Friday, June 29, 2007

The Rambutan...

The weather is fine, with clear blue sky. The Fruits trees in front of our house that belong to the neighbour show colorful fruits. It is the Rambutan in season again. This Rambutan tree has been there from the time we move to our present house more then thirty years ago. Rambutan tree once grown and taken care of would bear fruits every years. This particular tree had not bear any fruits for some years and just last years it start to shows flowers. Our neighbour decide to nurture it again and then starting this year it started to fruits again, giving the tree that rainbows of colors.

Rambutan is a special fruit of this region for it still retained its original Malay name. The Rambutan [ Rambut in Malay mean hair ]. As can been seen in the images about the fruits is hairy. It has a succulent flesh inside with a big seed. It taste sweet and made great dessert after dinner. Yesterday our neighbour gave us a bunch of the fruits. About is the images of the Rambutan. Have a nice day.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Of 2 young Malaysian blogs...

I have been surfing and blogging for years already. From time to time I came across blogs that are of interest to me. I kept reading, first to find out their way of thinking and then to see of how they present things as they see it. Another aspect that I want to see is that Malay Malaysian write in the English language, the language of knowledge. Of recent I found theses two blogs and am happy of what I found. For today I am introducing these two blogs to those good people who often visit my humble blog.

I am from a different generation of these two blogger. I am from the pre-independent Malaya/ Malaysia. In fact I did served under the colonial official during the early part of our independence. So for that I am somewhat a person who saw the country progress from day one of its independence. As a government officer I also participate in creating various programmes especially on the Social Engineering aspect. I am indeed happy to see the country progress so fast especially so during the twenty two years under the leadership of Tun Dr.Mahathir. He transformed the country into one of the world top trading country, making it a prosperous country with full employment and a high quality of life. In the process he has quantum leaped the country especially the cities into the first world, and also saw many universities came into being. Today there are many universities and colleges that keep producing graduates to play their role in the ever changing Malaysian society.

The two blogger I am talking about are from the the new generation of Malaysian who are now playing their role in the ever changing society. One such blog is the The Subang Jaya Post which is managed by a young Malaysian who is still studying in a local University and the other is a youth who has completed his university education at a International University based in Malaysia. His blog is the Universally positive, Radical Scope which contain the thoughts of a dynamic young Malaysian who wanted changes yesterday. These two youth are like me before, anxious to do changes. I am indeed glad they are in my footsteps to just do that, but in their own ways and the ways they knows best. These two blogger indeed have a very matured thinking for their age. I am indeed glad for that kind of thinking. Malaysia need that if it is to progress further and at a faster rate in this world of globalization. I believe they are the product of the education system and that of the leadership during the period of TDM, when he was the Prime Minister of the country. I hope more young Malaysian especially the Malay blog in the English language so that it get wider readers. Have a nice day.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Of the Flea Market..

I heard so much about the flea market at the Amcorp Mall in PJ which is open only on Saturday and Sunday. And for the love on anythings unique and antique I thought that I should visit this mall on any of those days and see for myself what is this flea market is all about. I am use to the kind of flea markets while living in the US. It is indeed an interesting concept to get rid of old things that are still in good working condition including antique or it would just left to rots in the store. So people would sell those things at a flea market. I am told that the flea market at this mall is like the one in the US.

My spouse suggest that we should drive to PJ this Sunday and have a look of the flea market and at the same time visit the Amcorp Mall, which we had not visited before. As for us in Ampang Jaya there are no reasons to visit those mall on the other side of the city unless there are some interesting things happening. So the flea market is a reason to visit that place. And with the SMART tunnel it really made thing much easier to get there. Personally I have been rather curios of this flea market and wanting to visit it for sometimes already, but kept postponing. So come last Sunday just before lunch I drove the Honda to PJ via the SMART tunnel and within minutes we were there. Got to the Mall, parked the car at the basement and then went to look as to the whereabouts of the flea market. As we walk we soon found the market. Many things were been sold at the first floor from the lobby in a very disorganised way right into the ground floor of the mall. We went up to on to first floor. We kept looking and eventually found that the market were everywhere up till the top level of the mall. Here it is somewhat organised along the corridor of the levels, so one have to kept going up and use the escalator to get from one floor to another. We took our times to look around and found that it is not really that interesting and things are just like the fleas, all over the places although here it is a bit organised. The were many people looking to get a good buy or just window shops. We did just that and found ourselves hungry since it is already past lunch time. We look around for something to eat and eventually found a Malay restaurant that sell the Malay dishes. It is call the Selaro Negori. It look interesting and since we were hungry we sat to have a go at this place for lunch. Well it was OK since it is our first time and the price was quite reasonable. Anyway we left the restaurant satisfied.

We left the restaurant and then found a shop that sell many old furniture and other things including antiques. Soon enough we met the owner and I start looking at some interesting things there. To my surprise there was no price marked on every items. I ask and was told that they purposely did not put prices on the items. I was, of course disappointed and ask why this is so. The owner explained that he did not want the others who sell the same thing to know and compare the prices. What a ridiculous idea, business is about competition, the capitalist system that we practice in this country. I try to explain to him that putting prices is very important to the customers but he seem not to understand and kept repeating the same reason again and again. He says that he would only give the price to those who really want to buy those items. I thought that was rather naive. The price of an item is one of the factor that made anyone who want to buy start thinking of purchasing it and than, only than would one ask further about discount, if one had any intention of buying. Otherwise one would just walk pass the items without showing any interest at all. I think this owner is so confused with the business ethic and in the process lost in business. Obviously he has got more to learn about doing business. Well I actually felt unhappy with this episode in the shop but what could I do but lament about it. With that I just walk out and left the place disappointed.

Now that I have seen this weekend Flea Market at the Amcorp Mall, I am no longer curious about the happening there. Like the saying 'curiosity killed the cat'. I now knows what's in store there. With goods for sale displayed everywhere like those fleas, it is indeed a Flea Market. Well it is one of those Sunday that we venture on enjoying life...

The above image is part of my collections of antique. Have a nice Day..

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Of the greens and us...

The above image shows a green in our little garden. I bought the plant at Ikea, in a small pot and then transferred it to a bigger pot. Nurtured it with tenderness and it did grows well, giving out that green leaves as seen in the image above. It has been growing well ever since and I could see the process of growing from the bud to the first curly small leaves trying to get out like a new born into the world. It continue to grows one by one with its long stem emerging as its grows. It really is nice to see it grows into a beautiful plant. Its alive just like any living species that share this planet with us. Indeed a wonder of nature at its best.

I love the green in all shades and colors. This plant give out that dark green color and it blend well with the other greens in our garden. Other then the blue color of the sky, green is a color that sooth and cool us and it give the aura of life itself. How could we ever enjoy living without these colors. It would surely be dull indeed.

My life has always evolved around the green. At a early age living in a Kampong [village] the houses are always surrounded with greens, so as kids our playground were those bushes and the trees that grows everywhere. When we settled in the city, for wanting to have the green back we start to plant trees and shrubs in pots. And with a little ingenuity we turn the little space we had into a garden of a sorts. To me this little space in front of our home is a heaven of a sort where I could assimilate with nature and get that feeling of been part of the Eco system, for we should remember it is us that provide the most carbon dioxide back to nature especially the plants. And the plants gives oxygen in return for us to survive. I am sure we all felt that feel good feeling when we are in a garden where plants grows and flowers aplenty. It always bring joys and happiness.

These plants are a very important component of our Eco system for without it everything else would be out of place. There wound be no insects, birds, and other living species that are so important to our survival. We often forget that plants are the single largest species on our planet and without it we and the other living species would would not be able to survived on this planet. It is the plants that provide all the oxygen that we so need to survived. So friends let us do the little things that we know well in helping the plants to continue to grow well. And providing our most important need, the oxygen that we breath all the time, without even noticing or feeling that we are breathing oxygen. Given by that plants that we just took for granted. The next time you move around, do give due respect to this species. The Plants, our life line to continue living on this blue planet of ours. Have a nice day.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Karen Armstrong in KL...

Yes, Karen Armstrong, the famous British author of our times was here in Malaysia, to participate in a conference on ' Islam and the West: Bridging the gap., organised by the Institute of Foreign Relation and Diplomacy Malaysia. At one of the forum, to a packed crowd of about one thousand five hundred people, at the Ballroom of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Dr.Karen Armstrong gave a very informative talk. She handle the delicate and sensitive aspect of the subject on religion in a lively ways, despite the subject been rather dry: History and Religion. I was there and it was really good to get the opportunity the see her in person, after having read almost all her books that she has written so far. At present I am reading her latest book entitled ' The Great Transformation..'. As an avid reader of her books over times I have accumulate knowledge which I would not have got otherwise, especially those of the religions of the world. Reading her book help me to get to understand the teaching of the many religions of the world. In a way she has enlighten many as to the true teaching of all religions. That single message: Peace and Love to all mankind on this planet of ours.

It was great indeed to have in Dr.Karen, a person who took upon herself to do research on all the religions of the world and to look for resources for the contents of the books in the dark and dusted corner of those many archives in libraries of the world. And to do so with all the correctness she has also took to the studying other languages as well, which includes Arabic. Which let her to write many books on Islam and related subjects. Had it not been for her diligence in getting these book published, I doubt that we as readers, would have got that knowledge of our past history by just reading one or two books. We would have to read thousand of books before we could reach what she had complied in those few books that had been published so far.

It was great indeed to see so many people of all faiths, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Sikh, Tao and others congregate in one room to hear her speak of the role that religions should and could play in preaching peace and love in the world now and that hatred should not have a place in the hearts of peace loving people. She talk on the history and the role of all faiths throughout history and that it has one common role, that of Peace and compassion to all mankind. In her talk she relate the many times that works for peace and compassion has taken place throughout history. She even explain the special meaning of the word Love and that it means more than just giving love but of compassion, understanding and unity as well.

I arrived early to the forum which start at ten in the morning. It was held on the first floor of the five star hotel situated adjacent to the KLCC. On arrival I met many people enjoying the coffee, tea and the snacks that were provide by the organiser. It was an opportunity to meet strangers and friends before the formal function. After the forum that lasted until past twelve noon, we again were served with coffee and tea. During this time I got the opportunity to meet some strangers which later became friends. We soon talk on many subjects like old friends. The two persons that I would like to mentioned here is Tian Chai and Peter Wong who continue to chat with me until the place were deserted. For me meeting these two young articulate persons was indeed an opportunity to exchange view that of common interest. It was indeed great to get to talk to them on subjects that are close to our hearts, especially so on subjects that concern religions, social interaction of the society and the progress of the country, to the subject of raising children in these ever challenging period of our country and the society. These two persons are knowledgeable in many subjects, thus the chats became a sort of a social discourse, that add color to the already colorful event of the day. Indeed it is a meeting of the minds of like minded people, in an atmosphere of harmony. Enriching each others minds with more knowledge, that comes so unexpectedly. Continuing to make lives so wonderful and beautiful. And of course making my life as colorful as ever. Have a nice day. [KL mean Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia]

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The SMART Tunnel...

The SMART tunnel in Kuala Lumpur has just been open to the public. So what is this monster call the SMART tunnel!!. Well After reading and seeing it been done on Discovery Channel. I agree it is indeed a smart tunnel. Smart why! First because those who plan it are smart and far sighted. The reason I am saying this is because in the past we just built underground tunnels, just only for the roads or railways. That was that and we are happy to get faster from one point to the other in the city. In this case those who thoughts of the idea, during the time of the former Prime Minister Tun Dr.Mahathir did more then that. I believe TDM himself must have thoughts on this. They, instead designed the tunnel not just for the roads only. They have added another new uses for this tunnel, that of getting flood water out of the city. This flood control section is expected to be ready before the end of the year. Well indeed it is a smart ways to do thing, thus the name of this tunnel is the SMART tunnel. It is four kilometers long and have three levels. The bottom level is used for the flows of water during normal flood. The other two levels are use: one level to go one way and the other level the other way. In the case of a major flood in Kuala Lumpur all the tunnels would be closed to traffics and would be used to divert flood water. This is the first such underground tunnel for duel purposes ever built anywhere in the world.

My spouse and I decided to have a go and on one fine day recently we left our home by taking the Elevated Highway and then got into Jalan Tun Razak. We drove on toward the south and in minutes arrived at the entrance of the tunnel at Kampong Pandan [formerly the Kampong Pandan roundabout]. I drove the Honda following the other cars into the tunnel. I believe most of the drivers are doing this for the first time and as such are as nervous as me driving in this underground tunnel. As I drove I began to get that phobia of been in an enclosed area and indeed frightening. I had never before driven a car in an underground tunnel that long. Once I did travel in a bus across Europe going under a very long tunnel but then there are many others in the bus and I am not the driver. Its good things that my spouse is beside me at that moment in times. It is four kilometers long and the longest tunnel in the country. I actually felt afraid. The phobia is real. I braved myself and drove along as fast as I could following the other vehicles. After just four minutes I am out at the other end of the tunnel, near Sungei Besi, just at the old airport and then took the turn toward Petaling Jaya on the North South Highway. That mean one could get to Seremban and South fast using this SMART tunnel. If one had taken the old Sungei Besi road it would take about thirty to forty minutes or more to get to that part of the North South Highway. So this tunnel actually save the travelling time. Mind you it just take from the Kampong Pandan inlet to the end of the tunnel, on to the North South Highway is mere five minutes. I then drove to PJ and visit a relative there and then back taking the Kerinci Link for a change of route, to get back to our home in Ampang jaya using the Elevated Highway. I did not use the tunnel on the way back because at that time I was not sure of the entrance and moreover it was at night.

The next day I tried it again when going to Petaling Jaya for a party and this time I use the SMART tunnel to get back to Jalan Tun Razak and again it was fast. I drove alone and more comfortable now driving in the tunnel. There are two outlets toward the inner city from Petaling Jaya. One is toward Jalan Imbi/Jalan Tun Ismail and the next is the one I took. It lead to Jalan Tun Razak. Well, it is now easy to get to the North South Highway, in that we now have alternative route to get there other then using the MRR2. The only difference is that one had to pay a toll of RM2.00 [US$.60cents] to get one way and another RM2,00 when returning. Well, nothing is free and I think it is a fair amount to pay for using this tunnel, which cost billions to built.

Friends, have you tried it as yet. After trying it I would surely use it again when going to PJ or the other parts of the city. Have a nice day and Happy driving.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Be Happy and enjoy..

For today, on a gorgeous Sunday morning, with clear blue sky, I am posting this nature's works of arts. The orchids and flowers that bloom in our little garden. I am sure that everyone who see these images would be happy and appreciate what nature had to offer. Making every one's life so colorful as well. For us who get to grow these amazing plants and get to see it grows and then flowers, it sure is a pleasure that's beyond descriptions.

Looking at the images of such things of beauty would surely made one happy. Imaging when one has that opportunity to touch these plants and flowers and enjoy to see it blooms for months at time. Surely happiness all the way. Unlike some other flowers, orchids in pots lasted longer then the one that are cuts and put into vases. And because we love to see these orchids blooms all days long and for months, we did not cut it but just leave it there to grows. With continuing nurturing it with tender care the orchids would last for months. Radiating its beauty to whoever are around, thus giving others the reason to be happy. Happiness is something that one just could not buy. But a bouquet of flowers would surely made someone happy, even for a moment in times.

Never underestimate the power of flowers, the product of one of the largest species on our planet, the Plant. It is the plants that give us so much, using all the carbon dioxides that our species produce and converting it into energy and oxygen that we need to survived on this blue planet of ours, that we call home. These flowers which comes in thousands of varieties are indeed nature's gift to our species. For it give the true meaning of Loves, with all the colors of the rainbow. These largest species on our planet gave us so much without asking anythings in return. Except perhaps to appreciate it in its natural entity. Flowers, indeed the keepers of our Joys. So friends enjoy the images above and have a nice day.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Selamat Pengatin Baru Pak Lah.

Well, our Prime Minister Abdullah Hj.Ahmad Badawi is getting married today. It is his second marriage. His first wife Endon was called to the lord a few years ago, of cancer. I am indeed glad that he is marrying again. For a leader should have a lady around to take care of him. As we all know too well the first lady do play a role in the man's life. Especially so He is the Prime Minister of a country. So Selamat Pengantin Baru Pak Lah and may you be happy always and that this marriage would give you an added aspirations to continue giving this country of ours a quality leadership.

The image above taken in the early seventies, showed me and Pak Lah when he was the Director of Youth and I am the Assistant Director. I work under his leadership in the Youth Division of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, for more then five years. From 1972, until the time he left to go full time in politic in 1978. Have a nice day.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Of the Ants and Orchids...

I took this image in the morning at our small garden. This orchid has just bloom and it sure add color to our little garden, my spouse favourite place in the morning. In the early morning the sun shone here first and by afternoon this place would be shaded from the afternoon sun. Orchids grows well with the just the right duration of direct sunlight, too much of sunlight would destroy the leaves and it would not be healthy for the whole plants. Beside sunlight and water, orchids need insects especially the ants to pollinate the flowers, as well as to keep other insects and parasites from the flowers. Actually without ants orchids would not grow well.

I was lucky this morning and managed to get the snap above, with the ants doing its duty nurturing the orchid. It is not that easy to get such an image. A rare moment in time indeed. After waiting patiently for this moment, I got my camera and Voila!!! took that wonderful image above and am sharing it with all to enjoy.

With the digital camera photography became so much easier. I could not have taken the above image in that moment in time, when the ants were there, with that clarity with an ordinary camera. That's the advantage of the digital camera in photography. Enjoy and Have a nice day..

Monday, June 04, 2007

Demise..Loga of Alleycats...

One of Malaysian great singer Loganathan Arumugam of the famous Allycats was called to the Lord this morning. I believe he would be remembered well by all Malaysian. Condolence to his family for the lost, not only to them but to those music lovers in Malaysia and the world. Alleycats with their trade mark ' Terima Kasiiiiiiih ' has been part of the Malaysian culture, especially so in the Malaysian music scene. His songs like Andainya Aku pergi dulu, Mawar Merah, Kerana Mu are parts of great music and songs that the group has produce throughout the years. These are now parts of the Malaysian famous songs and I believe it would soon be a collectors items which are priceless. Hearing those songs often brings great memories of the great time we all have had at parties and with families members when watching Him performed. Indeed a lost to country especially so in the Music Industry of which He is an icon.. So Sampaikanlah Salam to all his family with the message that we all love him and that he shall be remembered as one of Malaysia greatest son. More on this news on a friend's blog.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Whatever, it is still Me...

Pak Busu, the caller first word. Well, the cell phone call came from one of our many nieces. A Forty something, homemaker, a career lady, studied at ITM for her first degree and then did her Master at a University in the US. One of those new breed of young Malaysian. Actually I am not writing about her today but the way she address me. Pak Busu. It is like that on my spouse side of the family. My spouse is known as Mak Busu thus me Pak Busu, so when I am in Bentong and that parts of the world, we are Mak Busu and Pak Busu. On my side mostly from Kuantan my nephews and nieces would address me as Pak Long and my spouse as Mak Long. To the many youngs that are from the generation of our children I am Pak Cik and my spouse Mak Cik. And from those nieces and nephews who are somewhat sophisticate would address me as Uncle and Auntie. Both my parents and my brothers and sisters would address me as just Awang. And then my colleagues and friends would just address me as Idrus and of recent when I start blogging for wanting of a better reference for a person of my age, I posted myself as Pak Idrus. And with that I am address as Pak Busu, Pak Long, Pak Cik, Uncle, Awang and and now Pak Idrus... Bit confusing you think, well actually at time it is rather confusing especially so when all of those nieces and nephews are at our home or at a place, at one moment in times. And to to avoid switching from Pak Long to Pak Busu and so on, I would just use the English royal I. It is interesting and that is the way it is in our culture. So addressing one like Long, Ngah, Tunggal, Kecil and so on are the fine parts of the our culture, especially so in those good old days. But now it seem it is slowly but surely fading away. That's progress!!! Well that is part of the evolution process. We loose some and we gain some.

The call from one of the nieces is an invitation to a dinner. So last evening we had a sort of a family dinner at the PJ Hilton. All those at the dinner were from my spouse side of the family. So at this dinner we were address as Pak Busu and Mak Busu. In a situation like this it was easy since only those from one side of my family were there. The two gorgeous lady in the image above address me as Pak Busu and my spouse as Mak Busu. The young lady in blonde is the spouse of one of our nephew. This nephew of ours who address me as Pak Busu is going on a second posting to Huston, Texas. The last time they were in the US was for almost five years. The dinner was for them, a sort of a farewell send off. Well I guess she turned blonde for been too long in faraway land. Well BJ you look great as a blonde. Have a nice day.

Friday, June 01, 2007

The Central Market....

Just take a pause and think!, when was the last time you visits those places of interest in and around your city. Well I believe like me it must have been quite a while. Like me you most probably just kept postponing the visit from day to day. Eventually months passes and than the years. So on one fine day in May I decided that I had to make the visit. On that beautiful morning I drove to the KLCC and parked my car there, took the LRT and got myself to the Central Market. A great place for tourists where you could find many things of interest. Get to meet interesting people and the goods they trade.

Well, As I walk in the huge space that made the market, I just take its easy and wonder and enjoy the beauty of the place, so colorful in its deco and the display of goods that looking at its alone would make your visit an enjoyable and a wonderful one. There are so much goods, the works of arts on display for sale everywhere you look. There are eateries of many kind to feast your eyes and get you hungry and what else Malaysian do. Makanlah!!!!.[enjoy eating]. Indeed a kaleidoscopes of the wonder of the arts works of those great artist that would always add color to our already colorful world. As I browse along, I took as many shots of those shops with their colorful display of goods, and am sharing those images with all to enjoy. Feel free to use it in your blogs if you like those images. As much as I had enjoyed taking those images, sharing it with all is a kind of happiness as well. Friends not everyone could made the visit there and I hope these images would give some ideas of what one could expect at the place we call the Central Market.

This Central Market has a history of its own, for it was once a wet market where they sell fish, meat and the vegetables and it was really a place that smell fishy. Now it is no more after an entrepreneur decided to turn his idea into reality and saved this historical building from been demolished. Well thanks to the farsightedness of that entrepreneur, we now have a great place we call the Pasar Seni or the Central Market, right in the heart of our city. I had a great time there and if you had not been there do try to make a visit. I am sure you would enjoy your visit to this arts centre of a sort. Have a nice day.