Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Respecting the Plants...

We all need energy to survive on planet earth and that energy come from the Sun. The only specie that could convert the sun's energy into foods is the Plant. Without the plants all other species could not survived on this planet. And of course the oxygen that is vital to our survival. Our specie now takes all kind of meat other that vegetable to get the sun's energy. By taking meat mean that we get the energy from a second-hand source. Remember the animals first have to eat the plant in order to get the energy from sun. It is ridiculous for our specie to go to the third party to get our energy when we could easily get it from the second party; the plants. We can get all the nutrition we need to live a healthy life if we just consume vegetable. I am trying to do just that slowly, one step a time. Now we consume less meat. We now take mostly white meats and vegetable and hope in due course we could do away with meat all together. So folks do give due respect to the plant that give so much to enable all to live a beautiful life on this planet.

Have a nice day.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Of Good Furniture...

They say that any work of art including good furniture is always waiting for its rightful owner. Most of these furniture’s are made by hand and the finished product would always be one of a kind. Thus the owner would be the only one who owns such work of art. I love work of art especially uniquely designed furniture and whenever I am out at some shop that sells these unique crafted items I would be attracted to buy one. It is always like that with me. I would ask for the price and when found it beyond my mean would just leave it there, perhaps I would say silently to myself that most probably I am not its rightful owner or as yet to be. I would go and look around the shop and enjoy myself looking at the other work of art. It always make me happy to see those work art that must have taken the skill craftsman many hours creating it.  Such finished product would only look attractive to those who appreciate the work of art that are crafted with love and passion by the craftsman. Like a painting in always became a work of beauty and pleasing to the eyes. Most of the time there are never two of the same that look alike. It is the same like the furniture of solid wood that is in the image above. I went not less than three times to the same shop and still found that same furniture was still there and had not found it rightful owner. I had actually fallen in love with this piece of furniture so without much hesitation I decided to buy it; and since it is not that big I got the worker to put it in my car and took it home happy. And when it got home I instantly knew where to put this sort of stool; in my little garden in front of the patio. Well today it is there well blended with the other pieces of art works that I had purchased over time.  It now became one of my best collections of a work of art in the form of this lovely and unique looking stool. It is made from a large piece of log and cut into pieces. With the creative eyes of the craftsman it has turn that pieces of timber into a beautiful wooden stool that is seen in this image. Now I am the rightful owner and I love it. 

Have a nice day.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Changing Scene of Bukit Bintang...

I took a walk at Bukit Bintang on Tuesday April 15, 2003 and saw the construction of the MRT there. With work in progress there are many detour to make walking along the road easier for the local and tourists. The Bukit Bintang area is a tourists paradise and as usual the place was throng with tourists. I walk all the way from the KLCC using the Tunnel/Walkway from the KLCC to Bukit Bintang which make it easy for people to walk to and fro the two destinations. Below are some image that I snap while there. Enjoy it folks.

Have a nice day.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Just Rambling...

It has been an eventful months; first the news of the plane missing. Well it happened and I did not want to get deeply involved with it. Then the starting of water rationing where we get water supply only every two days. I have written about this and happy that the authority are doing their best to get the water supply going on as usual when the water at the reservoir is back to normal. It has start raining since the last one week and it is cool here in Ampang Jaya this morning. With the daily rain I do hope we would get our regular water supply and life would be much easier. Then I got new that a Blogger friend of mine who blog here had just passed away. Read this write-up about the late Bernard Khoo in the Blog Shanghai Fish. It is sad indeed but then that is the way it is with every living species on this planet. When the time comes we go, just like when we first arrived on the beautiful planet call earth. The say when we arrived we cry and that when we go others cry; how true! He was sort of a fighter for democracy and justice using the social media Blog as his mean. Well folks life is like that and his fight would surely be taken over by the young. There would be no end in the fight for equality among man for that is the nature of our world. Well folks that is life and living.

On the left is an image at the Serambi [patio] near my little garden; it the colour, the aroma and the little items of art that does enlighten our lives. So let move on and enjoy life. 

Have a nice day.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Orchid...

We love flowers of all kinds and that includes Orchid. At the small garden at the backyard we grow some orchids which would bloom from time to time. Unlike ordinary flowers Orchid takes a longer time to bloom so one need lots of patience in growing Orchids. Some takes years to show it flower and when it bloom it does made us happy to see that glorious colour in our garden. The garden at the backyard is taken care of by my spouse who nurture the plants with care every morning where should would tend and water the plant. The above flower of the orchid is the result of that nurturing. Orchid last longer if it is not cut. But at time folks cut it to put in a vast to adorn the living room. In our case we just let it flower at the plant and enjoy seeing its vibrant colour whenever we are at the garden. It does make us happy to see all those colourful flowers. True as folks say that Flowers is the Keeper of our joys; yes indeed we are joyous. I believe those of you who look at the image above would be happy too. 

Have a nice day.