Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sharing my thoughts....

Last Monday I received an email from a stranger; a foreign student from a local college who is in the process of collecting material for his Master's thesis. He request for a meeting and without wasting time I wrote back saying that I am willing to meet him any time since I am always free. Been a retiree time is always on my side thus I am always happy to give a helping hand to those in need especially to student. I give him my cell phone number and he call saying that he was happy with my respond and ask me when we could meet. I told him that I am free and we could meet any day. He request that if it is possible we meet on Wednesday. I told him it is all right with me and that we could meet at the Coffee Club at the Kinokuniya book store at KLCC [Petronas Twin Towers]; a favourite place of mine. We eventually agreed to meet on Wednesday at ten thirty in the morning. 

So just before ten in that beautiful Wednesday morning I drove the Honda to the parking lot of the KLCC and then went to have a drink and a snack before the meeting for I somehow knew that it's going to be a long session. While having my drink at the RASA food court I got an SMS from him saying that he is on the way and told me just to take it easy. I replied saying the same and continue with my morning snack and drink. After that I went for a walk to the book store nearby and browse along the many books. As I was mesmerized with the collections of new books there I got another SMS saying that he is already at the Coffee Club. So without much ado I proceed to the club and there for the first time met this young man, greeting me with a smile. We then move to find a table to sit and chat along; stranger no more. 

I love the Coffee Club at Kino because it is cosy and not that busy. WiFi is always available making surfing the Net easy. I always carry along my net-book so the WiFi make it easier to surf the Net and keep in touch with friends on Facebook. We then ordered some refreshment and continue to chat. There was so much to talk about and I share my thoughts freely on subjects that he wanted to know. He begins by showing me his university Identity-card and said that he is from Bandung, Indonesia. He did his first degree in Sydney Australia and now doing his Master program at the Taylor's college here in Petaling Jaya, Selangor. He wanted to do a thesis on the role of senior citizen in the society. That is why he had me in mind. He has read my blog and found that it contain wealth of information there and intrigue with the caption on the wall of my blog "I believe that strangers are friends that we have yet to meet”. Inspired by that he decided to meet me in person. So the meeting today is for him to gather more materials which would be the basis of his thesis. He told me that he has been living in Malaysia for some years already, working as well studying at the Taylor College. That young man is Sofyan Amin from the generation of my kids. There was so much to talk about and I share my thoughts freely on subjects that he wanted to know. As usual in a situation like this time passes by fast indeed and soon it was lunch time. I am getting hungry and I believe he is too. So we ordered some foods and continue to talk as we enjoy our meals. We end the meeting just after two in the afternoon with a promise to meet again. I did enjoy that meeting of the minds.

At this age I felt what better thing to do than to share my thoughts with the society. Thus I blog or give talk whenever I am invited to do so or to take part in discussion on Facebook or share it as in this meeting with this young student. In a way it is my way of giving back to the society. With a hope that in a small way it would benefit the society; making this world of ours a better place to live and enjoy life.

Have a nice day.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

A home in Kuantan...

Despite the daily rain in the afternoon Thursday November 8 was a sunny day. I  had planned to drive to Kuantan for a short break. My spouse is not coming and I decided to leave early and arrived in Kuantan before it rain there. At this time of the year the east coast is hit by the north-east monsoon; sort of our winter period. I wanted to experience that rain so it was the right time to go and enjoy the rain. I grew up in this town and always enjoy the coming of the monsoon where the weather is cooler than the other period of the year. Just after nine in the morning I drove the Honda at my own speed and about one and half-hour later arrived at the Temerloh rest area where I stop for a break and had a Nasi Lemak and a hot plain tea. After enjoying that refreshment and a short rest I proceed to Kuantan. The weather was on my side but I saw dark cloud far ahead. There were not that many cars on the road so it was pleasant to drive and enjoy watching the scenery passing by. The only thing I could not do is to take picture of the lush greens along the way. Anyway those greens were soothing to the eyes and create a rather refreshing environment.  As I was driving I got a call on my cell phone. I took the call and found that it is from the Vistana Hotel asking me about my arrival at the hotel. I told them that I am on the way and would be there just after noon. I drove on and eventually arrived at the front of the hotel and was welcome by the familiar and friendly staff of the hotel. I was told I could park my car at the parking space nearby. They took my luggage and I went to park my car and then went to the reception counter to check in. I ask for a non-smoking room and they say that it was not available as yet and would give me another room. If I am not satisfied once the non-smoking room is available they would change my room.  I then check in to the room and took my laptop to surf the net. Then I call the receptionist and told them is there is any room I would like to move. In less  than five minutes the receptionist call and said that there is a non-smoking room now available and they would come over to hand the Card Key so that I could move. I thank her and repack my bag and wait for the key. And in just a moment the doorbell chime and a receptionist hand me the new key to the room and told me that I could move any time and to inform them once I am in the new room. Without much ado I drag my bag and move to the room on the sixth floor. Got myself accustomed to the room and unpacked my bag and make myself at home in this home of mine in Kuantan. I always treat the Vistana Hotel as my home away from home. 

After posting a few notes on my Facebook I sat to enjoy my packed lunch. I had told Asmah to pack a lunch for me so that I do not have to go out for lunch and could rest after that drive from Kuala Lumpur. I always enjoyed home-cook meal. Make myself a cup of black coffee and enjoy that lunch. Then took a short rest and then surf the net again. After that took a short drive to Teluk Cempedak . During my school days the place was in pristine condition with clean and beautiful beach of golden sands. Often we would go to the beach on Friday after school and camp on the beach till the afternoon of Sunday when we all would leave for home. Teluk Cempedak in those days were an isolated place but now it is swamp with folks enjoying themselves swimming but for today with the monsoon wind and rain folks are not allow to swim since the current is swift and dangerous to swimmer. I parked my car under the tree there and went to have a look at the beach. There are many young sitting down along the beach and enjoy themselves in one way or the other.  I notice the once clear river outlet is now polluted and darkish in colour. It was indeed sad to see the once crystal clear river could no long be use. In those days when we went there to camp that river was our source of fresh water. I just browse along and decided to call it a day and went back to the hotel. Took a good rest and then had a nice shower before going out for dinner with my nephew.  Well folks that has been my day in  Kuantan that day in November.

Have a nice day.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Of UPSR and Adibah...

It was a beautiful Monday in November. The grand kids are enjoying their end of the year school holiday. Since their maid has going back to Indonesia there was no one at home after their Mon and dad has gone to work. So their parents would send them to our house and would pick them up again in the evening. I was out when they arrived this morning and when I got home I found Adibah was not there and ask where she has gone. I am told that she has followed her dad to school to collect her UPSR [Final examination in the Primary School] result. After a while she came back smiling and grandma asks here about the examination result and she said that she got 5 A. I congratulate her and give a big hug of happiness. So next year she would be in the Secondary school; a big girl now. Two of her elder sisters are already in college while her elder brother Anwar is now in Form Four. That means Anwar would be in Form V next year and would be sitting for her SPM [The final examination of the Secondary school] and the most important examination in our school system. After that would be college education. Little Azib the youngest among them would be in standard five next year. It looks like all the grand kids are doing great in their education and we are really happy about it. For grandma and I always believe their future is in getting a good education and glad that they are doing great. Image above shows Adibah receiving a certificate after the trial examination at her school recently.

Have a nice day.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


It the raining season again and I love the rain. From now till January next year the North East Monsoon hit the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Some of the rain would spill over the main-range and the Kelang Valley where I live would be raining as well.  I am from Kuantan a town on the east coast, the capital of the state of Pahang. I grew up there and always enjoy the coming of the rain during the monsoon season; it’s sort of our winter on the east coast. During that period it would rain cat and dog, at time with shower and lighting. The wind would be very strong along the coastal area and it is not advisable for the fisherman to go into the open sea to fish. At the same time the beaches became unsafe to swim. To us kids who grew up in the kampong during the forties the monsoon is always waited anxiously where we would play and bathe in the rain. The drain would be flooded but in those days where developments were not that large the flooded area would not be for long. In a way it is good for the land since flood water always bring with it nutrition for the plants thus kept the plants and the flora and fauna in abundant. The rain brought down the temperature where at time the coconut oils would solidify. Kids going to school at that time would have to wear sweater to keep warm. In those days there were no electricity and house does not have fan so it is during this period that the interior of the house became cold. One had to use thick blanket to sleep at that time. It was really nice to sleep when it rain. The rain always brought the smell of freshness and a cool environment unlike the other months when the temperature would be hot and humid. Yes I love the rain.
Have a nice day.