Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year 2010....

Happy New Year 2010 folks. May we all continue to prosper and enjoy life.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Holidaying in Singapore...

Arrived in Singapore last Thursday afternoon after a drive of some five hours from KL. Our son in law drove the Renault MPV all the way from KL, with a stop for lunch at an R & R. Now the whole families are staying at the home of our youngest daughter who now works in Singapore. Above are the glittering scenes of the Orchard Roads where the happening is. As usual in this city state the malls there are packed with people, shopping and enjoying themselves; with us as part of those crowds. Have a nice day.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas...

Merry Christmas folks. May we all continue to prosper and enjoy life. These are scenes of the Christmas decoration at the KLCC. Have a nice day.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Evening Sun...

It did not rain for the last two days and I could feel the humidity returning to the atmosphere. After those long rainy days where the weather has been cool and wet, the warmth and humid day is sort of a welcome to the normalcy of living in the tropic. I sat at the Kopitian table and just while my mind away daydream for awhile and enjoy the peace and tranquility of my space. For the first time in the month I saw the ray of light of the evening sun that began to lower to the horizon. At this time of the year the sun would set slightly toward the southwest, which is on the left side of the front of my home; the time of the year when the southern hemisphere would be warm. Winter in the northern hemisphere mean countries south of the equator would have warmer weather with summer in Australia.

I continue to enjoy the afternoon with a cup of tea and then took a few snaps of the changing scene of my patio. As the sun began to set I could see the ray of the sun seeping through the space between the plants. With the help of a water spray I managed to capture the beauty of that light as it play with the trickle of water from the spray. It is just majestic to see the beauty of the light at that moment in time. This is the first time I had manage to photograph the play of the light as seen in the image above.

With those experiences in capturing that ray of lights I venture further and took more images of the sunshine at the other parts of my Serambi, the traditional part of my patio. In most traditional Malay houses there is always the Serambi, an out space that is independence of the main house. It is a place where one could sit lazily and enjoy the chat and yarn without disturbing those inside the house. It is a Malay idea of a patio but with a difference. When I did my renovation of my present home some years ago I decided to add a Serambi. The stairway as seen in one of the image above is part of the Serambi. The Serambi is now one of my favorite places to sit the traditional Malay way and enjoy the peace and tranquility of the space and at the same time get to watch the activities in my little garden out-front.

The front of my house is facing west and from the patio I could see the Petronas Twin Towers. In a way my home is with a view of the famous KL landmark, the Petronas Twin Towers, commonly know as the KLCC. On a normally day throughout the years I could watch the setting sun at all the placing it moves. Like now when it is winter in the northern hemisphere the sun would set slightly on the southwest making a distinct ray on my stairway toward the Serambi. When it is winter in the Southern hemisphere the sun would set at a northwest position. And some time in midJune the sun ray would shown direct into our living room and we had to closed the door to avoid the direct light. Indeed a fascinating sight to watch and wonder of the beauty of how the sun move or rather the earth tilted to create that kind of movement of the sun. The weather now is getting hotter and humid after the rain that had been poring for the whole of last month stop. That folks is my day.

Have a nice day.

Monday, December 14, 2009

The Apple...

Folks for today just enjoy this image. A deco that I had on my dinning table. Have a nice day.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Reminisce - the shop...

From the time I could remember, probably at the age of five or six years old I am always around food. For during that growing up period I live in a restaurant in town. The back of the restaurant was our sort of a home. Father made his living in the food business and it was sort of a family business, the Mama and Papa shop. We as kids had to help whenever we are not at school. And because we live in the shop we all have to wake up early to help with the daily opening of the shop. So live for us kids start at about five thirty in the early morning. Been the eldest in the family my task was to help open the front of the shop. In those day there was no such thing as a sliding door. The whole front part of the shop could only be closed by using many single plank which had to he put in place one at a time, starting by putting up the two pieces of the door first. These are the normal ritual in the early morning to open up the shop and at night pass midnight we had to put the plant one by one again to closed the shop. It was indeed a hard job to do and together with my other brother and at time with workers we would open and closed the shop every day. Most of the time dad would help with the heavy doors.

Monday, December 07, 2009


Folks, I have posted this image of water that I took recently at Facebook and it has generated a great discussion. Since water is such an important resource for the well-being of all species on this planet I am posting this image again, this time at this Blog.

My purpose is to create awareness of the important of this resource of ours that is often taken for granted. We should take upon ourselves and give due respect to this important resource that sustain life on this blue planet of ours. Without it the whole planet would be deserted. So just give a thought and take whatever action to preserve this treasure of ours forever, like when washing your car or watering your garden do it just right and do not waste water. That little drop that you saved means a lot. So a little respect to this wonderful resource of ours would goes a long way in ensuring that we would continue to get water all the time.

In some countries water has created dispute and brought nations to war. It is that important and since we still have plenty of it do take note that if we are not careful we would be the biggest looser. It has happened to past generations and it could happen again if we are not wise enough in the usage of this commodity, the Water that we could not live without. Have a nice day.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Reminisce.. The Boy with a dream...

It was a full moon. The evening was beautiful with the ocean out-front glittering like a sea of diamonds, extraordinarily beautiful than the usual night. Full moon always gives the sea a touch of awesome and majestic. Allure by the call of the sea, he walk to the beach in front of his house and sat on the wooden bench. Alone, this time he was alone looking at the sea in front of him. It has been the scene of his village, a small community beside the sea, fronting the Arabian Ocean. He was just eleven years old and all that he could remember was the time he had played with his friends from the village, mostly boys of his age. The village is his home, the home of his father and his father's father before him. They all had live in this same village all the years.

He watches the seafaring vessels come and go at the small port nearby. Sometime out of curiosity he would walk to the port to look closer at those ships that come and go. It does fascinate him and wonder where these big ships would go from here. He had heard from his friends that some of these ships would go to distance-land in the Far East. And that some of his friends who had boarded these ships had not returned; for they had found new means of having a better livelihood in the new land in the Far East.

His life in this small community of Malabar, a small fishing village just off the coastal area has always been the same. Some farm their land with coconut, plant paddy their staple food while others would do small business to complement their daily income. This after all is a small self-sustained economy, it has been like that for all the years and life have being going on without much changes. Sometime he wonder whether it would be better for him to leave home and venture to other part of India or some other countries to seek a better life. He had heard so much from those people that come and go whenever ships anchor at the local harbor. He has seen some of his friends who left and return has more money now than before and lives a better quality of life and some start to do business on their own.

Like all those other boys of his age he has no education and education has never been part of the family’s culture of his village folk. They had been farmers or fishermen all their lives and had been poor all along. Sending children to school cost money, they would rather have their children helping them in the farm than going to school. That is why not many of the children from this village go to school. It has been like this for all the generations before and it is now the same. He sometime wonder whether it would be better for him if he had a chance to go to school but his parents are poor and he is more useful in the paddy field then at school. So like all his other friends he had no opportunity to go to school and life continues the same. At time he wonder whether it would be wise for him at this age to leave his village and venture to other countries that he had heard so much; to search for a job and earn more money and eventually start a family of his own here in this village. It sound to be good and he continue to dream of leaving his village for a greater pasture.

To be continue. Have a nice day.