Monday, June 30, 2014

Of Gardening...

I love gardening. In the morning or afternoon I would enjoy every minutes getting my hand dirty with the soil tending to my little plot of garden. It a passion of my from the time I learn to plant in primary school. It does bring me pleasure and kept my mental faculty healthy in my golden years. How I wished I have a bigger space to do gardening but circumstances is that I could not afford to buy a house with more space. Thus I am using the available space in front of my patio to create a small garden that I often referred to as my Little Garden and another where we planted vegetable, orchid and herbs at the backyard. In the little space available that I call my Little Garden I tried my best to create a landscape of various plants. With the greens and flowers small animals and birds start to make it their home too. To lure the squirrel I would put cut fruits on a container and placed it on the fence. It would come and go as it like and enjoy its meals and I get to watch it running around. Early morning I could hear birds chirping from branch to branch. At time beautiful butterfly would fly around looking for nectar from the flowers. At one corner of the Little Garden there is a small fish pond where one could hear the pattering of water from the small fountain. I feed the fish without failed every morning. It is interesting to see the fishes gather together waiting for it morning meals. After feeding the fish I would water the plant and at that moment in time all the plants would look fresh. The hours I spend tending to my Little Garden does made my day. 

Have a nice day.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Blue Sky...

It was a beautiful day in June 2014. It was just after ten in the morning. I felt real good and decided to go out to enjoy the morning sun and on looking up I saw while trails from the passing planes up about. The white trails soon turn into white clouds. Against the clear blue sky it then turn into a sort of a painting of blue and white; a majestic sight  to watch indeed. 

I then saw another plane passes by. I rush to take my camera, then snap a few pictures of the sky and sharing it here for all to enjoy. 

Have a nice day.

Sunday, June 08, 2014

Of Macro Photography; the Fish Pond...

From time to time I would venture into Macro Photography. With the Micro Lens attached to the Nikon DSLR I would try to take the best image at close range. Through the Micro Lens one get to see more of an image of the object. It actually tells us of another world from what we normally see with our naked eyes. It is not easy to get a good image for one need a firm and steady hand to capture such image using a Micro Lens. Any shaking would completely destroy the image and it became useless. So in order to get a good image using the Micro Lens I would snap as many images of the same object and select a few for keeping. By doing that I would normally get a good image. About is an image of the Fish Pond that I snap recently. Enjoy it folks. [ Please click on  the image to enlarge]

Have a nice day.

Thursday, June 05, 2014

An Oldman with His Cellphone...

I love photography for through the lens I get to enjoy nature and other objects much more closely. It a passion of mine since childhood. Come retirement I got all the time in the world to do serious photography. In doing photography one must be prepare for the unexpected, like the above image of a friend who came for tea at my house recently. I just did a random snap and did not expect much but it turn out to be a great image of an old man with his passion for the cellphone. We had sat at the Kopitiam table at the patio to chat over tea and enjoy some traditional fritter that my spouse had prepared. It is a tradition  in our culture that when folk come a visiting we would entertain them appropriate; most of the time with something to bite. In this case my spouse had prepared Cekodok to enjoy with the tea. We knew most of our friends preferred drink; in this case this relative of ours love tea without sugar. It was during a pause while chatting that I took some snap with my cell phone camera and the result surprised me indeed. I am now using a Nokia Lumia 525 and found the tiny camera of the cellphone is really good in capturing image a close range. It just a simple camera; focus and a touch on the screed would activate the camera. The image look great and I am sharing it here for all to see and enjoy. Folks who had seen this image that I had posted in Facebook ask why is that he is concentrating on his camera while having a chat with friends over tea. Well folk as it is he may be looking for some interesting image to show or looking at an SMS message. It does not matter to me.  It is a culture now for folks to look at their cellphone from time to time even while with friends and it has already become an accepted norm to the society since the introduction of the cellphone.  I like this image. To me it does tell an interesting story of folks in their golden years enjoying life as they so like.

Have a nice day.

Monday, June 02, 2014

Sunrise in Cameron Highlands...

It not always that one get the opportunity to photograph such a glorious scene of the rising sun. Once I woke up early in Kuantan and went to the Telok Cempedak beach to watch the rising sun but because of the overcast clouds that early morning the sun rise without much fanfare. I just snap a few shots and enjoy the morning air and blog about it. [The above image was taken at 7.03am May 22, 2014 in Cameron Highlands]

                                                                 [at 6.35am]
We were in Cameron Highland from 21st to 23rd May, 2014 on a short holiday. While there I did not expect or even thought of watching the rising sun. I did not even know that our room on the 11th floor of the hotel was facing east but luck was on our side and we were indeed surprise of waking to the view of the rising sun from the window of the hotel. 

[at 6.45am]
[at 7.02am]
                                                            [at 7.07am]
I had brought my camera and all the lens and was happy that I got the opportunity to take the images  of the sun rising from such a vantage point at the 11th floor of the hotel. I was awakened by my spouse who saw the light over the horizon. I had a look and sure enough it was the rising sun at the horizon of the mountain range. I quickly wash myself and took my camera and wait. Soon the sun makes it appearance. It did in a spectacular display of light; majestic indeed. I had a field day snapping as many images as possible and am share it here a few shots for all to enjoy. 

All the above images was taken on the morning of May 22, 2014.

Have a nice day.