Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A Perfect Day...

It was Monday the 10th of February 2014, a hot and dry day. It has not rain, the grass on the roadside has turn brown for lack of water. It has been a cool week before this and now the heat is unbearably hot.  Since all the bills have arrived I decided to go out and pay all of it at the ATM that the TM authority had at Ampang Point. Ampang Point is my township about 2 kilometres away from my house where I could get everything done. Since they installed the Bill paying ATM like they did with the Cash dispenser ATM I had to get use to paying there. There is no longer a human interface. It all machine now; for folks of my generation it not that easy to get used to using machine to pay bills. Since its introduction last year I had always got help from the friendly staff there who would help me get the paying done. To get it right one had to key in the bills number right. It the number that is important to getting the bills paid properly. It actually just takes a few minutes to get all the bills paid using the machine. We all have to get used to this mode of payment and I am learning it fast. It’s the era of electronic where one could pay the bills on-line or go to the nearest ATM.  

On that fine day at around 10am in the morning I went out.  First I send some bedding materials to the laundry then walk to the adjacent shop to buy two meters of hose for the filter pump; after that went to have Roti Canai at a Mamak shop nearby. I then went to have a haircut at the regular barber shop there. Then I remember I had to get some grocery. I found that I forgot to bring the list so I drove back home to pick it up and then went to have the car wash. While the car is been wash I walk to the TM store at Ampang Point to pay the bills and got it done at the ATM there. Then walk back to the Car-wash and pick up the car. On the way home I stop at the supermarket nearby and bought some grocery. With that I completed my errand for that day and got back home around 12.30pm and its Lunch Time. It ends as a very productive morning; a perfect day indeed.

Have a nice day.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Tikar @ Mat...

Though it hot and humid out here, it still is a beautiful day in February. I thought that I would just share these thoughts of mine. My spouse and I went to a Craft Exhibition during the last few days and bought two Tikar to add to our collection. 

In a traditional Malay house the Tikar or Mat is a normal item to have. During the time when western furnitures are as yet to be introduce to the Malay house the Tikar is spread on the wooden floor for folks to sit during meals time. When one has guests normally a new Tikar is use for the guests to sit. The traditional Malay Tikar [Mat] is made of the leaves of the Mengkuang plants which is found in abundance in the coastal area of the country. It is not that easy to weave this Tikar and had to be learned from young. It is a tradition that is passed down from generation to generation and still in practice today in the rural part of the country. Folks would weave it over times and sometime it may take months to get a good piece done. In actually fact each piece is different than the other since it is weave by hand. To me it is indeed a piece of the work of art. With the development of new housing less and less Tikar are used thus it is now considered just as a piece of artwork to adorned the home.

Personally I love the Tikar and would always buy it for my home. I would spread it in every rooms. It does enhance the ambiance of the space. Since it is made of leave it does not last long. With heat and the humidity it would worn out easy thus it had to be thrown away and replaced by a new one. And that is what I do in my home. To me the Tikar is better than the carpet since it does not harbour dust mite. This is because in the tropic the weather is always hot and humid thus the moisture in the carpet would be a great breeding ground for dust mite. As for the Tikar it always dry thus there are no way for any dust mite to live and multiply. Indeed it is better than the carpet to adorn the floor of the house.  

Above are the Tikar that are on sale at the Craft Exhibition at the GE Mall in Kuala Lumpur. The one which I bought at the exhibition now adorned the living space of my home as seen in the image on the left.

Have a nice day.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Table Lamps...

Above is the image of table lamps that are on display at the foyer of the GE Mall at Jalan Ampang.  It really looks great and I wished I could buy all and displayed it in my house. I love table lamps in all shades and sizes and I use table and standing lamps to create an ambiance of cosiness in my little house in Ampang Jaya. 

Have a nice day.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

From Facebook to the real World...

It was on Facebook that I first met most of the people seen in the image above. And at a wedding reception held at a hotel in town recently we all met in person; completing the friendship made in cyberspace and now strangers no more. I am selective in welcoming member onto my Facebook wall. I would only accept those who put their personal profile image and their real name although at time I do accept folks who use user-name only. The personal profile image of oneself is a must otherwise I would not accept anyone as friend on Facebook.  I want to see who my friends are and it would be easy to recognise when we eventually meet in person, like what happened at the wedding reception recently. It was really nice to get to meet all these people whom I had banter from time to time on posting that they had posted on their wall or at my wall. So this is actually a story of friendships made in cyberspace. Had it not been for cyberspace especially the social media like Blogging and Facebook I do not believe we all would have become friends. The meeting in person did complete that journey of friendship. 

Have a nice day.

Friday, February 07, 2014

Of Parenting...

I was at the Cash Converter shop at Ampang Point. This shop buy used good and resell it. It a place where one could convert those house-whole items that they no longer need and turn it into ready cash. The shop then sell these goods to those who want second-hand good to use. It sort of a win win situation for folks. From time to time I would visit this shop. Not that I really would buy things but I love to browse along and look at all that are for sale. On one fine day on impulse I bought a bicycle. As I was going out of the shop with the bicycle a young woman talk to me and said that she too was looking for a bicycle for her kid. And say that had I not bought it she would most likely would.  Soon we got into talking into subjects that just pop up from our minds. I eventually found that she is a working mother with one of her kids in a boarding school. Since I never subscribed to the idea of a boarding school for kids at any early age I told her that it was not wise from my point of view to put kids in a boarding school at too early an age. In this case most boarding school in this country takes in kids at an early age of twelve years old. She said her kid is thirteen and that mean it already in the second year. To me kids should goes to school from their loving home where they get to learn the valuable norms and value of life at home which is almost impossible to learn in boarding school. Living in a hostel is not the same like living in a home. Kids should not be raise in a hostel’s environment but in a home full of love where the parents and kids bonding would remain strong. I told her I did not put any of my kids in boarding school. They all went to schools from home. They all turn out well; in fact beyond my expectation. I at time wonder why especially the middle class Malay still want to send their kids to boarding school when all our non-boarding school are as good. I found that so. I believe parenting would never be the same when the kids are not living in their own home. The parents and kids bonding would never be the same again.  It is different if the kids come from the urban or rural poor where living condition in their home are not as good. But for the middle class parents I believe it is not wise to put their kids in a boarding school at such an early age. Once the kids go to a boarding school at 12 years old he or she would only be back to the home after they had completed their college education. And at that time they would normally be around 24 years old. So to me parents who send their kids to boarding school at 12 years of age would soon lost 12 years of parenting. By the time they end their college education they would be adult already and no longer kids. I believe some folks do not want to hear this. But then it is their choice and not mine. I am sharing these thoughts so that parents may give some thought on what I had said.  Remember you the parents lost 12 years of good parenting time during the prime period of the kid’s life. And that the parenting aspect is lost for that period of time. I believe the kids too miss those wonderful years of been close with their parent where they could learn the norms and value of good living culture. They may get excellent academic result living in a boarding school though but academic result alone does not really help in the development of those young kids into a matured human being. Well that is my 2 cents. 

Have a nice day.

[The image green in this posting show a healthy growth when nurtured with care]