Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Merdeka mean independent... On the thirty first of August nineteen fifty seven Malaysia became an independent country, after almost five hundred years of colonial rules. Today it is one of the most successful democratic country in this part of the world. Its multi cultural, multi racial, multi religious and multi language people live in harmony and enjoy a high standard of living. Thanks to the great leaders that lead this country from day one, Malaysia today can stand tall with the rest of the the world as a country that had given its citizen a better standard of live then their forefather had ever dream of... A great 49th Merdeka anniversary to all Malaysian. May we all prosper together and enjoy the good life in this great country of ours.. Malaysia.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

No two moon....

It look like there would be N0 two moon on the 27th this
latest information.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Images to enjoy....

The above images are among the many images of my Patio and Garden that I took with my digital camera. To ponder and Enjoy... For more images visit my other blog My World - Malaysian .. Take care and Have a nice day...

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me....

Yes Birthday. It is my Birthday today, August 17th. My sixty seventh and happy that I am here enjoying life as usual. Not many of my generation got to Blogging or for that matter understood that there is another world out there call the Cyberworld, that is larger then the world we call earth..The Cyberworld is new and to those that do not get into this new world are missing a lot. Well for my generation that went through life from the stone age tool to the latest technologies of today I am indeed happy that we have progress these far in such a short time. When I was in my childhood, the telephone, radio, TV were non existences. You might find the telephone at certain government agency like the Post Office.

The only means of getting communication fast across town and cities is by that wonderful means at that time that we call telegram...I am wondering whether the earthling now know what I am talking about. Well let me explain, the only way to communicate those days were by way of mouth or write letters and post it. If you have something urgent. It is the Telegram that you use. It is done this way.. You get to the nearest Post Office or the Telecom Office and dictate to the officer in charge what your message is or you just write on a piece of paper yourself. Then the officer in charge would send the message via a code, like the one we use as a Boy Scout..The dot and dash...At the other end, the destination of the message, the message is converted into a written words on tape. This message on the paper tape is then pasted to a telegram form, put into an envelope and is delivered. The delivery is done by a dispatch rider using a motorcycle.. Off he goes speeding to the address of the receiver and Voila!! The message is delivered. That my friends is the fastest way of getting a message from A to B in a day. Those were the days!!! Now with the internet messages include images get to any points in the world in mere second, just by the touch of a button on your computer.

Well that is our world today and I am indeed happy that I saw the development of science and technology on communication all the way through. Today I celebrate my sixty seventh Birthday in a country that is peaceful and prosperous. I am extremely happy that it had been that way..A really beautiful Malaysia. In two weeks time we Malaysian would be celebrating our forty nine Independent Day. I am taking the day to just wonder along the day care less of what's happening in the world around me. I am taking its easy and enjoying the day...Just as I was about to close writing this posting, I received an electronic greeting Birthday Card from a friend in a faraway land of the UK, wishing me a Happy Birthday. Thanks Les for that card. That shows the advance of technology in our time. Like I said, in mere minutes a message get across the continent.. That's our world today. To me Today is indeed been a beautiful day... Friends Have a nice day as well. Take care.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Window Lives Spaces..blogging...

This is my other blog. My World - Malaysian. Experiencing the new way to blog at Window Lives Spaces . It is an alternative way to blog. Have a nice day.

Monday, August 14, 2006

A Bar B William's..

A group of friends arrived from the UK and a friend decided to give them a dinner at his home in PJ. We were invited. It was a Bar B Q, so we took its easy enjoying the meals. Images above show the guests and host at the table enjoying their dinner and having a great time chatting, on various subjects. It was a rather a hot and humid evening and I notice the guests that had just arrived from the UK were rather uncomfortable with the evening atmosphere. It would take them a few days to get used to our kind of weather..They plan to be here for a while, had to do some family affair business that they came for and after that would tour the country. They did that family affair part yesterday [I would write about this some other time]. I advice them to just take its easy by hiring a car and drive to their destinations. We suggest that they first visit the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia with Kuantan as their first stop.. Well, today they decided just to do that and are on their way to Kuantan and then would proceed to Terengganu with a stop at the tropical island of Redang. I believe they would have a wonderful holiday on this enchanting island on the China Sea...After that they would move to Kota Bahru in Kelantan before moving west via the East West Highway, with Penang and Langkawi as their next destinations.. They plan to get back to Kuala Lumpur just before the Independent Day Celebration.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

What a day!!...The Bintang Walk..

Yesterday August 11,2006...It started out with a hell of a day. The news on BBC that I was watching show the attempt by terrorists to blow up planes on the air and the chaos at London Airport, the world largest.. A group of friend were supposed to take their flight from the London Airport and I am to meet them at our KLIA.. Watching the lives coverage of the happening on my TV, switching channels between BBC and CNN, all of a sudden my plan to meet them at the airport had gone haywire. Their flight were delayed and for that I had to go to my Plan B. I monitored their flight and eventually found that their flight had been delayed but had parted and wound arrived a bit late in Kuala Lumpur. With the uncertainty I decided not to meet them at the Airport but instead send SMS to them to call me as soon as possible on arrival at KLIA. With that I got a call from them on their arrival. Told them to take the KLIA Express to the Sentral station and I would meet them at the Sentral. With that in action I drove to KLCC, parked my car and then board the LRT to Sentral. On arrival found that they had already arrived at the Sentral. Met them and then got a taxi, together went to the Replica Inn an exciting new budget hotel at the heart of the tourist centre at Bukit Bintang.

After getting them check in at the hotel I had a long chat with the Manager of the Hotel, a new found friend, a seasoned hotel management professional and a stranger no more. And then eventually left the place. I tried to get a taxi to KLCC to get my car but it got too difficult, so I decided to forget of getting a taxi but instead to just take a slow walk to KLCC. Which I believe the best decision I did that evening, for I had not done this before, like walking the Bintang Walk in the evening, the paradise of the tourist in Kuala Lumpur. What I saw excite me, I could feel the vibrant of this area where thousand of tourist throng the area enjoying themselves. There are Europeans, Arabs with their women in black garb, African in the colorful dress, a family of people from the Caribbean Islands, the Chinese, the Japanese and the list are indeed endless... I took a slow walk toward Jalan Sultan Ismail toward KLCC. With all the time in the world and with the cool air of the evening, I walk slowly and took pictures of the happening as I go. The images above is what I saw. I am happy of what I saw, the local enjoying themselves and the tourist happy in this paradise under the sun. I got to my car in the car park at KLCC and drove home happy that the evening end with great excitement...What a day!!!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Petai...The wonder appetizer

Images above are Petai that Malaysian use as appetizer. It could be eaten raw, or cook in anyway you like it. Its always make great appetizer when eaten with white rice and other Malay dishes. Its indeed makes the meal real special. Try the Petai when you are next in Malaysia. <

Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Orang Utan and Me...

Well, Well, Last week I got to ride an Elephant and met many wild animals, including a close encounter with a group of deer. These recent happening were a sorts of the first time that I got so close to those wild animals. And guess what yesterday!!, I met a couple of Orang Utan, the real one. Two very friendly one at the entrance of the Water World's safari, part of the A Fomosa Holiday Resort in the state of Malacca. I was there with the grandchildren enjoying a short break. After breakfast we wonder on and saw this two distance cousin of our species. They look very intelligent and did all sorts of trick to amuse the curious of our species. At time I wonder who is enjoying, the Orang Utan or Us the Homo sapiens. Since it is one of those days that is so difference from the other, we decided to take photo with them. And I got the snap as seen about. I believe both the species are enjoying the take. It really make me laugh when seen the image later on.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Another great day....

The weather is great so I took my Volvo Classic and went out for a spin around the neighborhood. And then visit the Ampang Point shopping area just to window shop. There is this shop there call the Cash Converter, an Australian franchise. It is a sort of a shop that sell and buy used goods.. I somewhat love this place, not that I would buy things there but this is an interesting store and I love to browse in the shops and enjoy what I see. At time I do buy things I like. The CD's are cheap and if you really take the time to look around you might find things that you like and make a good buy. This store open at ten in the morning and usually it is crowded with curious people trying to get new items that are going cheap.. I took my time to browse along and then left for the Supermarket at the Mall nearby and bought whatever I need and then went to put it in the boot of my Volvo classic..

I then went back to the Ampang Point Mall and as usual window shop, another place that I love to visit is the 'Reject Shop'. Here you get many clothing that are meant for export especially to the US. It is not that the clothing or apparel sold here are not in good condition. It is sold here because these items are rejected by the QC people because of a little defect here and there, like the wrong size label or a small patch did not get a proper stitch or the color did not match and the like...So when buying clothing at this shop one had to try the sizes to make sure it fit well and not just to take things for granted.. All the items for sale are made for export thus the quality are assured as export grade... I browse along and found good T-Shirt in various color stack with a rather cheap price tag.. I took a few and try for size and then eventually bought three, one Red, one Yellow and one Black in color. And all just cost me less then a hundred RM [RM3.80 = US$1.00]. Well to me it is indeed a good buy. Getting a branded good for less. That is what this Reject Shop give us folk here.

Then I move to another shop another favorite of mine. A book shop that call the 'Pay Less Books'. Here books cost one third than that are sold at the normal book store at other shopping complex.. Most of the books are new, with some old or used book. The title are not the latest but if one is looking for good books at a cheaper price, then this is the place to be. I browse along and met a stranger who were doing the same and eventually got to talking to him, a stranger no more. As usual folks at our age get to talking and we eventually parted as friend with a wish that we shall meet again the next time. I bought a few books and left the place for home, happy that it has been a great day.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The hut and deer Me....

The first image is that of an aborigines hut on the roadside toward the Elephant Sanctuary at Kuala Gandah. A well constructed dwelling of the local aborigines. The next image show Me with a group of deer at the Deerland Park, also at Kuala Gandah. Indeed an interesting image taken by my spouse. Enjoy.