Thursday, March 29, 2007

Blogging, a hot debate...

Well, Well it look like Blogging has gone to our Parliament. The YB are getting curious with this animal call Blogging. Interesting Eh!. All the time I notice that only one Malaysian government MP blog although MP's from the opposition have been having a field day blogging on all issue that affect the people.

In the past, that is before blogging became a reality in Malaysia, the news had been from one source only, the Government. But with blogging we the people of Malaysia could also present our own view the way we like it. Now it look like for once in our history the playing field is becoming more level. What's wrong with that. As far as I am concern Nothing is wrong. It's democracy, Right!!!.

To me the Government should not worry about blog or about the cybermedia. Instead the authority should encourage the people especially those at the University level to blog. This would help to develop more creative writing as well as getting the people's point of view on all things that would helps Malaysia to move forward. Have a nice day.

Monday, March 26, 2007

She made my day..

Oh! What a day. Friday afternoon. First had coffee with a friend that I had not met for almost twenty years. On arrival at the Great Eastern Mall I browse along waiting for another friend to arrive for this get together. And as I was about to look around I received a call on my cell phone from the long lost friend. He had already arrived and having a drink with another friend at the Starbucks. I look and there I found him smiling. We had not met for so long but he still look the same. At the same time the other friend also arrived and we then sat outside the cafe and had out coffee and enjoy the chat. A few other friends came over to greet us and then left to do their own business. We then continue with our chats. Time passes by and as the day goes we decided to move to Alexis, another cafe not that far from Starbucks. A bistro where there is live music and it open until two in the morning. We got a table outside and sat to enjoy the coffee and the tit bits here and chat till almost eight in the evening. Since my friend had to catch a flight back to his home base in Kota Bahru, Kelantan, we decided to call the evening off.

After paying the bill I walk on to get out of the place but as I was about to do just that, I notice a gorgeous lady in black standing tall, sort of staring at me. For a few seconds I was lost but then my memory recall past data and I soon realized that the lady in black is a very close friend of mine, whom I somewhat lost contact after she got married some years ago. She is now a top executive with a Multinational Corporation... Bringing back memories one of those colorful event in my life. My God!!. It was indeed a surprise to see her there standing tall smiling at me with her usual smile. I call out her name and we shook hand. She then introduce me to all of her friends of the fine young ladies and gent who were dinning with her. I shook hand with all and took that precious moment in times to thanks her and yarn a bit of the greatness of living and having such great friend like this gorgeous lady in black. She smile when I said that. Got her cell phone number and I believe we would be able to continue with life where we left before. Friends do not get ideas, she is married now and I respect that. And believe that friendship should continue. For the company of another being is part of the scheme of things that surely would made our life as colorful as ever. This unexpected encounter really made my day. What a life..

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Of Cybermedia and the government...

Well here is a site that deal with the hot issue now regarding blogging in Malaysia. Interesting Eh!. Just last week I wrote an article ' Blogging and the Civil society'. Well Like I had said before Blogging is indeed a very powerful tool and great for democracy. And advice blogger to be responsible when blogging. Have a nice day.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

The evening sun...

I took the above image just as the sun was going down this evening. The KLCC and the KL Tower as seen from the front of my home in Ampang Jaya. Indeed a beautiful scene of the KLCC [Petronas Twin Tower], with the glowing evening sun beside it. On the left is the KL Tower. Have a nice day.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Of black coffee, Sunshine and blogging...

Well, it has been a great week. With many happening in the Malaysian blogging scene, life continue to be as colorful as ever. It was a gorgeous sunny morning. With a cup of steamy black coffee I sat to jot this down on my laptop. It is now the middle of March and it look like that soon we would be in April 2007. Looking back it seem that the new year seem to be just like yesterday. I call a friend and realised that I had not call him since last year, so I just wish him a Happy New Year. He laugh aloud and wish me the same.

And just last week I managed to get the cell phone number of a close friend that I had lost contact, who now live in the state of Kelantan. We had been together in our youth and continue to enjoy working in the same field until he decided to quit and went into business. We parted and eventually lost touch. But I had always remember this man for when he first joint the service, I was already working in Kuala Lumpur and he often come over the house. At time we would have the Kelantanese Lunch at his home. It was a great team then. But as usual life takes its course. With him decided to quit and be on his own and me continue with my career in the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports until I retired. It is only now that I had managed to get his number, so I call and he was rather surprise that I call. He says that he had always wanted to get in touch with me. Every time he is in KL he would enquire as to my number but had not been successful. Anyway with the call, we chat like old friends and he says that he would made a special trip to KL sometime next week to meet me.

Well that was great and I hope that when the time come we would meet and see what happen next. Well friends, life is like that and things happen when it wanted to happen. As a traveller on my life journey I am continuing to enjoy life as it goes, knowing for a fact that the journey that we take would passed by and would not come again. So it would be wise for us to makes use of the happening in the journey of life like the saying ' Makes hays while the sun shine '. We should remember that time did not move, it is us that move, so friend do makes good use of the time given to us on this planet. Enjoy it for it would never come our way again. Have a nice day.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Of Blogging and the civil society...

The Internet and Blogging are new to our species. For Malaysian the Internet and Blogging are gifts from heaven. We now have the means and ways that we never dream of before. Blogging made it possible for us to share our thoughts with our society and the world at large. Cyberspace and the Internet has made that a reality. The freedom of expression. Not that we did not have the freedom of expression before the Internet. We all have but the mean to disseminate information to the masses are limited. Before the Internet one had to write book or write for the printed media to get one thoughts to the public in the country and the world. With Blogging and the Internet, the process of getting one thoughts to the world audiences became so simple. And Blogging is just one of the mean to an end.. The freedom of expression.

Since this is a new tools to us Malaysian I often caution blogger to use it with great care. And with wisdom. The reason is that this tool gave us the freedom to disseminate information to the society at large like never before. As usual some information are accepted, brush aside or offend people. In a multi cultural, multi religious and multi racial Malaysia there are things that we do not discuss in public. For the benefit of our society we have enact laws like the Sedition Act, the Printing Act, that in some ways seem to be against the freedom of expression. But then we are just fifty years old and in the process of nation building. If we want to progress as we had done during the last fifty years, with the country in peace and harmony, the people getting prosperous day by day and Living a better quality of life than our forefather, we have to expect some restriction in what we call the freedom of the press. Personally I do not believe in total freedom. There must be limit to everything. When the time comes for changes then it would happen but not now as yet, we all have to live with it for the time being and in a way be thankful for the law that we have. For it is these laws that help to keep the peace and harmony in the country.

Information are important for the development of the society. We get to where we are now because of the information that we had gathered along the way. As usual in any venture in doing so sometime we might step on the toes of the others. That are facts that we had to be reckons with. For that is the real world. For once the information are no more the sole privilege of the authority or some organisation. It now belong to all the rakyaat or the citizen of the country. Use it with wisdom it would give us wisdom in return. Sow it with the negative thoughts then we can expect the negativeness in return. So in a word, so we may reap what we sowed. Friends be responsible for what we Blog.

In a way blogging could become a tool for the reformation of the society. But then in any reformation it takes times. It is a process and part of evolution of a country. In any society there are surely people out there, Blogger included who dare to venture one step ahead and at time cross that thin gray line and venture on. That is the nature of our species and had it not been for the few who dare to venture and takes risks, our species would had not be as successful as we are today.

We are a young country and as such need the wisdom to succeed in whatever endeavour and hope for. Blogging could be a very useful tool in getting what we want. So friends Blogger venture on, but be very careful as we tread on. Be adventurous by all means but remember in any adventure you do not really know what you would find on the way. The pathway onward, into uncharted territories are just difficult to know. But if we do not venture, we would never know what's ahead. Success never come easy, but with wisdom and determinations we would eventually get there.

Remember be responsible when we blog. As a blogger myself who surf the net often I know that Malaysian blogger are responsible people and have the love for this country first in their heart. Of course we do makes mistake from time to time but then that is the human in us, for that is the nature of our species.

Most Malaysian Blogger are well educated, intelligent and articulate. I am sure that they all are not naive. They are Malaysian using a new tool, that they never had before to share their thoughts with fellow Malaysian and the world.

To blogger do continue to blog, for in a democracy our thoughts do count. Have a nice day.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Gardening and living...

I love gardening, so does my spouse. She would spend the early part of the morning to tend to her little garden at the back of our house. It is just a small patch mostly with potted plants of flowers and orchids. Among the many flowering plants we also have some fruits trees. One of the tree that had bear fruits is the Custard Apple. The image above shows the Custard Apple plant and some fruits dangling from the branches. Actually we just planted it just for fun and to get some green shade at the back of the house but as we nurtures it, it flowers and bear fruits. Every now and then we would get fresh Custard Apple for the table. Since I love this tasty fruits I am the one that really enjoy eating it. Because it has many seeds children did not take to liking it, so it is all mine most of the times.

They say if you are prepare to dirty you hands with the good earth and give your love and passion to working in your garden, you would be blessed with a good harvest in return. I learned in gardening it is not just planting the right seeds but nurturing with passionate love is equally important to getting a good harvest in return. The orchids that my spouse tended to blooms from time to time and give us not only it gorgeous and magnificent flowers but happiness as well.

Mother nature more often than not gives us more then we ask for if only we look around and take into account the flora and fauna that are abundant everywhere around us. The other day I just sat and watch the wonder of the sprawling Touch Me Not plant with its pink flowers. It is just a peaceful plants that just grow wild and minding its own business. It comes to live when you touches it. Once touched it would wilt for a while and then would slowly bloomed back for us to continue admiring this gift of nature. The images about shows this plant that grows wild without tending at the back of our house.

Unlike in the temperate climate area of our planet, in the tropic plants with flower grows and flowers all the year long. Thus we here are blessed with flowers of all shades and colors all the year around. Making life not only so colorful but cheerful as well. Friends if we work closely with nature and choose to live with it around instead of damaging it, we would gain more in that we would surely have a better quality of life as we live on. Have a nice day.[An Apple and a Custard Apple] [The Golden Shower orchid that just start to bloom]

Friday, March 02, 2007

The Mushroom...

Wake up to another beautiful day. It is already the second of March 2007. See how times fly. Hardly you notice it we are now in March. Anyway it had been a great day. And with another beautiful day who is complaining. As usual I went out to the patio and there to my surprise I saw a bunch of mushroom at the foot of a potted plant. What a day to see this wild mushroom grown healthy in a pot. It was not there yesterday. Without thinking much I took the camera and snap an image to immortalized it. Here I am sharing it with the world to enjoy part of my Eco system. It is really nice to be able to see things that you would never thought would grow in your garden, do comes out of nowhere and there it is growing perfect. I believe by evening it would have wilted and served it purpose today. Making me happy. Surely the plants, the Flora and fauna that are in my small garden would be happy as well.

As usual my elusive squirrel were there somewhere and enjoying the meal of imported apples. I left a few pieces yesterday morning and by evening it is all gone, finished. I am indeed glad that this squirrel come and go, for it is little things like this that makes living so beautiful. What! with that lively exchange of notes from a cyberfriend from faraway Melbourne, Australia in my last posting regarding the Kingfisher. One things lead to another and indeed the exchange of notes do make our lives so interesting and colorful. Knowing for a fact that we both loves the other species that became a visitor of a sort to our home from time to time. We must always remember we are never alone in this 'wildness' that we call home. There are others who share our habitat, like the ants, the lizard, the cockroaches and at time the rats that comes and go as it please until it is trapped. I did not like killing so when I know for sure that rat or mouse are in the house I would place a trap and catch it alive. I would then released it faraway from my home, with a message to it not to come back and disturb the peace of my home. Anyway that is that, it had to live as well and who are we to decide its way of life. It has family too and like us had to continue living.

Well that is life and I believe that every species that share this planet with us have the same right to enjoy living on this blue planet of ours. Have a nice day.