Sunday, December 31, 2006

Eid Adha...

Selamat Hari Raya Haji, Hari Raya Korban, Happy Eid Adha to all. May we all are bless with happiness always. This is the last day of the year 2006, so good bye to the year 2006. It had been a great year for the country Malaysia. Life have been good and hope that the year 2007 would bring greater prosperity to all people all over the world. Have a nice day.

Friday, December 29, 2006

The chair...

I got this piece of furniture from Ikea. It is the most comfortable chair that I had ever have. It is a piece of art works of the Swedish. Elegant and yet functional. It is a place to sit and relax. To ponder and wonder. To day dream care less of what's happening in the world. At time with the newspaper on my hands, my mind just wonder endlessly. The comfort that this piece of art works gives to us human is simply superb. A comfort that one would only enjoy when one is there on that piece of furniture. Once you set down on it, it soon became part of yourself. Fascinating!!. Yes this simple chair did its jobs well, thanks to the many hours it's designers put to give comfort to those that need it most, like me. Well friends that is life and this piece of furniture did me good. Indeed a treasure, yet simple. I love this chair. take care.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Of earthquake and the Internet...

Yesterday, in the morning I was trying to surf the Internet and found that everything was slow. I thought that it is my computer that is slow, so I did the disk defragmenter and also did the disk cleanup. It still did not works as usual. I soon found that certain tools at my blog did not appear, so I try looking at the other blogs and found that it is the same. I then went to Project Petaling Street site where I often ping my blog and could read all the other Malaysian Blogs that are posted there. And it is here that I found others who found out the Why!, the Internet had been crawling all day long. The reason being that, it is because of the earthquake at Taiwan this morning which cause damages to some cables that link South and North East Asia to the other parts of the world. Well it look like that we all have to live with it for the time being and wait for the repair to be done.

Now we all know how bad is when our communication network, i.e the Internet is disrupt. Our life goes haywire and things seem to move rather slowly. It is rather frustrating that an earthquake could cause us so much hardship. It did not create the usual tsunami this time but a tsunami of another kind, breakdown in our communication network especially the Internet that we all just took for granted. Indeed it is a tsunami of a sorts. According to the local Telco, it would takes some two to three weeks before things would get to normal. In the mean time they would try to channel our communication by other ways and means.

Trying to open this page alone take a longer time then usual, so here I am trying to blog this and trying to get back my life back to normal. We are indeed venerable to such natural disaster and I guess that is part of life on this planet of ours. Let get use to this and carry on with life as usual. Have a nice day and take care.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

2006 and the Bloggerhood...

The year 2006 has been a great year. Life have been good. The country continue to prosper with Malaysian living in peace and harmony.

Blogger among the other Internet users have been made the Person of the year by Time Magazine. It is indeed a great honour to us blogger.

As we go along we are seeing more and more blogger of quality in the Malaysian Blogger scene. The latest is that of Marina Mahathir, the daughter of our former Prime Minister, who have a column in a local paper. Her writing has made great contribution to the development of the Malaysian social cultural scene in this multi racial, multi religion, multi cultural country. A well known blogger Mack Zul have pull out for reason only known to him and I hope he would make a come back to the blogger scene. Another who also almost pull out decided not to do so. Aisehman has came back with a vengeance and a new look Blog. The new kid on the block that now gave us the latest political development is Rockybru, indeed a great blog to visit. And then there is this blog call Siber Party of Malaysian, where a gang of blogger continue to contribute great post that would live up the blogging scene. As usual we have Desi with his colorful posting of current events, in a way only Desi could do. Then there is Jeff Ooi with his usual knowledgeable and current affairs posting that keep giving us the latest of the happening in Negaraku. Liza is back with more colorful posting. Makcik is with her daily journal posting as usual and look like she would be doing a new job comes 2007.. These two Pak Blogger are with their usual charm postings, that only people in their golden age could think of. And many more... Well the blogging world in Malaysia continue to be as colorful as ever and I hope more would be coming in the new year.

On the other side of the globe Lynns a favourite blog of mine, continue with great posting and Dani a nature love is making a come back with her great nature posting. And of course there is Anasalwa, a Malaysian living in Boston with her personal journal live from Boston.

And in the UK, this blog by a British. Awang Goneng postings are indeed a gem in itself. Literature and History that brings back memories of the past in a country call Malaya.

Well, friends, Happy New Year and Have a great day always. take care.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

A plant....

Well I took this image the other day. My neighbour had planted this plant sometimes ago and now it has grown all over the roadside near our houses. This plant has a sharp tip on each of its leaves and not to be taken lightly. It prick and it is best to leave it alone. Anyway it makes a nice plant for a landscape. Have a nice day.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Merry Christmas

The above images are of the Christmas decoration at the KLCC mall, The Suria. As usual this year there is a tall Christmas tree at the centre of the Mall. It is very tall indeed, about six storey high. So it was rather difficult to get the image of the whole tree in one shot. I was there a few days ago in the evening and the images above are that I took while there. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all. May we all continue to prosper and have a great life always.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Our genes... we are all numbers..

This is a very informative article from The about our genes. It look like we are getting more and more answers as our scientists go on with their research. It is my hope that these findings would eventually lead us to a better understanding of the mechanism of how our species works. Well that would do for today. Have a nice day.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Time Person of the year...You

Yes We Blogger are among the others who have been made the Person of the Year by TIME Magazine. Great, that we all are having a part in making this world of ours a better to live and enjoy life. Thanks to the great minds who brought the Internet to us. Now that it is here to stay, life would never be the same anymore. No I do not believe that we could live without it. At least it is part of my life now. Never a day that I do not surf the net. From writing blog and visiting those great blogs all the over the world.

For Malaysian, Blogging gives them a total new avenue to share their thoughts with the world. Making disseminate of information no more the exclusive of the few but possible to all. All this because of the opportunity to blog. To all those blogger out there continue on blogging and may we all continue to contributes our thoughts in whatever ways we could, trying in our own way in making this country Malaysia a truly Negaraku.

Friends We are all being given the honour as the Person of the Year. Thanks to
Time Magazine... Yes, We are honoured... Have a nice day.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

The Kenanga....

The image above is that of the Kenanga flower [cananga odorata] that grows in front of my home. It flowers all the times and it give a peculiar fragrant, a rather smooth aroma that is pleasant to smell. Not too strong but smooth and mellow. This is one of the traditional plant that the Malay love to have around the house. I had planted it first in a pot and as its grows I move it and planted it on the ground in front of my gate. Ever since that it has grown big and keep on flowering without fail. Since it is outside the gate, I have decided that the flowers are for the taking of anyone who appreciate and loves this flower. It is a sort of a wakaf from me to the public. Hoping that others may enjoy it as well..

Thursday, December 14, 2006

The contented man.....

I took this image at a friend's house during the last Hari Raya. While everyone were having a great chats and enjoying the hospitality of the guest, I took a few snaps of the happening. On returning home I edited it and found this image turn out to be a very interesting portrait of the person concern. This person and his spouse are both friends and relatives of a sort to my spouse and me. He is a typical Kampong elder who have live all his lives in the same Kampong or village. Grew up there, married and had family. His village have been his world all the while, from the time of his youth, until now, in his golden age.

I have met him during his younger days and He always fascinate me for been just a simple man, contented with life. With just a little education, he live his life as had his father before him, simple and yet happy with the way life has brought him to his golden age. He rarely venture outside his village and whenever I am back at the village I would see him just like before. Always in a greeting mood and without fail invite us to his humble home. His spouse would prepare coffee or if I ever want to have lunch there, She would happily prepare one and as usual I would enjoy the simple meal that this village folks prepared.

Well, friends, the above images was taken with my cell phone, thus the paint like images. I love these images and am sharing it here for all to enjoy.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Winter in Beijing....

My spouse say that she wanted to visit Beijing, China and ask me whether I am coming. After some though I told her that I am not going and that she should makes the visit with our daughter. I had visited Beijing before and she did not accompany me at that time as the visit was an official one. Now with the children grown up into a young lady. It would be great if the two of them go without me. She love doing just that and off they went on a five days trip to Beijing at the beginning of Winter. It was just a six hours flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. They left at twelve thirty in the morning and arrived in the early morning at six thirty, in the cold of winter in Beijing. According to an email they send from Beijing it was snowing in Beijing when they set foot out of the airport terminal.

Well what a change in the weather in just six hours. The temperature in Kuala Lumpur were thirty five degree Celsius and in Beijing it is five degree below zero..Winter in Beijing. They were prepared for the winter trip so it seem they really enjoy their visit which includes the Great Wall of China, The Summer Palace, the forbidden City and of course the Tiananman Square in the heart of Beijing. These are places that one had to be when visiting China. You get to walk on the Great Wall, be part of this ancients monuments, see it at close range and touch it with your very own hands and feel the excitement of these great works of arts. You may have seen it thousand of time on movies and TV or photographs but it is not the same as been there yourselves. It is a great place to be, a moment in times that is so different. And I have been there. Indeed one of the Wonder of the World that only the Chinese could offer us.

It is not visiting China if you do not set foot on any of these places. Well that is that. The Great Wall is China and no other countries have it and it is also one of the Wonder of the World.

As usual she never miss shopping. She managed to squeeze some times to do her shopping and brought back things Chinese and a VCD images of the trip. I watch the VCD and from the look of it they really enjoy their visit to China, without Me!!!...Friends that is live.. Enjoy..And have fun.