Saturday, September 20, 2003

KLCC [Kuala Lumpur City Centre] or the Petronas Twin Tower is just a five minutes drive from our home in Ampang Jaya. It use to take hours to get to KLCC, but now with the opening of the new elevated highway, we could now get to this shopping paradise in less then five minutes, and if one have a Smart Tag, one could do it is just three minutes and in five minutes one would be parking one's car in the basement of the twin tower. The Petronas Twin tower is a splendor and magnificent building, a twin tower with a sky walk,that enable one to physically cross from one tower to the other at the forty forth floor. Public are given a free access to the forty forth floor and it is free, the only thing that one have to do is to queue for a free passes to board a lift to the forty forth floor, the view from there is a panoramic picturesque site of the city of Kuala Lumur. It worth a wait to get the passes and the ride up the fast lift to the sky walk, it is really a magnificent ride to the top, well organised, thanks to the management of the KLCC. Beside the twin tower is a smaller tower with shopping arcade and mall, it is among the largest retailing space in the city and boast of various multi national brands and of course the local manufactured goods. The food courts is the biggest in Kuala Lumpur, where one would find varieties of foods to give one a sumptuous meals that would satisfied oneself through out the day. Of course there are restaurants for the al carte that provide varieties of foods from various culture, it is indeed worth a try. Like any shopping mall there are many fast foods outlet and coffee shops of international standard. It make a great place to sit and chat with friends our a cup of great brewed coffee. Other then a delight for shopper in retail goods and food, the centre also have a great private art gallery, the one name Pucuk Rebong that belong to a friend is an interesting and educational place to make a visit. There is a LRT [light rail transit] station beneath the centre and make getting to and from for tourist much convenient. The Architecture of this twin tower if one of it kind and unique, and this make it a land mark and a symbol of the city of Kuala Lumpur. Just on the out side of the building, there is a sprawling garden of tropical trees and flowers bed, together with a wading pool and a fountain, it is a sort of a paradise for families with children, to stroll and enjoy the fresh air of the garden. During festive time such as the National Day celebration, live entertainment show of local arties are performed here for the public and most of the time it is telecast live to million of home in Malaysia. The whole of KLCC and it's garden is a must visit for both foreign and local tourist alike.

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