Sunday, December 21, 2014

Breakfast with the Grandkids...

It was a beautiful Sunday. We decided to take the grand kids for breakfast at the Coffee Beans outlet at Ampang Points. There were already many people there having their breakfast. We queue up to order and then sat to enjoy the breakfast while yarning with the kids. It was really nice be able to sit down with the grand kids who now have grown up and enjoy the day.  Above is a photo of us enjoying the breakfast with three of the grand kids; one, the eldest boy had other program and did not want to follow whereas the eldest is studying in Manchester the UK. 

Have a nice day.

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Of Coffee and living...

It the beginning of the month of December 2014 and I thought that I would just write about the drink I love. I love coffee and have been enjoying this drink since I could remember. The first cup of drink I take when I wake up in the morning is a steamy cup of coffee that I made myself. I always make my own cup of coffee so that I know it is perfect to my taste. I would sip it along and enjoy it aroma when it is still hot. To me even a cold cup of coffee taste as good, especially the last drop. I always end my meals with a good cup of coffee. When I am out I often take coffee at the Coffee outlet at the mall where they brewed their Coffee of the Day. Recently while at KLCC I found a new coffee outlet call the 8 Oz Coffee. I tried and found their coffee is good and to my liking. So now I would go there to enjoy my cup of good coffee. Above is an image of that cup of coffee. 

Have a nice day.

Saturday, November 29, 2014


Energy is precious. We have that much energy every day and if we do not use it wisely we would be the loser. So it is very important for us to use that energy wisely. A convention of people is going on now in Kuala Lumpur now and every time this happens there are lots of rhetoric going on and on. What a waste of energy! Stop the rhetoric. It a waste of energy which would otherwise could be used for better purposes. To me the future of any race depends more on them using their brains to THINK rather than believing. The Malaysian who goes all out to use their brains to think of how to be productive in the economic sector is the one that is as successful. Blaming others would not solve one’s problems. Remember an advance society always overtake the less advance one. Knowledge makes one advance and that is power. What happened in the Americas in the by gone era is a very good example. Our specie now lives in a different world than our forefather where information and ideas is just at our fingertips. In the past when we want to gather information we have to be there physically but now with the advance of the Internet it is a different situation altogether. We now live both in the virtual world and the physical world, thus we could obtain information as easy as ABC. It is as easy as that. Just Google and you would be exposed to enough information and it is up to you to use it wisely to improve your quality of life. So think and be wise. Believing in myth and superstition would not help any society to progress. Have a nice day.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Plane and the Moon...

It was a beautiful Saturday morning November 15 and I was about to go out when looking at the sky I saw the trail of a plane passing by and on the other side I saw a half moon. It was a fascinating sight to watch at this early morning. Plane passes by daily at this part of the country en route to its destinations. In a split of seconds I thought that I should take a photo of both images but my DSLR with the telephoto lens was in the house and it would take a while to get the camera. As the plane was travelling fast it would just passed by in mere seconds. So I did not want to take a chance of missing this  golden opportunity to get such a shot. I had we me the new Nokia Lumia 735 with a better camera but had not used it to take distance objects. Anyway I thought I had to try. I aim the tiny camera to the sky and took two shots before plane went out of sight. I take a look at the viewing screen on the phone and saw the tiny image on one of the shot. I then edit it so as to get a closer look. I did it; I got both the plane with its white Wake trail and the moon. I was delighted to have got such a shot. I then posted in on Facebook for all to see and enjoy that moment in time. Here is that wonderful shot.

Have a nice day.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Merbah bird and the Nona fruits.....

I love to hear the chirping of birds especially in the early morning. The other day a Merbah bird was enjoying the Buah Nona [Custard Apple] on the tree behind the house. We always keep some ripe one for the birds. Asmah saw it and call me; she say there is a bird enjoying the fruits on the tree. I went to take my DSLR and took thirteen shots using the telephoto lens from inside the house. It was not that easy to get good shots since there is a grill on the other sides of the kitchen window. Moreover even a little noise would makes the birds fly away. So as quiet as possible I aimed the camera and took as many shots as possible. Out of the thirteen shots only two shots came out great. I am sharing it here for all to enjoy. 

Have a nice day.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Stranger No More...

It was a beautiful Friday October 31st. My spouse had gone for a short holiday to Bandung, Indonesia with our daughter Lin. Alone I decided to go for lunch at the KLCC. I drove the Honda and parked the car at the usual level of the parking area and went up to have lunch at the Food Court there. I would always try to park my car at the same level and if possible at the same parking lot. It made it easier to find the car when leaving the place. To avoid the lunch time rush I decided to have an early lunch. Order an Ayam Penyek [Rice with Chicken] and sat down at one of the table facing the pool and enjoy my lunch. After that I went up to the book-store Kinokuniya upstairs and bought a few books there; then while my times window-shop in the mall. I felt I need coffee and look for a place to enjoy a good cup of brewed coffee. I soon found most of the coffee outlets were packed with people enjoying their coffee after lunch. I was desperate for a good cup of coffee and continue to look around for empty seat to enjoy my coffee but to no avail. I then try a new outlet that I had not been before. I saw an empty chair in front of someone and ask whether the seat is occupied. He reply with a no and said I may take it. Happy I sat down. Leave my bag there and order my coffee. We soon got into talking and in the process became friend....Stranger no more. He was having coffee while waiting for his daughter to finish shopping. He said that he is a businessman based in Brunei and frequent Kuala Lumpur too. His other half is in New Zealand with their son who is studying there. We chat on various topics that come to our minds while enjoying our coffee. It turn out to be a very beautiful meeting of two strangers in a cosy coffee outlet call the 8 ounce Coffee; in the heart of Kuala Lumpur's premier mall the KLCC.

While in the midst of the chat his daughter came and we continue to chat. I then ask her to take a picture of us using my cell phone. They then do the same with their thus we have pictures of all of us as seen in this posting. 

Have a nice day.