Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Bowl of Fruits...

Fruits are part of our daily delight. It is the best source of nutrition for our daily needs. For that there is always a bowl of fruits in our kitchen. Above is a bowl of such fruits. During the fruits season in Malaysia that bowl would be full of tropical fruits. As for now we have imported fruits which are always 'in season' here. Globalization and trade and commerce have made it easy to get imported foods on our table everyday of the year. To keep us healthy especially in our golden years we have changes our diet with less meat but more Fish, Vegetables and Fruits. For meats we would go for white meats only but would still take red meat like beef or mutton at feast but we try to go for white meat if it is possible. We would go for Seafood only on special occasion. At the same time we would take more vegetables or fruits juices to get a balance diets. Been in the golden years we have to be careful of what we eat since our body resistance is not it used to be and the best way to stay health is to enjoy healthy foods.

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Suspension Bridge over Sungai Galing...

In Kuantan last week and it has been raining off and on as thought it is still the Monsoon season. It's the middle of March and the Monsoon should have been gone by now. But what could we say the weather no longer follows the annual schedule, so we all have to live with it and continue to enjoy life.  At the lobby of Vistana Hotel while waiting for the car to arrive I decided to take a walk outside the hotel to do some photography. The Vistana Hotel has always been my home whenever I am in Kuantan. In the past I had taken a numbers of photos of flowers outside the hotel building and thought that instead of just waiting I might as well venture to the small garden outside. With my Nikon I took a numbers of photos of the flowers there and then to my surprise I saw what look like a bridge across the river. The last time I was at this spot at the side of the hotel facing the Sungai Galing, I could only see the river between the branches of the trees; that line the riverbank. And now there is a bridge; what a change! In my childhood we kids were warned not to bath or play in this river since it is said there are crocodiles along the muddy bank of the river. As such it has been out of bound for us kids. But at time we do take a ride on a dugout when the tide was high, just for the fun of it. 

Curious I took a walk closer to the bridge and soon found that the Irrigation and Drainage Authority has indeed erected a Suspension Bridge across the Galing River. In a way it was a well designed bridge which made it longer than just a normal crossing across the river. By doing that it gives folks a longer walk on the bridge. It was high tide then and as I walk onto the bridge I could smell the muddy water of the river. The scenes around was green of all shades like that Ketapang tree along the bank of the river where at this height one could notice the young shoots of new leaves sprouting at the branches and below on that muddy river could be seen decay leaves floating around and moving up stream as the tide raises. I took a numbers of snaps as I walk along the bridge. As usual with a suspension bridge it wobbles as one walk. It is really nice to be able to get to the center of the river and now from the center point of the bridge I could see both sides of the river with scenic scenes on both sides. 

Now with this link folks could go jogging from the Hotel to the other side of the river which I believe would be a great place to take a lazy walk along the river on a Sunday or any other days for that matter. And perhaps have a picnic on the other side where a wooden structure has been erected as a resting area. I may just do that on my next visit to Kuantan. The authority should plant more varieties of trees and shrub and flowers and tag it with its names and species so that folks could learn a thing or two about the floral and fauna that made up the ecosystem. Perhaps they should find ways and means of attracting birds and small creatures to the area, making it a more interesting and lively place to be with nature.

It is a small construction like this that made the differences to a town. It gives both the local and the tourists the opportunity to venture outside the hotel and enjoy the fresh air without really driving out of the hotel vicinity. Personally I like the way this Suspension Bridge was design and built. Those folks do take into consideration the aesthetic in designing this river project which to me does more to the bridge, instead of just as a mean of crossing the river. It add to the scene thus in a way beautify the river itself.

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Moon over Beserah...

Last Friday evening we decided to take a drive to Beserah, a small fishing village north of Kuantan town. Since my nephew was driving the Honda I had the opportunity to enjoy that short trip down memory lane and watch the familiar scenes of my childhood passes by. In those days of my childhood we would cycle from Kuantan town to Beserah going up and down the narrow winding road through virgin forest. Going up the hill was a bit difficult but we do manage to enjoy the ride up the hill. Then get a free ride downhill up to the small town of Beserah which at that time was just a fishing village. We would then ride further and at time camp on the beach and take a dip in the sea. 

On this trip I just took it easy and eventually we found a restaurant beside the sea to have dinner. We were early and had the choice of the best table. We got the table nearest the seafront and watch the wave bashing the beach. Looking at the waves of the China Sea at that moment in time my mind took me to the happening in Japan where the Tsunami has created much damage and lost of lives to the Japanese. This coastal area was not affected by that tsunami although the sea is connected, since the tsunami ripple effect was block by the islands of the Philippines. Had it not been so the east coast of Peninsula Malaysia would be affect by that tsunami.

As I sat waiting for the food to be served I saw the moon over the horizon leaving a  reflection  on the surface of the open sea, glittering like diamonds. The sea always refreshes me and I felt really good that evening. I took my camera and snap some of the scenic scenes  of  the evening  including that of the moon hovering above over  the open sea and sharing it here for all to see and enjoy. 

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Friday, March 18, 2011

A short break in Kuantan...

It was a beautiful day here in KL with clear blue sky, It look like a great day to travel. I had planned to visit Kuantan for a few days to attend my younger brother youngest son's wedding on Saturday 19, March. A nephew decided to come over and drive me to Kuantan since I no longer take to driving long-distance. I guessed age is catching up and to avoid fatigue I have decided to no longer drive long-distance. So at just past eleven we left KL on my Honda with my nephew driving. It is the first time that I am not driving on this road. And I thought it would give me the opportunity to enjoy the ride to Kuantan and at the same time take some picture of the scene on both sides of the highway. The top image is that of the skyline as we passes a Palm Oil Plantation on one side of the highway. A magnificent sight indeed.

The KL Kuantan Highway passes partly through the virgin forest of the Main Range of Peninsula Malaya known as the Banjaran Titiwangsa. The forest along the way here is actually millions of years old since it was never touched by the ice age. I love driving around these area since it give me the opportunity to see all the floral and fauna that had been there longer than the country itself. It was green and green of forest all along the roads with patches of Rubber and Palm oil plantations here and there. With the highway it is much easier to drive and today's journey took us just three and half hours to get to Kuantan. On the way there were rain here and there but otherwise the journey was a pleasant one indeed.

I took a numbers’ of photos of the scenes and sharing it here for all to see and enjoy those pleasant greens of the tropical forest.

Have a nice day.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

An egg with three yolks...

The other morning while preparing for my normal breakfast of soft-boiled eggs I break an egg into a bowl before cooking it in the Microwave oven. I would normally break two eggs one a time and then look into the bowl to see whether the egg is really fresh before breaking another egg. When I found it OK I would then break another one but this time when I look into the bowl, to my surprise I saw there was three egg yolks in the bowl and it came from just one egg. I had not seen these numbers of egg yolks in one go before although I did get two yolks before. I told myself that it is indeed a bonus of sort. I then show the bowl to my spouse and she say it was a rare happening indeed. In those days woman folks would not take such eggs with many yolks. Its a superstition that some believe would lead to conceiving twins. Anyway that superstition is no longer with us now and I thought it was nice for a change and then continue to break the other egg but this time I just got only one egg yolk. So today I got four egg yolks from two eggs and happy about it. I then microwaved the eggs just for forty seconds and Voila I got my morning breakfast of Soft-boiled eggs and this time with extra yolks. Well folks that happening does make me happy and I am sharing the image of that bowl here for all to see.

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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

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