Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Eid Adha & Thanksgiving...

Folks both events fall almost on the same day. Eid Adha fall on November 27, 2009 and Thanksgiving Day is today November 26, 2009. So let celebrate together.

Do have a great a great day on Eid Adha and Thanksgiving wherever you are. May we continue to prosper and enjoy life.

Have a nice day.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Of Baby Fern and little flowers...

It has been raining all weeks and the sun is hardly seen. Rainclouds are everywhere I look and soon when the time comes it would pour for hours. In a way it is good for it kept the weather cool. I had wanted to spend some time doing photography especially on Macro Photography and thought that this would be as good a time to do just that. In photography lighting is very important, too much or too little is not good. So with the cool weather and the moderate light I took the opportunity to do some photography. To me the perfect time to do photography now is before the rain start again which normally happen after noon.

Last week I dwelt in the world of the insect, the Ants. So for today I thought that I would concentrate on those little flowers and plants that are in abundant in my little garden. Just before noon I took my camera and using the macro lens went out to take images of the plants and flowers that are in my little garden and at our daughter's house nearby. With the experiences that I had acquired since using the macro lens I venture further into Macro Photography. This time taking my time by taking as many shot of each objects. With that in mind I am beginning to seem more in the little flowers or buds as I move along with my camera. Amazing what one see through the macro lens as one narrow one thought into the micro world of the plant and insect. Indeed a fascinating sight that could not be seen through the naked eyes.

My adventure with my camera was indeed exciting and in doing so I began to learn more about taking good images using the macro lens. The trip into the micro world actually takes my mind off the real world and am enjoying every moments in that wonderful world where so many things are happening in a multitude of colors. Back from the peace and tranquility of the micro world I felt fresh and somewhat enlighten. The more I see the more appreciative I became of nature and its role in our Eco system. These encounter would made you love nature more then ever and truly respect what nature had to offer for our well being. Folks here are some of the result of that adventure as seen through the macro lens. I did enjoy my little adventure into the micro world of the plants and hope that you too are enjoying the images here. Have a nice day.[Please click to enlarge, for some of the image you have to click twice to enlarge further]

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Yes folks the weather has change somewhat. Since the beginning of November we have been getting rain every days. It would start just after noon and lasted till midnight. Starting with heavy rain with shower and lighting; it would than drizzle in between. Then all of a sudden it would pour again with strong winds and would continue to drizzle till midnight. With that the average temperature has drop and is now between 28 and 22 degree Celsius, which is not normal, where here in the tropic the average temperature is between 36 to 26 degree Celsius. So that kind of drop in temperature is indeed welcome and kept us cool all days. At time we no longer need the air-condition to sleep which has became a norm here now.

Normally only the east coast states of Kelantan, Terengganu and the coastal part of Pahang would be subjected by the North East Monsoon which is normal at the end of year but of late the weather pattern has change and now we who live on the west coast too are getting rain that is not normal. It looks like the weather has changed, global warming perhaps. We could never tell what is actually happening. What! With all the conflicting reports we get from so many sources. Anyway I hope the temperature in the Kelang Valley would stay cool for it would surely kept our electricity bill down; the plus point in this weather phenomenon. Have a nice day.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Dried Flowers...

It was one of those wonderful days and my mind was everywhere. The urged to write was there so I sat down and start typing this. So what shall I say today or post today. OK I got it. Let me tell you the adventure I had with the Roses.

On the day of the Eid Fitr [Hari Raya][September 20, 2009] we had a bouquet of Roses gracing the living room; which is some ways lighten up the area. As you can see in the small image of this posting this bunch of Roses did brought life to the area like all flowers does. They say that Flowers are the keeper of our joy, how true. We are always joyous when with flowers. In the heat of the tropic cut fresh flowers does not last long even in an air conditioned room like our living area. After the third day it starts to wilt. Such an expensive bunch of flowers just lasted for less than a week. Well we just cannot expect much in the heat of the tropic but it does serve it purpose in enlightening our lives. With the vibrant aura it does gave joy to us all.

I thought to myself and spoke to my spouse, it look like the Roses are wilting and that I wanted to save it by drying it. My spouse says that if I want to do it, it is OK with her. I have done dried flower before and Roses is among the easiest flower to dry. Before that Roses start to wilt completely I took it out of the vast and dry it the way I know best. After one and half months I found it has completely dried. It even retained some of that rosy smell. I arranged it in a bowl like vast and Voila! It does look real great too. I believe in its dry-form these Roses would last for a long time, probably till the next Eid Fitr.

Folks, the image above show the dried flower displayed at my Serambi [patio]. Isn't it gorgeous as ever?. It would have gone to waste if I had not dried it. It looks now that Roses is having a second display life. Have a nice day.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

My Sunday Brunch...

It is a beautify Sunday, a lazy Sunday. As usual our kitchen is closed on Sunday, no cooking today but then we decided not to go out for lunch. I sat down in front of the TV watching the programs as it goes, switching channels and at time just day dreams into another world and jolted back with the loud sound of music on the TV. In the real world again and I felt hungry. Well I am too lazy to go out so I went to the kitchen and look what do I have in the fridge and the freezer. I got it! I told myself and start working for my lunch or rather brunch. It turns out great folks and the image above. Great eh!, The smell of those burning hot dog, fried eggs and the Hash-browns sizzling in the butter on the hot pan wet my appetite. The smell alone is heaven. I got it done and it looks great too. I sat down and enjoy my creation. Folks, it does taste real good. Well that was a great brunch on a beautiful lazy Sunday in November. Have a nice day.

Friday, November 06, 2009

That fascinating Ants...

I have always been fascinated with ants. I believe this fascination start when I was a kid living in a Kampong where ants are everywhere, in the bushes, in the trees and in and around the house. It’s everywhere. There are big ants, small ants and ants that cause great pains when bitten and those ants that seem to be harmless. So over the years it just became invisible living along us until something happen, likes it invaded our cakes and cookies when we leave it unattended for a while.

Unlike the white ants or the termite most ants are harmless. In fact we do needs ants around to help in the pollination process of our plants. There would be no flowers like the colorful orchids without the ants. Ants too play a very significant role in cleaning out the dead insects leaving our space free of the waste remains. So ants actually are a necessity rather then a pest. It does help our species to enjoy living on this blue planet of ours.

This morning I decided to do some photography at the back of my house using the Macro Lens and took a numbers of shots of the happening there. Here are some images of the happening that shows ants enjoying itself on one of the fruit. See how small the ant is compare to the Custard Apple [the size of a small size Apple] that it feed on. The image of the custard apple below would give you some ideas of the size of the ants relative to the fruit.

Since I went into Macro Photography I found a new world of wonder that would not be possible using an ordinary lens. It is amazing what one could see and enjoy nature through the Macro lens. I am still learning the best way of getting a good shot of the objects especially that of insects that are always moving. As can been seen in the images above it is still not that perfect but I am happy with that for the time being. At this age my hand is still steady but as has been advice using a tripod would be the best way of getting a better shot. I shall have to do that as I move along adventuring into the world of Macro Photography.

Have a nice day.[Click image to enlarge]

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Buah Delima @ Pomegranate...

Delima is Ruby in the Malay language. So I believe the reason this fruit is call Delima is because the seed of this fruit is exactly like the Ruby stone. The Pomegranate by itself look like any ordinary fruit but it is only when you break opened it that you see the glittering seed that looks like Ruby. If it is your first time seeing this fruit and had not seen the seed before then you would not take a second look at the fruits itself. It is not that appealing like the Apples the Pears the Grapes the Papaya or the Mangoes. It looks rather plain. It is only when you see the inside that you would always get attracted to this fruit.

I am not sure about you but normally I would buy it. It is not that I love to eat it but simply because this fruit often lure me to take it home. In most cases I end buying it. How does one really enjoy this fruits; I must confessed I do not really know, other then eat or suck the Ruby like seeds one by one, enjoying the sweet juice and spit the stone out. And if you are not careful you would end with staining your cloths while eating it.

I once watch a TV program of a farmer in Australia who plant this wonderful fruit tree lamenting that no one really know what this fruit is really use for. But almost everyone who saw the inside of this fruit would have an instant liking to it. Anyway the farmer says that the best thing to do with this fascinating Ruby like seeds of the fruit is to turn it into juice and use it either as a drink or as an add-on in the making of cakes.

Well folks whatever it is this fruits is still a mystery to me. Perhaps there are others out there who could enlighten us as to the real purpose of this wonder of a fruit. The Delima or Pomegranate is such a mystic of a fruit. The seeds like the Ruby do have sort of a power of attraction that made you want to take it home. Above is an image of this fruit as seen through the Macro Lens. It sure looks juicy and appealing. How can one not be tempted and not take it home I wonder! Have a nice day.