Thursday, May 03, 2012

Art Gallery at KL Sentral...

May 2, 2012 was a beautiful day. I had planned to go to the KL Sentral. Just before ten in the morning I drove the Honda to KLCC and after parking the car at the basement walk to the LRT underground station there. It was midmorning and there were not that many people at the station. I use the Touch and Go card to enter. In mere minutes the train arrived. I got in, found a seat and sat while the train whizzed away making a few stops. In less than fifteen minutes it arrived at the Sentral Station or the KL Sentral as it is officially known. It is the communication hub of Kuala Lumpur where one could get to anywhere in the city using the Public Transport like the LRT, Bus or the commuter Train. I had wanted to buy a gadget for the car and found that it is sold at the Plus shop there. After getting what I came for I decide to wander along in the vast complex. The place is already thronging with folks doing their own business. In the past I did not venture to the shopping area of the complex. I soon found there are many shops, banks, restaurants and stalls selling souvenir items to cater to the traveling public or to those who frequent this place. 

I wander and wonder along and to my surprise saw a shop that sell paintings. Since I love arts I decided to take a closer look of it and found that it is a sort of an art gallery.  While I was browsing and admiring the various paintings a man came out and greet me. He told me he managed the place and that he is an artist himself. It is an art gallery where paintings of many Malaysian artists are displayed for sale. I soon found there are many paintings of well-known Malaysian artists as well from some up-and-coming one on displayed there for sale. 

The manager Zaidi Yusoff from Kelantan said that it was a collective idea to open such gallery there. We soon got into talking and I found he was such a friendly person well-spoken in things arts. Since I was formerly working with the Ministry of Culture almost every names he mentioned were our mutual friends. With that we became friend. We sat and continue to chat on the world of arts and exchange ideas of how artists could get exposure to the marketplace. I  believe this gallery if given better exposure would became a hub of sort where folks could buy good painting at a reasonable price. 

This Art Gallery is call Malaysia Affordable Arts and it is situated at the Arrival Hall, KL City Air Terminal, KL Sentral. The telephone number is +6016270545. The website is here and the e-mail address is So folks if you are interested in getting a good Malaysian painting do make a visit there and I am sure you would be able to get a good collection at a bargain price there. 

Have a nice day.

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