Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Sea and I....

I love the sea. The image of the Shells in the photo above reminds me of the sea. I grew up in a pristine town on the East-coast of Malaya. Kuantan was my home from the time I was born in 1939 until I left for a greener pasture in pursuing my career in 1967. I went to school there and spend the first part of my adulthood there too. During my school days I always associated my growing up with the sea. It was at the beach as young Boy Scouts I would go to the beach at Teluk Cempedak and the beaches from Beserah to Gebeng in the north on the weekends to enjoy nature. We learn to swim and appreciate those things that have to do with the sea. At every opportunity like school holidays and the weekends I would go to the beach either to swim or just to while my time, enjoying the smell of the sea as well watching the ever changing horizon of the sea, from the rising of the sun in the early morning to the late evening watching the glittering stars up above the sky. At time we would watch the fisherman bringing their daily catch. During camping at the beach we would get our supply of fish and other seafood to enjoy at the camping site. As I grow up I still would go to the beach to enjoy the feel of the sea and the environment of my growing up period. Even during the yearly monsoon season I would drive to the beach to smell the freshness of the air from the sea and at time enjoy the wind that blows the coastal area during that period of the year. In a way the sea is part of me and I always enjoy been near the sea. And that Shells as seen in the image above that I kept as a decorative item in front of my house always remind me of the wonder of the sea and my relationship with it. 

Have a nice day.

Saturday, November 16, 2013


The green of the garden always refreshes me. This morning while doing the morning chore at the front of the house I saw the plants been bath by the night raindrops. It early and the sun is just up at the back of the house so the front where I am now is not that hot but just right with the atmosphere cool and refreshing. On the grass I could see the morning dew, glittering as the sun shine on it. It was a beautiful scene of nature welcoming the morning. It does make me refresh and happy to see nature at its best. The scene is never the same and nature always has a way of making us happy. I am indeed glad that I have the little garden and the greens in front of the house for me to wander and wonder the wonder of nature.

Above is a snapshot of the morning scene of a flowering plant call Melati. The droplets are like jewels in the reflection of the morning sun. Enjoy it folks as much as I had enjoyed taking that photograph. 

Have a nice day.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Ex KKBS officers lunch get-together....

Well I thought that I would write about the happening last Saturday, November 9, 2013. It was a lunch gathering of retired folks who was working in the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports [in BM it is known as Kementerian Kebudayaa, Belia dan Sukan thus KKBS] from the early day of its establishment in 1967. The lunch was held at a Wisma building in the heart of the city. I got an invitation through SMS and decided to attend it and was hoping to meet all those who had retired like me.

On arrival that day at first I could not recognised most of the people. Remember I went on optional retirement in 1990 and since that time except for a few I was totally out of touch with the officers and staff of the KKBS. It takes a while before I could recollect putting the names to the faces. A few I still could not remember until on the way back while talking with my spouse. My spouse Asmah's memory is better than me and with her help soon most faces became familiar. You have to excuse an old man for that. We did have a great time that day except there are a few who still want to stick to title and protocol which I hate most, otherwise the lunch meeting was a success. To me we all had retired, title and protocol should be left behind. I told everyone I am on Facebook and was hoping that more are or would be on it as we move along. Back home I posted on Facebook the photos that I had taken and soon I was contacted by a few who are on Facebook. It was indeed great to see more and more folks are now in the Social Media like Facebook  With that we may continue to keep in touch from time to time.

I was rather surprise as to the venue of this lunch. It was held in a space that looks like it has not been completed as a proper hall, with the upper part where the ceiling should be look like an unfinished job. Its air condition ventilation protruding out without a proper ceiling and it look so untidy and ugly. To me it is not a place one should organised a lunch.  I thought it would be better to do the gathering at a cosier place like at a Three to Five-stars Hotel in town. What is wrong of pampering ourselves with the luxury that all of us could afford and enjoy the gathering in an atmosphere of cosiness and luxury like at all the halls in such hotels? Organising in such place is easier. Just tell folks to come to a Buffet or High Tea at the Hotel at a given date and time. There is no need to book the foods; just be there and enjoy whatever spread at the Buffet or High Tea together. Anyone can bring guests but they must pay for it. And no protocol after all we are now ordinary folks who have retired. I felt too there is no need to give goodies from some company as well gift from the organiser to the attendance. The main aim of the get together is to meet old friends and chat of old times. It would be great if the party start with a cocktail so that folks can mingle and meet before sitting for the lunch. Do away with the speeches for we had enough of it when we were working.

On that day the dishes was cold and because many did not attend I was told there was plenty of foods that was not consumed and most probably go to waste. The organiser had order more foods in anticipation of a large gathering. Because the arrangement was that folks pay per head for the attendance; the non-attendance created problem in getting the bill settled. Anyway with the good hearts of those who attended it was solved by everyone donating extra Ringgits. Had it been done in a Hotel [Buffet or High Tea] such a thing would not have happened and the inconvenience avoided.

Anyway Asmah and I did enjoy the gathering and glad to see all the friends are happy and full of life. I do hope that in future it would be held at a better venue and not to worry about the cost. I believe every one of us who are in the golden years could afford to foot the bill without difficulty. After all it is time that we pampered ourselves with the luxury and continues to enjoy life.

Thanks to the organiser for getting the lunch organised.

Have a nice day.

Saturday, November 09, 2013

Through the Micro Lens...

Above are some images of as seen through the Micro Lens. Top is an Ant that we call Kerenga and it sting is painful. It helps to pollinate some fruit trees. Below it is a tiny caterpillar that soon would be transformed into a beautiful butterfly. Next is moss on the bark of a tree seen in the park on one of  my visits there? All these are part of our ecosystem. It does colour our world.  

Have an nice day.