Wednesday, September 17, 2003

It has been a great day, got an email from a friend in the UK, he say that he is going to visit Riga, a city at the edge of the Baltic Sea, he say it is where his ancestor came, the viking, I guessed that most of us in our golden age would try to o search for the past and hopeful would know who we really are. We have all time in the world to seek and try all the possible way of finding the truth of ourselves, as for me going to Bali last week was a sort of trying to find who we are really, we all know that history has never being fair to us, it is the product of the victor,so the looser never get the opportunity to write history, in fact some say the history is actually His story, the person who wrote the story. So to get to the truth of one's history, it would be best that we look it ourselves and may be we eventually get to the truth, I hope my friend in the UK, who is know as Paken, find the truth about his ancestor, when he visit the country of the Viking. Another email that I got today is from our foster child, living in Italy, they just went to Canada for a holiday, and we are hoping that they would be able to come over to Malaysia for a holiday the next time, from the content of their mail, it look like they enjoyed their stay in Canada and now are back to their normal live in Italy. This is why I love the cyberspace, it is a great way to communicate with loved one everywhere and keep in touch always.

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