Thursday, October 31, 2013

Macerated Pineapple...

It about the tropical fruits the westerner call Pineapple , a plant of the Bromeliad family. It is call Nenas in Malay. The scientific name is Ananas comosus. The fruit is use for making juice, taken as it is and could even be cooked in curry. As for now I would like to share the way I like best to enjoy this exotic fruits. It is the Macerated Pineapple as seen in the image about. It is very easy to do. This is how it is done. After the skin is taken out cut the Pineapple into thin slices. Get a container bowl, sprinkle lavishly with sugar. Lay the thin pieces in the bowl. Then sprinkle more sugar on the sliced pineapple. Repeat the process, layer by layer until all the slices are in the bowl. Cover it and put in the fridge. It can be eaten in after about an hour in the fridge; the longer in the fridge the better. 

Have a nice day.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Our man in Blue...

These happen two weeks ago. At 10:30am that morning I went to the  Ampang Police Station to make a report of a lost document. On arrival at the station I enquire as to how to do a report since it is not always that one go to the Police Station. I was told by a Police Officer there to take a number at the counter. I went in and as I was about to take the number [since there was no one else] the Policewoman at the counter ask me just to sit down and did the report on her computer. In just 15 minutes the report with copies was done. She then took me to another room to get it stamped and pay the RM4.00[for two copies]. I thank her and went home happy that the service was not only courteous but fast too. I want to thanks the PDRM  for a job well done. 

Have a nice day.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Of the Bee and the Flower...

It was early morning. As usual at that early hour I was doing the daily chore in front of the house. Suddenly my spouse calls and said that a Bee got stuck at one of the flower that she had nurtured at the garden in the backyard. The Malay name this tiny flower of a creeper plant as Bunga Tongkeng [Tonkin Jasmine]. I told her it is all right; the Bee is sucking the nectar and would fly away soon. At the same time I thought that I should go and take a photo of that Bee in action. It is not always one get the opportunity to snap a picture of an insect enjoying its meals of nectar. I then put the Micro Lens to my Nikon and went to have a look. Sure enough there is a Bee with its head inside that tiny flower. 

I did not want to disturb it and just snap away as many images as possible using the Micro Lens. Later I touch the Bee but it does not seem to move like Bee does when disturbed. Maybe it was playing dead. I then took a small stick and try to dislodge it. Yes it really got stuck and could not get out of that tiny flower. Slowly and with care as not to hurt that creature I managed to dislodge it. It still a bit weak and did not fly away as would an active Bee does. I slowly put it down on a stick and saw it moving and starts kicking around. That means it still alive. Happy I left it there to regain its strength and fly away. 

Well folks, that is nature at its best.

Have a nice day.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A beautiful morning...

Woke up to a beautiful morning and heard the birds were chirping from branch to branch at the little garden in front of my patio. It was just after seven in the morning. The sun was up behind the house so the front of the house is still away from the morning sun-ray. As usual at these hours of the morning I would clean the front of the house and sweep the dry leaves and flowers that had litter the pavement near the garbage; it a daily ritual that I sweep the pavement the first thing in the morning. And on this gorgeous morning I notice the moon up above in between the white cirrus clouds. I stop sweeping and went up to take my camera and took the about image of the moon. Amazing isn’t; such a beautiful sight to wonder of that small planet nearest to home, our earth. Soon as the sun rise it would disappeared from sight. Not to lost that sight I took as many picture of it and sharing one here. 

And then I saw a group of birds on the power cable overhead enjoying it selves basking in the morning sun. I quickly adjust my camera and took a picture of it enjoying itself in the morning breeze. 

The scenes do make my day. Have a nice day as well folks.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Beautiful Sunday in October...

It was a beautiful Sunday morning in October. The sky was blue with patches of white clouds. After breakfast and doing the chore around the house I decided to go for a jog and do some photography at the nearby park; Taman Tasik Ampang. Packing my photography gear I drove the Honda to the Park. After parking the car at the parking lot took a slow walk while enjoying the fresh air. 

I dangle my camera and walk along the path in the park taking picture of the place at random. Then found a place to sit and continue to take some picture of the surrounding are. The weather and the sun were just right for a good photography. This morning there was not that many birds around and I could not get any picture of it. So I decided to do a little of macro photography. I change the lens to the Micro Lens that I had brought along and took some picture of ants. While in the midst of doing that I got bitten by the red ants that are all over the tree nearby. I quickly got rid of it. 

Then I saw a tiny insect crawling on my hand. I quickly got rid it and took a picture of it using the micro lens. After a while the sun overhead was getting hotter I then decides to move along. While walking I met a friend whom I had not met for such a long time. We shake hand and chat a while and then we move on. Got into my car and then drove back home happy with that short adventure of the day. 

Have a nice day.