Saturday, January 31, 2009

Of fine living...

Space is nothing if one does not care to use it to fulfill one's need and desire. So as to get as much of it for fine living I often move things around. After much thoughts and doing, the result is sometime beyond one's imagination. The about image is the result of such thoughts. Photography made it much more then one expected. Have a nice day.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Gong Xi Fa Chai [Happy Chinese New Year]...

Folks, it is festive time again in Malaysia. This time it is the Chinese Lunar New Year. Probably it is only in Malaysia where you could find cultural/religious festival celebrated all throughout the year. Just a month ago it was Christmas and the mall was decorated with that Christmas themes. Before that it was the Moslem Eid Fitri. As usual with the Chinese New Year which fall on January 26 this year, the mall are going ga ga with Chinese New Year theme decoration. Malaysian are fortunate lots where one get to enjoy these festivals all the year around and this time it is the Chinese New year. We decide to visit the Pavilion and the KLCC malls and here are some images that has turn the mall into a riot of colors. Indeed a many splendour things.

Gong Xi Fa Chai to everyone from Asmah and Me in Ampang Jaya, Malaysia. May we all continue to prosper and enjoy life in this year of the Ox. Have a nice day.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A moment in history - Obama

Folks I have never done this before. That is wait all night to watch the inaugural ceremony of a leader of a foreign country but last night I did just that. I stayed all night until 1.45AM and watch the inaugural of the 44th President of America, Barrack Obama. The swearing ceremony actually happen at 1.15AM Malaysian time. I believe billion of people around the world did just that and saw the new beginning of a new chapter of the world history. Never could I dream that such profound changes could happen during my life time. And boy! it did just happen in front of my eyes.

Like the many changes in the political scenario of the world, Malaysia do had it share of it when on March 8, 2008 we saw the emergence of a new political reality. The Pakatan won more seats in Parliament and form government if five states. Indeed change has come to Malaysia too. And tonight we all watch democracy in action in America where Barrack Obama became the first African American to be the President of the USA. I am indeed glad for that and hope that he would lead the world to a better future for humanity.

I have been to Washington DC before and walk the whole length of that historical mall/place from the Lincoln Memorial to the Capitol building and today on live TV I saw seas of people braving the cold weather for hours to be there for themselves and watch that historic moment in time unfold before their eyes and in doing so became part of that history. For a moment in time I felt myself been there in person among those millions of people. The whole ceremony especially his speech was electrify and I could felt it as well. Indeed such an awesome happening in the history of our world.

Technology gave us the opportunity to watch the happening in America live and above are some images that I took from CNN Live telecast as history unfold. Have a nice day.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Kuala Terengganu P036 by-election...PAS won...

Folks, March 8, 2008 saw the change in the political scenario of the country when five states and/plus the Federal Territory of KL went to the then opposition party of PAS, PKR and DAP [In the FT 10 of 11 Parliament seat went to the Pakatan] and then it was followed with the success of the PKR at Permatang Pauh where Anwar Ibrahim won big and back into Parliament. These three political parties are now known as the Pakatan. In the March 8, 2008 the BN lost its two third majorities for the first time in the history of the country. The BN have been ruling the country for fifty one years. It is a rather record number of years for any single party to rule a country. And in the March 8, 2008 Election the Rakyaat did change that scenario by giving the Pakatan some 49.4 percent of the vote and denying the two third majority that was enjoyed by BN ever since. With that change it gives the once opposition party more say in the Malaysian Parliament.

And yesterday January 17, 2009 PAS a member of the Pakatan collation won the by-election for the Kuala Terengganu with a majority of 2631 votes. In the March 8, 2008 Election PAS lost this seat by a mere 628 votes. This shows that the tsunami that swept the Political scenario on March 8, 2008 has not stopped. To me it is good for the country for we are sure heading for a two party system in the not too distance future. Yes, in a democracy no single party should lay claim to be the government of the country forever. It is the Rakyaat [People] that would decide which party should be the ruler. So for this by-election the Rakyaat has decided. Folks let give due respect to the choice of the folk from Kuala Terengganu. Congratulation to PAS and the collation, the Pakatan. Have a nice day. [Image above taken from Malaysiakini]

Sunday, January 11, 2009

The mystic of the sea...

On a slow walk along the beach in front of our condo in Malacca a few weeks ago I chance on this piece of shell lying there on the beach sand. So innocent, white and beautiful against the backdrop of the gray grain of the sands. That scene of the white shell was so fresh and undisturbed, for a moment in time I just wonder and day dreams of the great time we have had on our journey of life. To me it was just majestic and beautiful. That shell could have been washed by the repeat bashing of the wave. The smell of the sea was good and it makes me felt fresh. I have always enjoy the sea and that smell that only the sea could give. That salty humid taste when it gets into you mouth. It is where our species once start lives on this blue planet of ours.

When I was a kid growing up in the forties in Kuantan I would hike to the beach with friends and spend our time swimming and playing around on the beach. The sands on the beach on the east coast is golden whereas on the west coast it is a bit gray. This is because on the east coast the shore is bash by the vast China Sea whereas on the west coast the sea is narrow; the narrow strait of Malacca where thousand of ships ply it everyday thus the shore is not as golden as the one on the east coast. Anyway it is still that shore with those fine grain of sand. Gray it maybe but it is still fine and clean, always giving the beach that clean look. A great place to walk with bare feet and play with the sea water as it rush up the shore every time the wave bashed the shore. For million of years the ritual has been that way, keeping the shore clean and never the same. For us to enjoy for eternity.

That day in Malacca it was evening and the sun was just going down. It was while playing along the edge of the water that I saw that shell. I sat down and took a closer look while the wave bashed the beach. I aimed my camera and took a few snap and voila! it came out alright. Happy I am sharing it here with all to enjoy and perhaps contemplate!!. For the treasures of nature are in abundant everywhere if only we care to look. Have a nice day.

Monday, January 05, 2009

A glorious wedding in December...

Well, everyone loves Wedding, for it symbolizes joy and happiness, the core value of Love. It is the end of a process that loves goes through and when the wedding bell rang, it became the most waited event in any family. It is a symbol of maturity of kids who have grown up to face the reality of the real word. It is in this institution that the lover began to understand that love is not all Sunshine and bed of Roses. It likes both but with differences. Like the Sun it does not shine all the times but even in rains that sun is there somewhere and it never failed to shine again and as for the Rose, we all love Rose and we knew too well that Rose come with the green leaves and the stem with thorn all over. If not handle with care it could hurt oneself. But then Rose cannot be Rose without that thorn and we all love Roses which come in all shades, colour and sizes. Been presented with a bunch of Roses would always bring joys and happiness to the receiver. It does have that aura of a healing power that we often need on our journey of life. So in a way wedding is like that, it is beautiful and would continue to be beautiful if it is nurtured with love. For in any wedding it is love that would play an important role in the lives of the couple. Quote: C.G.Jung "For two personalities to meet is like mixing two chemical substances; if there is any combination at all, both are transformed" How true...

The bride Zalia a petite lady, the gorgeous daughter of our friends Dato Wan Shamsuddin and To'Puan Zaini. The bridegroom Arzumy is a lad who was her college mate whiles studying at a local University. Together they do made a perfect couple. In the Malay culture such couple is often referred to as "Seperti Pinang dibelah dua".

The Wedding reception was held on December 27, 2008 at the Grand BlueWave Hotel at Shah Alam. My spouse and I were among the many guests invited to the reception. We arrived early and got a real look at the deco of the reception hall. The concept of the deco is contemporary and I believe it is the choice of the young generation of the family, probably the bride and the bridegroom themselves for it devoid of the normal traditional setting that folk of our generation would want to have. Anyway it is well done in that it did introduce an atmosphere of 'cool' of today's generation. It looks real simple but yet elegant; so pleasing to the eyes. It does fit well with the charm of both the bride and the bridegroom; kids of the twentieths century making their bond in the early twenty first century. A new generation of Malaysian who grows up in modern Malaysia and heading toward a more challenging time into the country future. It is their world and the wedding reception befits their generation's aspiration.

For both of us it was also a time to get to meet friends. It is an occasion likes this that gave us the opportunity to meet and renew our acquaintance. On arrival we were greeted by the host and been early we got the opportunity to take picture with them. The image below shows the bride's parent [dress in pink/purple on the left] together with us and another couple.

The whole ceremony was choreograph well indeed, with the two Emcees doing a pretty good job of entertaining the guests with their wits and humor; turning the ceremony into an atmosphere of joy. The good music and song add to the festive mood and it does lure the guests into an atmosphere of joy and happiness. The food spread was sumptuous and with such good company of friends at the table we did enjoy the evening. Indeed, a joyous event to all of us.

Many thanks to the host for the invitation and to the newly wed couple I leave you with these words of wisdom:" Have a joyous life together."

Selamat Pengantin Baru. Have a nice day.