Wednesday, May 29, 2013

In the Star newspaper...

I would like to thank the Star newspaper especially the journalist Majorie Chiew for this posting of me which in a way help to give more exposure to senior bloggers in this country. Here is the link folks...
BTW folks, here is the story about Jatoq and here on The Blue House of Love. Click on it to read.

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Friday, May 24, 2013

The Bicycle....

I was at Ampang Point to pay my bills. After got it done I went to have a walk around the shopping area just to while my time. Eventually stop at the Cash Converter shop, a store that I love to browse along and at time do buy things that I like. On that morning I did not have any intention of buying anything but to just enjoy my time there. At time I would get to meet friends but on that today did not see anyone there.  I just browse around and had a look at the second-hand camera and lens that are on display in the lock compartment. I got the assistance of a salesperson and had a look at a few set of cameras and its lens but did not find anything that I like. I then move on and got a glimpse of a bicycle, a nice looking one. I look at the price and it shows just RM199.00. It to me looks real cheap. For that kind of money the bicycle is indeed a good buy.  I went to have a closer look and felt for it.  I ask the shop-assistance for help and he was ever willing to help. He quip that it a good one and that it just came in yesterday. Without much thought I decided to buy it. It was a just an impulse decision that made me buy that bicycle. A wise man once say that it always the items that wait for its owner. In this case I am its rightful owner.

After paying for it I walk out with the bicycle. There was not enough air in both tyres. I thought it all right, I would just walk and push it along to my car that I had park a distance away. Got the bicycle into the car and drove home happy. Now I do have another toy to play around.

 Have a nice day.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Of Trees and Birds in the Park...

It was a beautiful morning. The sky was blue with white patches of clouds all over, a good day to wander at the park. I drove the Honda to the Taman Tasik Hilir Park and after parking my car went to wander along the walking path just to enjoy the fresh air and perhaps do a little bit of photography. The activities at the public park are never the same. At time there would be many people jogging or just sitting around to while their time away. Sometime one see flowers blooming and at time one would see birds chirping from tree enjoying its morning meals.  Anyway it a good place to wonder along especially in the early part of the morning or evening before the sun set. The air is fresh and the atmosphere is cool. There is a large lake there with glittering water where one could see the reflection of the city skyline making it a great place to take picture of the city of Kuala Lumpur. I find the park peaceful and with my camera at hand always comeback with some great scene of the happening in the park. 

That day while sitting on the bench under the canopy tree I saw birds chirping from branch to branch. From a distance I managed to capture the scene of three birds helping itself to the many fruits from the tree there. 

As I was taking a lazy walk along the path I saw a lone tortoise perch on a rock near the bank of the lake. I took my camera and managed to get a good short of it enjoying the morning breeze. It is not always that one get to see the tortoise on dry-land like that. Most of the time it just disappeared into the water once alert by the sound of person approaching. This time using the telescopic lens I need not be near it thus I had managed to take a picture without disturbing it. 

As I had said earlier it never the same when one wander in the park. At time there are nothing unusual happens but if one is patience enough the reward in photography would be worth the wait. If we care to take our time and look of what nature had to offer we would be surprised to see thing that we did not expect like the canopy trees that I had snap from the place I was taking a rest. It such beautiful scenes that one would not have notice if one do not really look up. That day I did look up and awe with the wonder of this tall canopy tree giving shades to the smaller tree below it and at the same time allowing birds and insects  to enjoy itself high above undisturbed. 

Have a nice day.

Monday, May 13, 2013

The Bottle-Brush flower...

I had just bought a new Telescopic lens with could be converted into a Micro Lens with just a switch for doing Macro Photography. I did not know that it is possible to do macro photography with a telescopic lens not until a friend show me of how he managed to get a close-up of objects that is at a distance with his telescopic lens. I had been doing macro photography with my micro lens and the result always looks amazing. Using the Micro Lens one had to be close to the object. It is all right when taking the image of just the flowers but if one want to get the activities of insects with the flower it would not be that easy as the insect would normally fly away when one get close to it. With this new lens I could do Macro Photography from a distance. A few days ago I tried my new lens and shot some flowers from far away using the micro lens mode of the Telescopic lens and the result is as amazing. Above is an image of the Bottle-Brush flower that I had taken from a distance of some five metres away. The image shows the flower at close range with the insects enjoying it morning meal sucking nectar of the flower. 

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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Xplorer the Blogger...

Yes folks this Blogger name is xplorer and he blog here SUKA JALAN-JALAN; an active blogger indeed. He is indeed an explorer of sorts. He would take his family on an exploration trips all over the country and share the adventure in his Blog. He is an avid photographer and takes picture of his trip and shares that too. I have been following his Blog from the time I saw his first comment on my blog. Then I put a link on my blog so that I do not miss any of his posting. He is from the generation of my kids and writes well indeed. After reading his blog for years as usual with me I wanted to see the person in real life. I have done that even with stranger bloggers from the other part of the world too and met a few in real life when overseas.  So I wrote to him for a meeting and he give me a quick respond to my request. With that we met on Saturday May 4, 2013 a day before the 13th General Election. After a few exchange of email we decided that we could meet at the KL Sentral mall where both of us could get to with ease using the LRT. So on that day at 10.30AM we met. I had just arrived at the Sentral Station and went to the reception counter to ask where Starbucks is. And just as I was about to walk to it a stranger spoke to me saying he is the xplorer Blogger and that his name is Wan Hazizi. We shake hand and move to our destination the Starbucks. There ordered our coffee and found a nice table to sit and get acquaintance. This is the first time I know his name. All the time he is known as the xplorer to me. Since we both have time to while away we chat on many subjects that comes to minds. Among it I wanted to know of his trip to neighbouring Thailand where he took the train to places as far as Bangkok. He say that he had travelled to many places in Thailand using the Thai Railway which start its service from Penang in Malaysia. He says it is a good train to travel and the service is great as well. That it is safe to travel alone or with family using the Thai Railway. I had planned to do the same so this information became valuable so that whenever I do that trip I would be at ease and could enjoy that train ride. As usual with blogger we talk and talk as we move on while enjoying our coffee. Then we ask a youth who was sitting nearby to take a picture of both of us. Above is the image of our meeting at the Sentral Station that fine day. 

Have a nice day.