Saturday, May 19, 2012

Masjid Jamek @ Mosque in Kuala Lumpur....

It was a beautiful day in mid-May. I decided to take a trip to the oldest part of the city, the area where the two tributaries of the Klang River meet. It was around this vicinity the city of Kuala Lumpur starts it humble beginning in the middle of the nineteen century. Then the country was ruled by the British colonial authority. At the confluence landmass just before the Klang and the Gombak rivers meet there is a beautifully architectural mosque build at the beginning of the twentieth century. It was build for the Muslim who lives around that area then, as well as the official mosque for the capital of the country Kuala Lumpur. It was officially open by the then Sultan of Selangor in 1909. So that made this magnificent mosque more that a hundred years old. It remains as the main mosque in Kuala Lumpur until a new mosque, the Masjid Negara was build in 1965.  Even after that the Masjid Jamek mosque as it is known still play a significant role as a place of worship where folks congregate for their daily prayer as well the weekly Friday Prayer. Come Friday this mosque would be crowded, with some worshipers had to do the praying on the payment outside.

As can been seen in this image it is as magnificent as it was first build in the days where there was no skyscrapers or tall buildings around it. By itself it was a work of art and a masterpiece architecture that continue to draw worshipers and visitors alike to it till these days.

I was there last Wednesday and walk the ground again and saw its at close range. Since it was before prayer time it was easy to go and have a look at the nooks and corners of the place. I saw the floor area is well-kept and clean just like new. The whole floor area was of marbles and looks shining clean and cool to sit on. That is why I felt that marble or ceramic tile is the best material for the flooring of mosque in this part of the world where the climate is always humid. It is easily kept clean all the time by just sweeping and mopping it. The same cannot be said about carpet. I believe that carpet is not suitable as flooring material  in mosque since it is not possible to clean it all the time. Besides carpet harbors millions of dust mites and could not be removed by vacuum cleaning. It could only be clean and rid of the dust mites only by drying it in the sun which is impossible to do for a wall-to-wall carpet. Even with a smaller carpet to me it is almost impossible to dry it in the sun all the times. So I hope planner of mosque in the tropic should not put carpet as the flooring material but use marble or ceramic tile instead.

While there I met a few tourists from as far as Morocco who came to wander along admiring the architecture of this magnificent old mosque; the Masjid Jamek of Kuala Lumpur.

Have a nice day.

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basar said...

Pak Idrus, this mosque was restored at a cost of RM4.8m back in 1984. Razaly Associates were the Architect and I happen to be the qs. What was significant was that one of the tower nearest to the river was tilting and we had to underpin it using micropiles, done by Bachy Soletanch from France. The dome was also renewed then

Pak Idrus said...

basar, thanks for the visit and sharing your thoughts on the subject of this posting.

The valuable information on the RM4.8 millions restoration works is indeed an add value to this posting. It is information like this that should be in Wikipedia and I hope it would eventually get there so that others may know of the amount of works and money the country put into to restoring it heritage for the future generation.

Personally I felt this mosque is better designed and user friendly and have character than the Putrajaya mosque which is more like a plastic mold of another mosque and look just a copy of some Moorish building in the other parts of the world.

Like I had related in this posting the Masjid Jamed mosque is a works of art and a masterpiece of its own kind. A great architectural works indeed.

Have a nice day.

Temuk said...

Its history, architecture, beauty and age... all these should make our unique Jameq mosque a major attraction for Malaysian and foreign tourists. But, when it comes to "mosque" foreign tourists in particular, I think, are more familiar with our National and Putrajaya mosques. Indeed, old mosques that we have throughout the country do exhibit their own unique character that we must cherish.

Pak Idrus said...

Temuk, thanks for the visit and sharing your thoughts on the subject of this posting. Yes indeed the Masjid Jamek mosque is unique in that the architecture is unique especially its floor is not of carpet but marble. To me all mosque in the tropic should have marble or Ceramic tile floor and not carpet. This floor at the Masjid Jamek still as good and great to sit down and pray instead of the carpet which to me is always dirty and not that easy to clean.

Personally I do not like the Putrajaya mosque since its architectural look like a copy of other mosque and it look like plastic to me.

Well as you indicated tourists know more about a country mosque than the local since they often visit such place of worship in the tour of a country.

Have a nice day.

Unknown said...

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