just to garnish it with salt and turmeric powder and just fry it the usual way or just grilled it at Barb Q. It cooks fast indeed. The grand kids loved it when it is cook as a Sweet and Sour dish. So most of the times my spouse would just cook it that way and it taste excellent. 

Images in this posting show the process of how this nutritious dish of a Sweet and Sour Udang Galah is prepared.

Have a nice day.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Of Coffee....

It was a beautiful day. The weather was fine and from my patio I could see the blue sky and patches of white clouds. I took my iPad and Kindle and with a cup of coffee sat at the Kopitiam table at the patio. And whilst the morning away while surfing the net and reading from the eBook. In front of me are the greens of my little garden. There is a fishpond as well two small fountains that I had created.  The water from the small fountains and in the fishpond creates the sound of dripping water like that when it rains. The greens of the garden and the sound of dripping water turn the whole patio into a cool place to enjoy the day. 

Have a nice day.

Friday, March 02, 2012

Japanese Backpackers @ Kuala Lumpur...

Monday 27th February was a beautiful day. The sky was blue with scattered patches of white clouds. I thought it would be a great day to go out to venture into the inner city. The day before my oldest grandson posted on Facebook some images of the graffiti that he took when he was at Dataran Pasar Seni. He took the images after his tuition class at a Tuition Center there.  I like what I saw and told him that I would go and have a look and take photo on the graffiti. As usual I drove the Honda to the KLCC parking area, parked the car and then went to take the LRT at the underground station nearby. In the train I met a Frenchwoman reading a book sitting beside me and we got into talking. She stops at the Masjid James Station to catch another train heading toward to her destination. 

On arrival at the Pasar Seni Station I immediately went to have a look at the graffiti that had been painted on the wall on the bank of the Kelang River. After I have done all the photography of the graffiti I went back to the Station. As I was near the escalator I saw three backpackers going the same way. I then follow up and as I was about to sit and wait for the train I saw the three backpackers sitting and waiting for the next train. In that split seconds I ask them whether I could take a picture of them using my iPad and they say it OK. I snap an image and show them and from the look of it they are happy with it.  I ask them where there are from and they say they are Japanese. Two of them from Tokyo and pointing to the young woman one of them say that she is from Osaka. While we were talking the train arrived and I told them I am going to post the picture on cyberspace and they say it is OK. They then boarded the train toward the other direction. So folks here are the smiling faces of those three Japanese Backpackers that I got to know in that short time at the Pasar Seni LRT Station. They do look cheerful indeed in this photograph.

Have a nice day.