Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The energy of love...

I thought that for today I would just post this quotation. 'Let us spread the true energy of love throughout the world, a quote from the book 'Zahir' by Paulo Coelho.

We all should never ever think of evil or hatred. For it would not served us any good. First we should nurture the value of love among every members of our family. By doing that we would be able to be sure that our society would be a society of love as well. It is because of the lacking of love that we now see some social illness in our society. That do not in anyway do any good to the society. So let us together continue to spread love.

One small steps taken by every members of the family to spread love would be the beginning of a better society. Let made LOVE contagious. Spread it like wild fire and I am sure we would have a better world to live and enjoy life..Have a nice day.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Of love and kids....

After a really hectic days last week I thoughts that I should take its easy and just blog this. Well it start with a call from one of our grandchildren. The youngest, a boy still in the kindergarten call me and ask me to come over quickly. Than his elder sister who just start schooling took over the phone and told me to come as well. Atuk come quickly with a giggle. They were both sound excited and I heard their giggle and laugh on the phone. I told them that I would come in a while.

After a while I decided to go to their home, just two kilometer away and see what these two kids had in mind when they made that call. Nenek [grandma] is there already, she had gone there earlier. One entering the house, both the kids, all excited told me they have this box all warped up for me. It is a sort of a gift for me. It surprise me. It surely is not my birthday today or any special day that I could think of. Anyway I took the box and open it with both of them watching in an excited mood. I open the box and inside it is a Mug. Then both of them jump up and down with joy and happiness that only kids do. The Mug is special and unique in that it has a beautiful wording on it. The wording is " I love my Grandpa". Actually in that short seconds I just did not know what to say but felt that happiness and joy that is not that easy to explain. Its a real joy and it just sank into your heart right away. I really felt good at that moment in times. I hug both the grand kids and thanks them for the thoughts. What a great kids these grandchildren are.

It seem that they had follow their Mom and Dad to shop and saw this mug and told them to buy it as a gift to Atuk [grandpa]. What a thought these two had. It is so sweet of them to have thoughts of giving Atuk such a wonderful gift. Thanks Azib and Adibah for this gift, the Mug. They surely did made my day. A wonderful day indeed. That is love in its best form, making my life as colorful as ever. Have a nice day.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Of Aussie B.B.Q and the Media ppl....

The ingredients: An Australian Bar B Que, captained by a real life Aussie dundee, Journalists, Bloggers, other ppl of the media. Its makes a great recipe indeed. Put it together with sprinkles of juices made of hops, barley, red and green grapes, plus the pepper and salt. What do you get!!!. A concoction of a very juicy and vibrant evening like never before!!!!!.With Bloggers like Zorro, Rocky, Big Dog, Jeff, Ron, journalists from the Malaysian Newspaper, together with the yuppies of the media world, it sure is a guarantee of a very successful evening.

There was a large turnout of guess that night enjoying the foods and drinks, mingling and talking all night long. I am not that sure of what they are talking about but I know for sure that bloggers love to talk on every subjects under the sun. People of the other media are great at talking too. It is not only their bread and butter but their love of writing made them great journalists. To some bloggers, me included, it is the fun of sharing our thoughts with the world that make us blog. Well I believe the talk and chats among these party goer surely be the subjects of interest to both countries Australia and Malaysia. It sure are assets to both countries. Its the people to people relationship that makes a great diplomatic coup. It all start with good relationship and this party sure do.

Well, this all happen at an evening function last week. The happening is actually on Wednesday the sixteen of May, before the Blogger Nite on May nineteen. It happen like this. The Australian High Commissioner in Kuala Lumpur normally organise an annual Bar B. Que for the people of the media. This time a new High Commissioner has just arrived to take over as the representative of Australia in Kuala Lumpur. Her Excellency Penny Williams, the Australian High Commissioner to Malaysia decide to invite the people of the mass media to this Bar B Que at her resident, as a mean of entertaing as well as of getting to know them. This new Australian High Commissioner is the first lady to be the Australian Representative in Malaysia. This year party is different in that this time Bloggers were invited. Before this it was just the normal journalists from the media. Blogger at that time were really an unknown species in the world of mass media. Still in the invisible realm. Bloggers were there but as yet not seen or heard. But then when journalists turn blogger blog, the scenario soon changes. Its makes waves in the socio-political scene. Soon it got notice and here we are now at this night event. Thanks to the hospitality of Her Excellency the Australian High Commissioner, who saw the potential of Blogger in the world of diplomacy. Indeed a changing world.

We were greeted by Her Excellency the High Commissioner herself. I had a short chat with her and than met the others of the Australian diplomatic corp. When I was working with the government, function like this was normal but since I had retired and taking its easy, this function at the residency is indeed a sort of a revival for me. I thought the party atmosphere has change but from the look of it, it is still the same, with that diplomatic and friendship atmosphere that only happen at such events. So when journalists, Bloggers and diplomats meet, you are sure of getting an atmosphere of joy and harmony that only party like this could do. At the same time it create an atmosphere of a sincere exchanges of thoughts. Which I believe would be useful for the diplomatic relationship of both countries, Australia and Malaysia.

Like all good party it vibrate till almost midnight. One thing that I should mention here is that the Bar B Que that night was superb. Well done, prepared by one of the High Commission diplomat, all dress up in that special Australian outfit that we see in that famous movie 'the Crocodile Dundee'. Thanks mate, the grills was bloody good.

So with greetings of thanks to Her Excellency, we left the party, happy in that it had made our day. Thanks Madam High Commissioner for the opportunity to be there on that lovely evening. Good die to die mate.

Monday, May 21, 2007

A Blogger Evening, May 19...

Well, it was indeed a great evening in Subang Jaya. I did enjoy it and hope that there would be other such event in the future where bloggers could meet and exchange thoughts and of course enjoy themselves. The turnout was great, bloggers from all over the country came and by seven in the evening the hall was packed. Pak Desiderata, a veteran blogger like me, took the chair and start the evening with talks by various personalities that was invited. The talk mostly focus on the roles of blogging in Malaysia and free speech. After the interaction from the floor the event move toward the dinner made of great Malaysia spreads,with roast lamb as an extra. I did enjoy the food and that roast lamb.

It was indeed an interesting evening, for most of us we were meeting strangers that we only knew in cybersphere and not as yet in the real world. Now it was the time to put the faces to those cyberpals that we already knew. I went around to meet as many of bloggers that I could and over the course of the evening got to know the real person behind the blogs. And among the many I shall mention a few here. The first person I met is a charming young lady near the registration desk. A blogger known as Politikus. Yes, I thought all the time that Politikus is a man but I was dead wrong. It is a She. Actually when we met she already guessed who am I. And ask me whether I am Pak Idrus. Than I met Desiderata, whom I have spoken on the phone before. I than met Howsy the organiser of this evening event, whom I thoughts to be a much older person but it turn out to be a rather young chap. Thanks to him and Pak Desi who chair the evening event, we bloggers got to meet each other, at this wonderful evening in an atmosphere of friendship. Friendship been the culture of Blogger, the evening was indeed colorful and dynamic.

Of course I met all those famous and known bloggers and this time I got to meet with non other than Marina Mahathir, the daughter of our former Prime Minister, Tun Dr.Mahathir. Had a chat with her and ask her how is her dad now [TDM is at present in hospital]. She said that He is alright and is in his usual self.

Since I am not that familiar of the venue of the event in Subang Jaya, I decided to go together with Pok ku another veteran blogger. Pok ku with his big camera had a field day of taking photos and you can see some of the scenes of the event in his blog here.

Personally to me the event was a success. This is the second such meeting of bloggers. The first one was organised by the people of Project Petaling Street some years ago. Well, got to go for now. Have a nice day and take care.

Friday, May 18, 2007

An image..one of a kind...

Well, Actually I am not that sure of what to post today. After taking a look at all those images that I snapped that evening, I found this one. A one of its kind. That of a known personal in the mass media world of this country. He need no introduction, a blogger that I came to know recently. First at the launching of a friend's book at KLCC and then met him again at the Valentine Willey at Bangsar where he sat puffing trying to get his breath again after climbing the steps that we all had taken to get to that venue. And at a recent evening at a gathering I met him again sitting beside a charming young lady with his usual self, talking and throwing jokes that makes us all laugh. A great kid to have around. I believe I am allow to call him kid, for he is from the generation of my children. He is one of those new breed of journalist hungry for news, who roam the real world and cybersphere like never before. A bright chap, articulate and a pleasant personal to have around.

The about image shows him, I believe in his best element. During that evening we all passes many times this cosy part of the resident but not many takes a second look. By itself this space was just a cosy space, just nice to look. But at that moment in time when I was about to leave I saw him sitting there, the atmosphere of that space soon vibrate and transformed into some thing greater than the space itself. It actually became alive. Him sitting there give a new dimension to the already cosy space. All of a sudden this space became something else. It lighten up and I thought that indeed he sitting there in that pose made a great picture indeed. Had it been another person it would not be so. Without much thinking I took the snap and Voila!! it came out great. At least I think so......Have a nice day

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Coffee again...

Yes! I am talking about coffee again. I did a piece on coffee sometime ago and today while sipping a cuppa, I thought that I should write more about this amazing drink. The other day when I was with some friends at Starbucks and then later at the Bistro Alexis, we all had coffee, black steamy coffee. We all seem to enjoy drinking this black drink that comes from a red berry [the outer layer of the coffee berry]. Well even when I am at another cafe that we frequent, my spouse and me would also have coffee. At Strudel the coffee is served in a cup and it taste great, a distinctly different taste from that of the Sturbucks. Well that is coffee. I love coffee.

I believe I got the first taste of coffee when I was growing up in a Kampong [village] where the morning drink is surely coffee. In fact we had a few coffee bushes near our house. When the berries are ripe, it turn dark red. We as kids would pick the ripen one and eat the outer part of the berry. It taste a bit sweet. Not that sweet but just nice to suck and enjoy it.

Coffee berries are collected when it is ripe and then the skin are peeled. The nuts are then dried under the sun, which sometime takes days to really get dried. These coffee nuts are roasted in large wok. In the villages it is actually not roasted as in an oven but it is fried in a wok. Then it is grounded, thus the coffee we get to drink when hot water is used to make that black liquid that we so enjoyed. Have a nice day.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

A special Sunday...Just Think..

Well, it is Sunday again with bright sun. We need the rains now but as yet to comes. Anyway lets enjoy this Sunday. It is Mother's Day here and I wish them all a Happy and Prosperous Mother's Day. May they all have a great time always. It is also the Thirteen of May. An infamous day in our history. A day that changed the direction of the country. So let us not lament about it but instead let move forward toward making a brighter future for all Malaysian.

I sat here in front of the TV watching a program about Bhutan. A beautiful country indeed. In the hearts of the Himalaya. The programme is about an angler who when in search of trout in the Himalaya. On this hot Sunday morning it is nice to watch such cool scenes of those magnificent sights on the top of the world. Beautiful running streams, green hills and mountain with blue sky and patches of white clouds. Seeing those clean running streams and rivers bring me back memories of the days of my childhood in Kuantan of the forties and the fifties. Where the river and streams were clean with crystal clear water. As a child growing up in those great days, we would go out to the countryside to camp for the weekend. Most of the time near a riverside or beside a beach. Sometime at the beach there are small streams that flows toward the sea. Its water is crystal clear and clean. We just use this water for cooking and of course to wash ourselves. There was no pollution than and we need not worry of drinking water direct from the streams and rivers. It was great then and now it is no more. Most of the river has been populated and unsafe for drinking unless one filtered it.

It is real nice to watch those scenes in faraway Bhutan. Oh! How I long to get back to the days of the forties and see those clean streams again like what I am now seeing on my TV. I still dream of getting our streams and rivers back like it was before. I am sure with the sciences and technologies we could find ways and means to nurture our waterways to its once glorious days. Clean and crystal clear water of our rivers and streams. Our southern neighbour once had a very dirty river running in that city state. It has been cleaned and now back like before again with fishes and clean water all the year round. If countries in Europe and that of our southern neighbour could do it I see no reasons why we could not do that as well.

Water is the source of life and it is our streams and rivers that stored these precious resources. I think that our government should take a serious look at these problems. Perhaps setting up a special institution to just handle our water resources would help to give this aspect of our environment a special attention. Why not set up a Department of Water and Environment in every states to handle this very important aspect of our living condition. It is time we focus on this issue that is staring in front of us. Before it is too late...Why not!!! Have a nice day and take care.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Happy Mother's day...

Tomorrow is Mother's Day. So Happy Mother's Day to all those great Moms. The most honourable job on the surface of the earth is that of the Mom or the Homemaker. One of those job that is not easy, yet took for granted by the many. To me Mom is indeed the greatest profession. For without the professional touch of those great Mom, we would not be here today and would not be what we are now. Thanks Mom for a great job well done. You are no longer with us but I shall remember you for eternity. To all the other Moms out there including my spouse who is a Nenek [grandma] now, our eldest daughter who have five kids of her own, a great thanks you and Happy Mother's Day.

A sticker at our fridge has this words that I felt is appropriate to post it here today " Mothers hold their children's hands a while and their hearts forever ".. Have a nice day.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

The other side of the globe...

Well, for a change here are two blogs that I often visit. One a Malaysian living in Boston and the other is an American in Oklahoma. As we all know to well it is on the other side of the globe, so when it is morning here it is evening in that part of the world. Both give interesting posting and most of the time it lighten up my days. Have a nice day.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


My God! It is really hot here in Ampang Jaya. I am not sure about your place but here in Ampang Jaya where I live the temperature has risen dramatically. And without rains in sight living has been very uncomfortable even in an air condition rooms.

When we move here in the early seventies this place was real special, where the temperature in the morning sometime drop to below twenty five degree Celsius. One had to put on sweater to keep warm outside the house. But now something has definitely gone wrong. I believe it is because of the various developments in the vicinity of the area. Where there was only one Housing Garden that of Ampang Jaya, now there are hundred of housing estate and high rising apartments. More are been built. As such the population density has grown up many folds. Even the hill near Taman Tun Razak has been flatten to makes way for a new housing enclave for the rich.

The MPAJ [Local municipal] has been planting trees along the roads but it look like it has no effect. But what can we do except to protest from time to time but as usual new building are been built even as I write this. A friend, a neighbour quip that it is global warming. Maybe so but here I believe it is of our doing and no fault of the weather.

Anyway to cheer up the day I have posted up the above images of orchids that blooms in our little garden. My spouse had nurtured it tenderly and it has in return lighten up our life. Since we obviously cannot do much about the weather, at least we could help to take care of the environment around our home by planting trees and plants. Well I hope it would not be long before the rains comes again and bring the temperature down to normal. I hope!!.. That was yesterday and all the week long. Well a little rain did come this morning and has stop since. It still Hot...Anway do have a nice day.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Of Me, Blogging and the Star....

Well it look like blogging is in the news again. The Star, a Malaysian mainstream newspaper today highlights the role of blogging by the seniors in the Malaysian blogging world. This well articulate article by Indramalar is on page 2 and 3 of the StarTwo section of the newspaper. It touches on the roles of Wired Seniors in the Malaysian blogging scene. As one of the blogger interviewed for the article I say Thank You to those at the Star for highlighting Blogging. Especially so in giving me the opportunity to share my views on blogging. For I truly believe that Blogging is here to stay and a valuable tool for the development of democracy in this country. Indeed a godsend tool for writers who are otherwise would not have the opportunity to share their thoughts, like now in blogging.

To all Malaysian I urge that you all blog and share your thoughts with fellow Malaysian. In a democracy everyone input are important ingredients for the recipe of making a successful Malaysia. In doing so we would continue to make this country of ours a better place to live and enjoy life. Have a nice day.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Of Blogging and free press...

Yes. It is a new tool. Yes it worried the authority, Yes it is a godsend tool for democracy. But like any tool it would be useless if we Malaysian do not use it. As I had said often that never before in our history that we could share our thoughts with our fellow citizen and the world as easy and fast until blogging came our way. So do blog and at the same time be responsible with what you blog. The correct and update information are very important for the healthy development of our society. Remember that blogging add contents to the Internet, thus it add knowledge for the masses. These two blogs have many things to say, so do follow their posting here and here and get updated with the happening in the Malaysian blogging scene. And this! as well. Have a nice day.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Nostalgics...Terkenang ke kampong ....

Terkenang ke kampong means nostalgics to your hometown or village. Kampong is a Malay word to mean village. In those days most Malay live in the rural area thus the kampong. Now every Malaysian would say Balik Kampong if there are going back to the place of their parents, even if the place is in the city. So when our grandchildren would say that they are going to balik kampong, that mean they are coming to our house other than their dad parent's house. That is special for Malaysian of all ethnic group that makes the Malaysian society.

I grew up in the forties and live in a Kampong. Our house is a typical Malay house. A wooden house raised from the ground. It is just a storey building but raised above the ground. Under the house sometime unused things are kept, otherwise it is hardly used. The reason is that it is not that high and one had to bend down to go about under the house. It has no particular purpose at all except to raised the house above ground. Everything including the kitchen is on the house. In a simple Malay house there is a serambi or the patio on the front, the centre of the house and then the kitchen at the back. There are no special room for sleeping. Divider made of cloths are use to separate space like a room. It is a simple yet functional house for a family. It is completely made of wood and it is cool and there is no need for fans to keep the house cool all the time. In the early days the roof is made of nipah leaves and this actually kept the house cool all the year round.

One particular aspect of a Malay house that I like most is the serambi or the patio. It is a space outside the main area of the house and it is a place where guests are entertained and also act as a space for the young to bring their friends to chat. In today's home they have left this out and one no longer see the serambi. Sad indeed. The space that would served as an out area, for friends to come and sit to chat is no longer felt to be important by present architects. I love this space and decided to built one at our house in Ampang Jaya.

The images you see about is the serambi of our home. I designed it and got a friendly contractor to built it. Some of the woodwork I did it myself since woodwork is one of my hobby. It was a dream that came true to me to see the serambi back at my home. Indeed it is place where most of my friends would love to sit and chat while been served with drinks and cakes. A hospitality that is part of the Malay culture. Or I would just take times to sit and enjoy this serene part at the front of our home in the evening or early morning. Once a couple on their first visit to our home describe it a a truly kampong house. How delighted. The house do give that impression, a typical kampong house. Well we have to try to bring back some of the tradition that once was part of us. To me it is still part of us and my home is now a place to relax in the atmosphere of a kampong and yet it is just five minutes away from the modern city structure, the Petronas Twin Towers [KLCC]. Have a nice day.