Tuesday, September 30, 2003

While living in New Haven, USA some years ago, I posted myself on the AOL bulletin board and soon got respond from people of my age, among the many is a lady from the desert of California, it was really great to get friend in cyberspace for like the old way of having pen pal, it give one the opportunity to make new friends. Since the internet is so user friendly, cyberfriends thence to be really close, and with the understanding that we all love to make friends and discuss common issue and chat, we soon became close friend as though we have known each other for a long time and have physically met, but in this case we actually have not met, but I guessed it does not matter, for images of ourselves could be transmit to each other with ease via the net. It is really fantastic what this technology could do for the benefit of humankind, it make one easy to communicate and distance seem to vanished and became totally lost, it is as though we are close to each other. It is really nice to get email message from such friend and it makes me feel good, at time it really makes my day. At this golden age friends became very important and at time a necessity, for like me writing stimulate my faculty and make me alert and healthy and I guessed it the same with the others of my age group. I believe communication among human being are of utmost important for it is through communicating that we can go on being human. One of the causes of war and dispute among countries and people is because people did not or could not communicate and this at time cause animosity among people. Peace and lasting peace can only be reached if people could communicate effectively. This friend that live in the California desert which I would just refer as Mrs.M were a very cheerful and energetic lady when she were young and I believe she is as cheerful and energetic now, have live in Germany and as she related to me in one of her email, it was there that she first learn to drive and found the joy of driving. In another mail she also say that she had a great time in Penang, Malaysia in her youth, Oh what a Youth she would say and me, as a person that had a very colourful life during my youth, understood her joy of have a great time in Penang, I believe that we live only for a period as youth, young and vibrant, so we should make 'hay while the sun shine' and enjoy ourselves, for as we grew older, all the experiences we have had in our youth would add to the wisdom of today. Like her I have travel the world and understand the real meaning of life, I guessed this is one reason that we both click well...If you are reading this M.., have a nice day and go on enjoying life....And pass on those wisdom to the young so that they may live as we have live and enjoy life....And as the saying ' God give us Love, so He would not mind that we borrow it and share it with others ' Give all the love we could for the world really need it now....then ever.

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