Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Blogger, Walk With Us..

For the latest development of the Blogger Walk With Us, do check this, this and this blogs. Have a nice day.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

A simple lunch!!

It was a beautiful Sunday morning. I said to my spouse " lets go out for lunch " and she say OK. So out we went to a famous Mamak restaurant at Wangsa Maju, not that far from our place. I took the Honda and drove taking the Ampang outer ring road and in mere minutes we arrived at the NZ Curry House, situated in a sprawling complex that house the whole of the restaurant. A clean and well managed mamak restaurant. A sort of a modern Mamak eateries. You could find almost everything to eat here for breakfast to midnight supper. The place open for twenty four hours. It even boast of a huge projected screen to show movie or TV programmes. In the evening this place is crowded with family and friends enjoy their dinner out. We were there for lunch and arrived early, just before the lunch crowd arrive. We ordered a simple lunch of white rice, fish curry, fried chicken inclusive a plate of boneless chicken fried the Mamak's way, mixed vegetable again the way only the Mamak do best, one ice tea and one plain hot tea. [Image above is the real things] Well with the tempting food in front of us, we sat and enjoy the lunch. As we continue to enjoy our meal the place soon became crowded with the others who had just arrived. Well friends it just cost us about RM16.00 for the lunch. [ US$1.00 = RM.3.80 ]. So in a way we had the great lunch at just US$4.00 only. What a way to go. Friends that is Malaysia where eating out is now part of the Malaysian culture. Have a nice day.

Note: A few Sunday ago.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Oh! what an evening...

It was just one of those normal day and me with my usual morning ritual. But then all of a sudden it change. Out of the blue He call. It was in the morning as I was preparing my breakfast. I do not normally pick up the fixed line phone as most of the calls are for my spouse. She would normally pick the phone and it is seldom is for me. But this morning the phone rang and she was outside tending to her little garden at the back of our home. So I pick the phone and for once it is for Me. It is indeed one of those days. It was from a very close friend who was our neighbour when we were living in Sarawak some years ago. Really some wonderful years ago. I often tell friends that serving Sarawak was the best part of my career. So Sarawak is real special in my heart.

He was then a senior personal with the State Government. Let me just announce him as Pak Taha. A well known personal not only in his home state of Sarawak but in Malaysia as well. In fact he was at one time a Senator in our Parliament as well as a prominent figure in the Malaysian football world. A man who reads and full of knowledge. Now like me retired from the government service and live with his charming spouse I am told in at least three locations, Kuching in Sarawak, Ampang in Peninsular Malaysia and in Perth Australia. Despite busy in his business venture, yet he still have the time to study for his PhD... Indeed he is a humble man, a true friend that you would always treasured. And We, my spouse and me do treasure our friendship, that had its beginning some twenty years ago, in Sarawak.

It was indeed a surprise call..the last time I met him was at the KLCC which must be some years ago...Well we talk like old friends, one thing lead to another and then he invited my spouse and me to his home, for coffee and chat that evening. I told him that I would call back if we could come. Well my spouse say that we could go as we did not have other appointment that evening, so I phone him and told him that we would be glad to come. We would be there after the Isyak prayer, around eight forty five in the evening.

He live not that far from our home. I knew the direction to his home, so after the Isyak prayer off we went to his home here at a condominium nearby. Upon arrival at his home here, we were warmly greeted by his charming spouse and himself. He was indeed glad that we could come and as soon as we got ourselves comfortable in his living room, the chat began. There was so many things to talk so we just take it easy and chat on whatever subjects that comes to our mind. The subjects ranging from national politic, economy and sociocultural aspect of our country. Since we both think alike in many aspect the chat soon became as interesting with the subject changes. In between the chat, he stop to show me what books he is reading now. And from the look of it, we are indeed reading the same book or the same subject. There were so much to talk but then at our age talking just came naturally and easy.

We continue the chat in between enjoying the tea and delicacies that his spouse had prepared. Both the ladies were having their kind of chat and as usual join in on the subject that we were talking. The atmosphere were relax and we yarns about old times while in Sarawak and without realising that it is almost midnight. So we decided to call the evening off and hope that we could meet again, possibly at a dinner at our home. We that we parted and headed home. Happy that the evening had turn out to be indeed a great event, as we journey on with out life.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Favorites songs from the past...

A friend send me this song. Manula Moon a Hawaiian song of the early fifty. To my generation this song is nothing new. We have heard it before and it is also similar to the Indonesian song Terang Bulan. Just listen to these two songs and I believe you surely have heard it somewhere before. Sound familiar!!!! Have a nice day. Have fun.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Of Bloggerhood...

For those who visit my blog here is a site that would bring you to the recent development of Blogging in malaysia. Have a nice day and Take care.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Nasi Dagang brunch...

Last Sunday we invite some friends and relatives with their spouse to a brunch at our home. For that purpose my spouse prepare Nasi Dagang. A speciality of the Malay from the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Since I came from the east coast, the town of Kuantan been my hometown, Nasi Dagang had been part of our eating culture from the moment we knew how to eat. I love Nasi Dagang, the type that is prepared by people in the state of Terengganu and the east coast of Pahang.

The Nasi Dagang that is prepared by the people of the state of Kelantan is different from that of Terengganu and Pahang. The Kelantan Nasi Dagang use a special rice slightly brownish pink in color whereas the one prepared by the people in Terengganu and Pahang is made of white rice mixed with white glutinous rice. But both the Nasi Dagang are eaten with the same type of fish curry, where Tuna fish is a must. In Malay Tuna Fish is know as Ikan Aya or Ikan Tongkol. Nasi Dagang curry would not taste as good without the use of Tuna Fish, for in the world of Nasi Dagang, Ikan Aya or Ikan Tongkol [tuna fish] are just a perfect combination. Although other fish could be use, it is never the same. It simply does not taste that good. To me it is not Nasi Dagang curry if it is not made with Tuna fish.

Well, we all sat at the dinning table of our home and enjoy the Nasi Dagang. A close relative who arrived early says that he just skipped his breakfast this morning just so that he could enjoy the Nasi Dagang at our home. I am famished he said and as soon another person arrived we invite both of them to start the brunch first and not to wait for the others to arrive. They would join as and when they arrived. While we were enjoying the beginning of our brunch, the others arrived.

True, with the right appetite one would really enjoy this simple meal. We chat a bit while enjoying the sumptuous Nasi Dagang. Since we invited more then three couple, the dinning table could not accommodate all that came that Sunday morning, so the man took to enjoying their meal at the dinning table whereas the ladies choose to enjoy their at the other table at the kitchen and enjoy their small talk there.

Since some of the attendance had not met each other for some period already, perhaps busy with their daily life, this small gathering at our home became a sort of a meeting of old friends and relatives, who had somewhat lost touch of each others and the Nasi Dagang brunch had become a means to an end. I love this small gathering for it give us the opportunity to have small chat and yarn of the nostalgic past. In a way it became a place to exchange small notes and refreshed the friendship.

It was indeed a successful brunch get together that lasted past lunch time. I am indeed glad that we organised this Nasi Dagang session. It did makes everyone happy and a Sunday to remember. A day that we all enjoy together, just because of the Nasi Dagang...

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The flood in Johor...

The havoc in Johor, the southern state of Peninsular Malaysia. Rain and flood like never before for the last few weeks, should be a lesson to all of us. I believe it is part of the result of the global warming. The causes of these I believe we all know too well.

We, our species had been tempering with mother nature and it has start to bleed. So this is what we get, floods at places that were considered safe before and not any more. Hundred thousand of people were affected by the flood that is still happening as I write this. The damage to properties has mounted to millions, this could be easily be replaced but the human suffering to some are beyond remedy. Traumatised that would be with them all their lives. In a way they all had suffered, just because our species refused to understand that tempering with nature has its limit and price to pay. Pay we did now!!!. I do not have images of the happening but this and this blogs have.

Town and suburban that never got flooded before now would not be the same again, for the flood would surely come again next year if we do not study the causes of this year flood and take action to put things right in these damage to nature. Remember lots of physical development has taken places all over the country all the years since we gain Independence and it has been fifty years. Could these developments be part of the cause of this unexpected rain and flood that is happening now!!. Well we all need to know the answer to this question. Just swiping it under the carpet would not do anybody or the country an good. We need the answer so that we may repair the damaged that had already happen and done and saved the country from further disaster in the future...

Monday, January 15, 2007

One of a kind blog...

Well it is one of those day. I surf the net without really looking for what!. As usual I visited a few familiar sites and then in the midst of it I was let to this site that I had visited before but do not bookmarked it.

On browsing this site I found it to be a very colorful site indeed. With story told in between the live. It Malay it is often said as Yang tersirat. Indeed it is a well done concept. A visual way of telling a serious stories of the current political events in a really lively way.

You have just to visit this wonderful site to understand what I meant as colorful. Thanks Kickdefella for creating this blog. It really make lives more interesting and meaningful. I believe surfers do get the messages.

From a Pak Blogger who had live throughout the stages of the country developments and seen it all, I would like to thank Kicdefella for this one of a kind blog.. Indeed a job well done. Carry on. Have a nice day.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Visit Malaysia Year 2007

Welcome to Malaysia. This year is the Visit Malaysia Year and the programmes was officially launched by the Malaysian Prime Minister last night at the Titiwangsa Garden in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. The launching ceremony was a spectacular show, with the usual pomp and splandour of the Malaysian culture. Add to these already spectacular show, tonight saw the launching of another landmark structure, call the Eye of Malaysia. The above images I snap from the live telecast on the local TV, as I watch the live events on my new LCD TV. It look like it is much easier to snap images from LCD TV then the conventional TV. Enjoy and Have a nice day.[click on image to enlarge]

Saturday, January 06, 2007

A gorgeous day!!...

It is Saturday. The weather is great. The sun is bright on the east and rising, with blue sky and scattered cirrus clouds. It was indeed a gorgeous day. I love a day like this. It create an atmosphere of freshness. What with the news of floods and strong wind in the other parts of the country. A regular occurrence during this time of the year. The weatherman says that the weather would be heavy rain and strong wind at the weekend.

So this morning been beautiful I would no let its just go away without myself enjoying whatever time this beautiful Saturday morning brings. I decided to take a walk/jog around the block and enjoy the sunshine. Not many people jog at this time in the morning, so the path was mine all the way. The air was fresh and the sun shows it magnificent beauty with that blue sky. I walk with a walking stick. The walking stick been a company of a sort. Enjoying the walk while day dreams as usual, whenever I go walking and jogging.

Along the way a friend stop his car and ask jokingly whether I want a lift. I say thank and stop awhile to chat, the usual chat that we folks at our age do, joke and laugh, making the day as wonderful as possible. And then he move on while I continue my walking. It is a really a waste if we do not make use of such a beautiful day to enjoy the walk. Soon the sun would disappears as it often happen at this time of the year and there would be rain. Well that is nature contribution to us and all those living species on this planet. The plants would love the rain as it bring nutrition to the ground where its grows.

I took my time to enjoy the walk and then turn back and walk to where I started. As I was about to enter my home, the cell phone beep. I answer it, it was from a friend that seldom call. Well..we chat awhile and then exchange whatever information and note and say good bye. I sat down at the patio and watch the bird chirps and jumping from tree to tree enjoying the day just like me. I look at the plate of apple that I had put to feed the squirrel. It is almost empty now. I am happy that my elusive little squirrel came and got his favorite piece of apple and enjoying its meal now.

Indeed it had been a great day. A really gorgeous day. Friends, Have a nice day.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

A New Year gift..a LCD TV.

Well it is the New Year, so lets celebrate.

I have been thinking of getting a new flat screen LCD, to go with the trend. This would be my first flat screen TV. A progress from the conventional TV. The prices of this this flat screen TV seem to getting lower and lower. So I decided to get one and replace the TV which my spouse love to watch with this new LCD TV.

So yesterday my spouse and I went shopping and after much thoughts, what with so much choice!!, we decided on a 32" Sony Bravia. So today we have a new toy to enjoy. With Astro, the satellite paid TV increasing its channels, it would be great to watch those TV programmes on this new LCD TV.

Well you can say it is a sort of a gift to my spouse, who among other things love to watch TV. Well friends as I often said, life is like that. Let us makes it as colorful as ever and Enjoy!!. Take care.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

What a great day!!

The image above shows our youngest granddaughter, little Adibah receiving a bouquet of flowers from grandma at her 'convocation' of the kindergarten that she had been attending. With her younger brother looking on. She is going to the real school this year. This year school session start today. She is all excited to go to school. Got new uniform, shoes and bag ready to go. Her eldest sister is in Form V this year, the last school year before going to the university, while our second eldest granddaughter just finished her lower secondary school examination [ it is call the PMR examination in this country ]. Well she did well indeed, got straight A's. Eight A's and she has chosen to be in the science stream in this year school session.

Well time indeed passes fast for us the grands. Two of our granddaughter are teenagers now. We are indeed happy that this new generation of Malaysian are doing great and I hope that the future would be as great. Life have been good for us, from the day we gain independent in 1957 to date.

We have raised our family and saw them grew up to become adult and then they start a family and now we are blessed with those wonderful grand children, five in all.. What a life and we are indeed grateful for that.

Well friends, grandchildren are actually a bonus for folks like us. Them always make us happy in our golden age. Indeed life have been beautiful... and we are enjoying every minutes of it. So folks do take great care of your children and the rest would come naturally. That is live and it is rewarding day by day.. Have a nice day.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year 2007

Well it is the new year. 2007. Remember at the end of the twentieth century we waited for the clock to strike twelve midnight and the arrival of the new millennium, the beginning of the twenty fist century. The year was 2000. Now we are in the year 2007. That event seem so close, like it just happened but it has been six years since that day. Time passes so fast indeed. We are now at the beginning of the year 2007. For Malaysian it is indeed a very significant year, for in the year 1957, fifty years ago that Malaya now Malaysia became an independent country. Well, Best wishes to all Malaysian and the world, with a hope that we continue to prosper. Enjoy...