Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Merdeka, Merdeka, Merdeka...... That is the shout of Freedom on Independent Day... In a single word Merdeka mean Independence.... Today the thirty first of August two zero zero four we celebrate the forty seventh year of Malaysia Independent.... It was on the thirty first of August in nineteen fifty seven that Malaya now Malaysian gain it independence for the colonial rule.... The country was colonized for almost five hundred years, starting from fifteen eleven what the Portuguese invaded Malacca... Last night at the stroke of mid night thousand throng the Merdeka Square or the Freedom Square to watch the clock tick at midnight to welcome the thirty first of august and at the stroke of midnight, all those thousand shout Merdeka, Merdeka, Merdeka, for at this site at the Merdeka Square forty seven years ago the Union Jack was lower down for good and the Malaysian Flag was raised and today a large Malaysian Flag proudly fly above a tall pole at this square......And in Kuantan, the east coast town of Pahang, the official Merdeka celebration took place with pomp and splendor, watch by the King and the Malaysian Cabinet members lead by the Prime Minister and thousand of the Malaysian public.....The picture shows the King and the Prime Minister at this year celebration...... Posted by Hello

Friday, August 27, 2004

Well my Streamyx is back after a twenty four hours down.....Thanks to those good people at TM.net for getting it working again...... Since surfing the net has became a sorts of ritual to me, not able to surf it for a while, is just like loosing a means of communication.....It is like that with technology when it is out you felt the lost and you always expect it always works all the time, although we all know too well that technology like us human do sometime have problem keeping up with the daily ritual, thus its stop to work for a while.... Like the cell phone, the internet has become a part of my daily life.....It is getting to be an extension of oneself....You just felt incomplete without it.......Well my friends that is life in today's world.....Imaging a day with out the TV..... You would just get lost for a while and life would be haywire......So do not take for granted all those gadgets that we have at home....It has now became a part of our life, you would only realized when it is not working.... And you felt frustrated.....It is like that, so take it easy.... As long as the service at the provider is good, then we need not worry, like TM.net the provider of Streamyx.....So far their service has been good......Keep it us guys, you are doing great......In the spirit of Malaysia Boleh [ Malaysia can do it}.... Have a nice day.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

What a day....My Streamyx or the broadband system that is call here is down and up till this afternoon it is still out of order..... I have to resort to using my dial up system to get to this blogging....Well it is always great to get an alternative way to surf the net.... The old way of the dial up.... I tried to get my broadband going but was not successful,so I call up those good people at Streamyx and theyadvise me to try disconnect my router and us the moden direct... I tried their advise but it still do not seem to work.... After taking their advise and talking to three personal at Streamyx, a young lady tried to guide me to get the Streamyx going, but again it do not seem to work....So she put up a report for me and say that it would be attended to and ask me what else she could help.... I told her thanks and reply that what I need most now is my Streamyx working as usual again.....With that I thanks her again and she say that action would be take to get my Streamyx working again...... Well at least the quick respond from TM.net was good and that I got all the service and am waiting to get my Streamyx on again..... Well life is like that, so is with technology.....Sometime it refused to work and I guessed that is why they had those people at TM.net to take care of such things...... Lucky for me I still had my dial up service....So here I goes back to the old way of surfing the net ....The dial up way.....But it is not the same for it is a bit slow the broadband....but for now I have no complain, at least I am able to surf the net as usual.....Life has to go on and that is the way it is.......

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

While in Kelantan recently on our travel to the east coast , we visited this market place, a unique one in that the retailer are al women..., Malay women ...And it has been like this since time immemorial... For in this part of the country, Kelantan women have always played an important role in the economic field especially in retail business.... In fact at one time in its history this states was once rule by a women Ruler call Che Siti Wan Kembang This state is rich in tradition and boast of many artisans and craftsman that create beautiful pieces of work of arts in woods, silver and of course textile that is known as batik.... All these goods are on sale at this market places.... A browse through it would delight any visitor for its color and varieties that could only be found in this market place.....Picture shows Malay ladies selling goods at the Central Market in Kota Bahru, Kelantan Posted by Hello

Monday, August 23, 2004

To know more about Langkawi, di read this link

Saturday, August 21, 2004

I was on holiday....So I took off from blogging..... I just want to be free so I did not bring my laptop along...But with the availability of internet access at all hotels now...It is just too difficult to turn away from the internet.... It is now easy to surf the net from time to time....To get the latest of the email and other news....So for once I just let the internet away from me for a few days and free myself and enjoy my holiday..... In Langkawi.., an island north of Penang, an island once only few fishermen live and wild life roam the island and eagles in large numbers fly freely in the clear blue sky...Enjoying the freedom without the human interference, thus the island is name Langkawi [Lang in Malay means Eagle and Kawi is the red colored rock found on the island]..... This Island Langkawi, once known only for its legend of Mashuri, was soon developed on the vision the former Prime Minister Dr.Mahathir Mohammad.....Today it is no longer a fishing village but has thrive to become a holiday resort with all the facilities comparable with any other major holiday resorts in the other parts of the world...It is today a holiday resort of a kind where one could enjoy a holiday with a difference, just like a sorts of a get lost holiday on a tropical island....There are ninety nine islands and almost all are still in its original form, with tropical forest and sandy beaches, surrounded by clear blue sea, ideal for a great swim and snorkel dive....We decided Langkawi for our getaway holiday this time for a change.... I decided to drive all the way for a holiday to Langkawi instead flying there, since this island is just a few kilometer away from the main North South Highway where a ferry service provide regular shuttle from the mainland, Kuala Kedah to Kuah in Langkawi..... So driving would be a pleasure on this North South highway....where there are many R & R along the way, that we could stop to rest, refresh ourselves and have our meals.....It was Sunday, the day was bright with clear blue sky.... I had check the weather a day earlier on the internet and it says that the weather all the way up to Penang would be fine and then in the evening there would rain or thunderstorm....We left the house at just past nine in the morning and took the Highway at just off the Ipoh road, and after going through the toll plaza at Damansara, we proceed on toward the north..... With such fine weather driving on this Sunday morning was enjoyable all the way, after a few stop for refreshment and then lunch, we arrived at Butterworth just after two and the weather soon became gloomy and then there were thunderstorm and strong wind and since it is dangerous to drive on such a condition I made a stop at rest site for a while for the rain to subside....... After stopping awhile I drove on and arrived at the Kuala Kedah Jetty around three and then board the Ferry at three thirty..... The Ferry journey to Kuah in Langkawi took about one and a half hours......... On arrival at Kuah, the landing jetty for Langkawi we were greeted by a huge Eagle, the mystic mascot of Langkawi.......Oh! What a Welcome for the first timer..... Great!!.... A great sight indeed........ Posted by Hello

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Hi there, I am back, being a way for awhile to get out of the monotony of the daily life..... For those that visit my site, thanks and hope that you would visit it again.... I took a holiday for our family and off we went to the enchanting island of Langkawi.... A great place to be for a relaxing holiday out of the hassle of the city life..... Would write more about this episode of my life..... Have a nice day.

Thursday, August 12, 2004

This is the R & R Temerloh, just after the bridge, on the newly open Kuala Lumpur- Kuantan Highway....We make a stop at this place to look around, the public amenities are open to the public but the eating places are yet to open.... Posted by Hello

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Today the eleven of August nineteen zero zero four, the new Highway from Kuala Lumpur to Kuantan is now open to the public.... It was declared open by the Sultan of the State of Pahang on the first of August..... So I decide to take a drive on this new road..... We left at nine in the morning and head for Bentong, on the way, where we visit a sick relative and then proceed to Kuantan using the new highway...... The morning was cool with clear blue sky, just before reaching Karak we enter the new stretch of the Highway..... It look great so I drive on not know what to expect along this new road.... In the past traveling from Kuala Lumpur to Kuantan on the east coast, with my kind of driving it would take four and a half or five hours one way.....So with the new dual tracks highway it would surely take a shorter time to travel..... I travel on and found the road all along were well constructed, with many rest areas being construct at an interval of thirty kilometers, so it would be a great place to stop and freshen up.... Among the many rest areas, there are two R & R, one at the new bridge called the Temerloh R & R and another at Gambang just on the outskirts of Kuantan..... After about two and a half hours of driving we arrived at Kuantan..... What a relief, it actually cut the traveling time to half.... I was driving at the maximum speed of one hundred and ten per kilometer, trying to keep at the speed limit accorded..... And it look like that others that drove faster, could makes to Kuantan is just two hours or so...... Great it look like driving to Kuantan has became a pleasure, unlike before it was just a journey to get from point A to point B and could not enjoy the trip.... I had waited all the years from my childhood to this age and now after forty seven years of independence, the road was completed and I am glad that I had that opportunity to drive on this highway from Kuala Lumpur to my hometown Kuantan, with pleasure and enjoying the trip....... Well.... My spouse and me did makes history.....For we at last had that opportunity to travel on this new highway during our golden age...... We spend the night at Kuantan, met some friends and relatives and the back to Kuala Lumpur the next day is just two and half hours, fresh and enjoyable...... The picture below is the entrance to the bridge across the Pahang river and just near this crossing are the R & R on both side of the roads, that provides amenities for freshen up and to enjoy a break for coffee/tea, lunch or dinner en route to KL or Kuantan..... What a way to travel now....... Yet another dream comes true for us, in our golden age..... Thanks to the authority for the great job of building this new highway for the Malaysian public....... Posted by Hello

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

A trishaw seen in the street of China town in Kuala Terengganu, one of the oldest mode of transportation, now still in use as taxi in most towns on the east coast from Kuantan to Kuala Terengganu to Kota Bahru in Kelantan.....It is still the best mode of transport to see a city in action as it move slowly in small lane and it give one ample of time to admire and enjoy the scene.... Try it the next time you see one of this...It would be an experiences that you would never forget... Seeing one of this trishaw is a sorts of a glimpse of the past....but it still exist to this days and era.....For us to enjoy traveling like they did in the bygone era...... Posted by Hello

Monday, August 09, 2004

It was Friday and as usual I went to the Friday prayer congregation at the local mosque, after prayer I sat down to meet old friends and then chat a while..,while waiting for the traffic to ease, so as not to get caught in the traffics jam..... When three thousand people attend this weekly prayer at the local mosque, traffic jam is a common phenomena after the prayer... It usually take about half an hour to get it cleared..., for those people to get back to their offices or to go wherever they are heading to... And as I had nothing to rush....I usually linger on and wait for the traffics to subside and then take my time to get home..... In the mean time.. That is where we would sit at the mosque to chat and pass the time away...... When the traffic are cleared.... I decided to get to my car and drive home... And as I step to get out....On looking I found that my slipper are not there and looking on I saw in it place another one identical to mine,it look new but smaller in size.... I tried and found that it is definitely not mine..... As usual when entering the mosque we leave all our footwear, like shoes or slippers outside and enter the mosque barefooted,.. So at the entrance there would be thousand of footwear left and as people leave the mosque after prayer, they would put on their shoe or slipper and normally nothing is left behind.... Most of the time people used slipper to go to the mosque as it is much suitable for such occasion, easy to wear and take out...... On this day.... I found mine missing and there is an identical one left behind which I know for sure that it is not mine...... So I decided to get to my car barefooted and a friend notice that and ask me Why..... I just told him that someone had taken my slipper and that it is alright, most probably the person has mistakenly wear it without knowing it is his, it sometime happen..... I believe that once the person realized that it is not his, he would returned it the next time he comes to the mosque...... So I left the mosque barefooted and drive home and on arrival told my spouse that I came home barefooted... As usual she say not too worry...It would be returned.... Well that is that and things happen.. So not to worry.... And soon I forgot about this incident and a few days ago I went to the mosque to do the magrib prayer and as usual wear a slipper, another one that I had.....On arrival at the entrance of the mosque I saw my 'lost' slipper..... left behind by whoever that had used it before... Well I am happy that I got my slipper back... Well my friends that is life, if it is not yours and you found another that is almost the same, do not take it, leave it behind and take it easy.... In this case the person that took and wear my slipper realized that it is a mistake and returned it to the place where he had taken it before.... So here I found it back and indeed happy about it.... Well.. Human value my friends what makes us Human..... So just be human, we sometime makes simple mistake.... Maybe without realizing it.... So after this magrib prayer, I took the 'lost' slipper home..... Happy that I found it back and thanks the whoever that had taken it by mistake...... It is not that expensive but then it is still mine....... That is life....Life is like that.... Take it easy......

Sunday, August 08, 2004

It is early morning, you wake up from your sleep, you lay awake for some moments, your mind while away with memories of the past events, you play around the memories in you mind, you smile and you think hard.... then as the events unfold, some of the images are clear whereas others are fades, but then it is all your memories of the past.... You continue to flirts around those memories that are colorful and beautiful, at time you wish you could redo the same scene again and enjoy that moment in times, but you just could not do it for it is just an image in your memory bank.....You are awake....You look to the ceiling, you look at your spouse who is still sleeping, you sometime wonder whether she is dreaming in that deep sleep in this early hours.... You could not go to sleep and dawn is approaching and in a distance you hear a cock crows.....Or was it just pure the pigment of your imagination..... Yes if you live in the rural area you could still hear those cock crows but then you live in the city, there are now no cock around that you know of, perhaps someone did keep some cock and hen for pets, you can never tell what people keeps for pets nowadays..... Well that is life and as you lay there day dream of something interesting or you flirts in your mind of some exciting moments that you had sometime ago..... You smile and wish that all those great time would just became a reality again, but then it is not possible in our time..... You raised up and walk like zombie to the bathroom, just like a programmed robot you pick the toothbrush, squeeze some toothpaste on it and the start the ritual of brushing your teeth...... You have done these thousand time and it has became second nature to you... You walk to the shower and turn on the warm shower and enjoy the bath.... And you keep day dreaming again while you shower........ Satisfied with the shower you dry yourself up with a fresh towel and put up the basic dress and out to the kitchen to makes your breakfast...... As for me I makes my own breakfast all the time.... A cup of steaming black coffee, a glass of cold Ensure drink and two eggs either fried sunny side up or just half cook.... I found an easy way to do this half cooked eggs by using the microwave oven....Two eggs done just right in mere thirty five seconds..... It perfect to my licking all the time and I love it and that my dear friends is my daily breakfast.... Simple and I did it my way and enjoy the ritual of making this simple breakfast.......Well that is the way it is and that is how my day begin.... Of course as usual my spouse is already there having her breakfast.....We chat and enjoy the morning and then off to do whatever that had to be done to get the home in order..... The ritual goes into action just like clock works..... The beginning of another wonderful day in our life.......

Saturday, August 07, 2004

The entrance of the great traditional palace of the Sultan of Terengganu, a magnificent building in the heart of the city of Kuala Terengganu. Posted by Hello

Friday, August 06, 2004

Continuing our holiday on the east coast.....Now in Kuala Terengganu, a coastal city facing the China Sea.... The next day we decided to do some shopping, there are great Songket The traditional sarong, a sort of a brocade that are hand woven, the one made in this part of the country by the women folks are among the best, it is made using cotton or silk thread interwoven with gold or silver thread....It has be made in the part of the world for thousand of years and the technique of woven is still the same as it has been since time immemorial.... We decided to visit the shop near the Central Market and sure enough there are many Songket in traditional and contemporary design..... We decided to buy a few of the combination of the traditional clothing that are available at this shop, this includes the songket, sarong made of silk and some batik...... One had to be careful when looking for the genuine songket, for songket are now made in other countries by machine and as such are not the same as the one made by hand, it might look the same but if one look closer one would notice the differences....The best place to buy songket if you happen to be in this part of the world is in Terengganu or if you are in Kuala Lumpur the Wisma Yakin in Kuala Lumpur is another place that you could get the genuine one.... Since we are near the old palace of the Sultan of Terengganu, we decided to take a few snap of this great traditional building and then off we proceed to the next distination of our journey on the east coast....Kelantan... To know more about songket read on ... Songket

Thursday, August 05, 2004

What a life... A day ago I received an email from our foster daughter in Italy, saying that she and her husband would be visiting their relative in London.... What a way to live.... They would be coming over to Malaysia come this November and it would indeed be a wonderful day for all of us, to gather together in this wonderful country of ours.... And yesterday I received another mail, this time from a pal that live in London and he is also is planning to make his regular visit to Malaysia and also in November.... The middle of November this year would be the month of Aidil Fitri, a festival after the month of Ramadan...... We would normally organized an open house to welcome guests for the Aidil Fitri Festival and it would be great when our foster child and our friend from the UK would be attending it together..... I hope that they would really make it this time, come this November and surely it would be a great party for all...... The weekend as usual is approaching and now in my golden year, the days passes very fast indeed, just a week ago I was wondering around the east coast, traveling from one city to another, all along the east coast and it look like it was just yesterday but in actually fact it has been almost two weeks already..... Well that is life and if you enjoy it to the fullest....The time pass by fast and before you think of it, it is yet another new week..... The weather during this weeks have been great, with clear blue sky all day and as usually in the tropic, it may rain as well from time to time, but not that bad.... It is good to get the rain during a hot weather for it helps to water the plants and the lawn and it as well cool the day for us to enjoy...... A clear blue sky in the tropic does not mean that it would not rain, the cloud could just change and there you are.... It rain, maybe for a short while and then it stop and then you would have clear blue sky again.....But then when this kind of rain happen, the air would be humid and living indoor would be just be uncomfortable....Well with the fans and the air condition, it help to cool you down for the day... My friends that is life in the tropic......You can never tell.... The weather.....That is the way of nature and life goes on......As usual.....

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Continuing our journey to the east coast... Well.. we arrived at Kuala terengganu just after two in the afternoon and immediately look for a place to stay a night here..... As I approach the centre of the city, I saw the Sri Malaysia Hotel, so without much a do we book in a family room that could accommodate three adult..... As soon as we settled in my wife and our daughter decided to roam the city on their own, for they knew this city well as we had at one time live and work in this city of Kuala Terengganu.... I was then a Director of the local branch of the Federal Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports...... We live here for a year or so and then I got transferred back to the Ministry in Kuala Lumpur... During the period I served this state, I had the opportunity to visit many rural area of the state, which in nineteen eighty four was not as developed as now..... I took a short rest and then went out to take some snap of the local scene for my collections of images to store in my computer for later use..., One of the interesting things about a digital camera is that one could see the images immediately and that makes lots of difference for if it is not a good photo, then one could take another of the same images.... Well that what technology has done to enhance our life...Making it more interesting day by day... I look at the images that I just took and were satisfied with the result and then went to look for the spouse and our daughter.....Here again the cell phone became handy....By a touch of a button I was able to trace of their where about and then with the information, met them at the Central market.... It would not be possible in the past to communicate this way, especially when one are mobil and had no access to telephone, even with the fixed telephone, only one way communication could be done, that is from outside to the hotel, this mean that I had to wait at the hotel for the phone.... Using cell phone solved all this problems... Since the cell phone are always with the person and could be contact all the time and at any places... Wonderful is it not this tool of communication!!... The Cell Phone... So I just do not have to worry where my other parts are at a given time.... If need be I just make a contact via my cell phone and once in communication, the rest is easy... So with the cell phone there are no excuses of not been able to contact each other, the cell phone is so versatile in that if you could not get communication by voice, you could just send a SMS and your message would arrived in just a mater of seconds and if both fail you could just send a message to the mail box which would alert the receiver that a message is waiting for him or her.... With the cell phone life became simple because one could communicate fast and with ease... For us who are used to the cell phone, it is just difficult to leave home with out it.... In Malaysia today almost everyone have cell phone, so Malaysian are all connected.... What a life.... Thanks to the technology... Distance no longer became a problem to communicate.... The cell phone solved it all.... What a way to live and enjoy life, the achievement of science and technology makes all these happening for us to enjoy and improve our quality of life and a live a life style of its own...a new culture in the making... Back to our adventure in the city of Kuala Terengganu.... I wonder to the little China Town of this city, it look like it is no longer active like before, perhaps the young have left town and only the old folks are left in this little town.... The new township has sprang up at other places and left this place to a world of its own, just for the tourist to wonder and find some piece of history... In a matter of minutes I met my spouse and our daughter and we then continue to walk around this part of the city and then proceed back to our hotel for a rest.....

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Before I proceed on the story of my journey to the east coast, let me bring in some interesting events and happening at the KLCC recently..... The shopping mall at the KLCC is one of the most successful retail shopping in the country.... Thousand throng through it everyday and business are booming and for that reasons the retail shopping spaces are being expended to cater for more shops.....It is one of the success story of retail business.. A paradise for shopper of all ages and this includes foreigners that visit Kuala Lumpur as well..... The landmark building, the world's tallest, KLCC or the Petronas twin towers somehow attract the attention of the many that visit it everyday.....So as usual we went shopping at the KLCC yesterday and to our surprise we saw the President of Zimbabwe.. Robert Mugabe makes his appearance there, perhaps doing some shopping there.. He was walking at the concourse surrounded by many people, all dress in dark suit, I guess they are his bodyguards......I had seen him on TV before but today I saw him in real life, what a great day for me to see such a know political leader of an African country, Zimbabwe... It seem that he had come over to Malaysia to attend the Langkawi International Dialogue, a forum where politicians and business leaders from all over the world attend to discuss common issue and exchange ideas for the common cause..... Another interesting happening here is that we saw more and more Arabs with their families doing their shopping at the mall... It look like that more and more Arabs are coming over to Malaysian for Holiday.... In the past they would have their holiday and shopping in the west, but because they are not that welcome like before there and felt uneasy to travel to the west after the happening of September eleven...They decided to look for new destinations to spend their holiday, thus Malaysia became one of their destinations and now seeing Arab families in large numbers at the various shopping mall is a familiar scene... And by the look of it there are really spending and it is indeed a blessing for Malaysia... For they help to contribute to the booming Malaysian economy.... It look that the happening of September eleven did in a way change the way people travel and spending their holiday.... Before this event, we hardly see Arab with their families coming over to spend their holiday here, let alone do shopping... Well that is the way it is now... Good for Malaysia and a wealth for the country.. And prosperity for the people... It is just one of the blessing that we get for being good and nice to people all over the world who visit us..... It has been our nature to welcome guests and it look like it brought with it good luck and great business... I hope that this phenomena of foreigner coming over for holiday continues for it not only bring happiness to those guests but us as well.... Life is like that....Do a good deed and you would sure be rewarded with one some day.... Malaysia the enchanting holiday home.... For all to enjoy... Do make a visit.... Selamat Datang...

Monday, August 02, 2004

After spending the night at Kuantan and an early breakfast at the hotel, we decided to proceed to Kuala Terengganu, the capital of the east coast state of Terengganu.... This state for the last four and half years were ruled by a opposition party call Pas , that won the nineteen ninety nine Election..., as a result there were not much development all those years.... The election in nineteen ninety nine saw the National Front, who had rules the state for many years lost to the Islamic Party.... It jolt the National Front to their senses, that they should not take the voters for granted.... So with a new strategies the National Front which is known as BN won back this state from opposition in this year election..... Now one can see many new development projects being carried out all over the state..... I took the coastal road toward the boarder town of Kemaman and proceed on toward Dungun, passing the booming oil town of Jerteh and Kerteh, where huge oil refinery could be seen sprawling across vast area, the air smell of gas and it did not look like a healthy place to live, so the housing area for those oil peoples were set up further south of Jerteh, a modern township housing people working in the oil industries.... At Dungun we stop for lunch and then proceed north along the coastal road toward our destination.... The road were mostly straight and run along the beaches of the China Sea, with scenic beach all along, making driving a pleasure.... The road passes through fishing village and small town where life seem to be just like in the era gone by, with house still built among the cluster of tall coconuts palms, that had been there since time immemorial..., I had passed through this villages in my youth and the scene has not really chance, it is still look the same with little progress, unlike what are happening on the west coast.....But at the places where oil was found, new township has sprang up with new modern housing garden replacing the old dilapidate traditional house that use to house those fisherman.... Now young educated Malaysian and foreigner involved in the production of oil has taken its place and with it change the culture of this people as well, more cars are seen at the housing area of these people, with prosperity came the changing life style... But in places where the fisherman still live and dwell in their old way.... Life goes on like nothing happen..., just a few kilometer away it is another world..... The discovery of oil has brought changes to this once quiet life of this east coast state.....Well that is progress in our time. It is because of the discovery of oil off shore on the east coast and off the states of Sabah and Sarawak that has made Malaysia a net exporter of oil and with good management by it own petroleum company Petronas, the people of Malaysia as a whole reap the benefit of its our resource and continue to prosper with a life style they never dream of before...... Now with the new Highway to the east coast and the development to come, the once sleepy states of the east coast are going to wake up and life is sure to change for the new generation of Malaysian on the east coast...... That is what we call progress.... But then progress has it cost....The life style would have to change..... The tradition and culture would surely change, for good or not, it is just too difficult to understand for that is the way our human evolution goes on..... For in today's world it is the economic developments that changes the culture of its people and if we take the trouble to nurture it well then we would benefit from the changing culture, if not it would be a disaster for the people.... In the case of Malaysia.... We learn a lots from others and try not to makes mistake as we develop.... For we have gone this road of 'civilization' before and for that we had inherit the wisdom of the old and with that we would be able to adept with the changing world and eventually develop new culture for our people.... That is the way and it is the only way for us to progress.....For the last forty seven years since we gain independence, we have progress at our own pace and with good governance, to day Malaysia have became a well develop nation with its people living in greater prosperity then ever before....... Like those state in the west coast, the state of Pahang, Terengganu and Kelantan would follow suit and prosper as well in not too distance future....... The weather was great, with clear blue sky, so the drive along the coastal road all the way to our first stop for lunch was indeed great.... And personally I really enjoy driving..... With the good company of my spouse and our daughter, who at time act as navigator, make the drive more interesting and enjoyable...... We stop for lunch at an eating place, that look to be serving good local foods..... And sat down to enjoy our lunch.... At the same time taking a rest after hours of traveling... Especially for me who did the driving.... At most of the town we pass we saw sight of recent development and it refreshing to see that the new government in power is doing a great job of restarting the development after a lapse of some fours years, when this state was ruled by the opposition party, the Pas or the Malaysia's Islamic Party....This year election saw the come back of the National Front to government this state once more..... The people had decided not to take chances anymore and that is the reason the National Front won the people's heart this election...... So with that came the new pace of development....... For the prosperity of all......

Sunday, August 01, 2004

It is the first of August and today the new Highway to Kuantan is officially open to the public.... I saw a glimpse of the new Highway on TV this evening and it look great.....So I am planning to take a drive there sometime this month.... I had waited for years to see this new Highway from Kuala Lumpur to Kuantan on the east coast completed and indeed glad that it is now a reality.... It would cut the traveling time from Kuala Lumpur to Kuantan to just two and a half hours from the present four to five hours one way, moreover it is a dual highway, so it would be easy and pleasant to drive all the way.... In the past driving on the old road was never a pleasure.... It was always a hard drive all the way and overtaking was always dangerous, so with the highway it would makes driving and overtaking much easier and at the same it would be a pleasure to drive and make a stop from time to time at the roadside R & R..... Actually the opening of this road would cut the traveling time to all the cities on the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia...... Well after forty seven years after Independence, we at last got a Highway to the East Coast..... What a joy to all those that live in the East Coast.....They are now connected well with the other states on the west coast..... And driving would surely be a pleasure... Well friends that is life and the new Highway would add a new dimension in the way we travel to the East Coast, where the beaches are golden in color and a great place to swim.... It surely would be a boost to tourism....., where the golden sand beaches await the ever wanting tourists for a day of sunshine pleasure, now just a few hours of journey from the country capital of Kuala Lumpur.....The East Coast state of Pahang, Terengganu and Kelantan is real special for it is less develop then the west coast and life is a little bit slow, couple with great scenery and a culture of its our, it sure make a great destination to tourists both the local and the foreigner alike.... I have just been there and it is still as exciting as ever and I would write more on these enchanting states of Terengganu and Kelantan in the days a head..... And until then just dream of the days when you next visit the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia...... Have a nice day.....