Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Of Blogger and the society....

ImageChef.com - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more I just could not understand why some people are so worried of bloggers. Bloggers are responsible citizen too. The have all the right to share their thoughts with the society. There are thousand and thousand of Malaysian blogging today. To me blogging is a very healthy social activity. It help citizen of all ages to put their thoughts in writing and sharing it with the world. This in a way help in creative writing which is so lacking in the Malaysian Society. Before the Internet and Blogging there are no ways for the ordinary folks to voice their thoughts to the masses. In doing so it contributes to the healthy growth of the society at large. A knowledgeable society is a productive society.

In any society, for that matter, there are surely people who have different opinion on events that are happening and this does not exclude the bloggers. Some bloggers write on politic and most just goes on with their journal of life. These are good development for it kept the society who frequent the Internet informed of the current happening/events in their country. Demonizing bloggers as a whole is a very unhealthy development. For as I had said often not all bloggers write about politic and even for those who write about politic, not all has crossed that thin gray line that might contribute in creating unnecessary disorder to the society. In certain cases it provide valuable feedback to the authority which they otherwise would not got through the ordinary channels. If some bloggers have done wrong then only they should be responsible and not all bloggers. Putting everyone in a basket is a very wrong way to do things. A friend has this posting "Syndromes" on this subject. Do take the time to visit this wonderful blog.

Most of the Malaysian society are still foreign of blogging and do not really understand the wonder of blogging. For those who had never blog before first try to understand what this tool call BLOG could do to you and the society. It is a godsend tool for creative writing. Never before in our society we had this kind of tool where we are free to do creative writing and share it with the world to read and enjoy. Once one understand what this tool could do for the benefit of the society, one would love this tool and not want it to be demonised. Have a nice Day

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Mother of all Traffic Jam...

[The happening last Wednesday]. Yes, it is a traffic of an unprecedented scale. Where else but in my city of Kuala lumpur. Well it just happened and I thought that I should write about this happening while it is fresh in my memory. I have live in this city for some thirty four years and never had I seen and got stuck in a traffic jam of this magnitude. It happen at after six this evening. I was resting at home, for normally I do not got out at this time of the day unless there is an invitation to a dinner or something like that. But today as I was about to take my evening bath, our daughter call and said that she is caught in a traffic jam somewhere in Cheras. She is on her way back from the University where she work and was planning to pick up her daughter at the Glaneagle Hospital. Her daughter, our granddaughter is seeing the dentist today. I sent her there at four and that her mother would fetch her at five thirty. But the phone call from her changed everything, she say that she would not be able to pick up her daughter since she is caught up in a massive traffic jam and ask me to do that instead, since our house to the hospital is just five minutes away. My spouse told her it is OK and that I would pick her daughter. I then finished taking my shower and dress up. My spouse say that she might as well follow me to pick our granddaughter.

Without thinking much I took the Honda and drove on and as we got to the road leading to the Ulu Kelang road near Ampang Point I saw there were so many cars leading to the Ulu Kelang Road, so I divert into Ampang Point hoping to do a short cut and get into Jalan Ampang and from there in mere minutes I would get to the Gleneagle Hospital and pick our granddaughter and back home is less then fifteen minutes. Well, I thought wrong, here the traffic is the same, cars were bumper to bumper and hardly move. I move on following the traffic and time passes by fast and in about an hour I am still stuck in the vicinity of Ampang Point. I call our daughter on the cell phone and she say that she is also crawling. I told here that we also got stuck here and that not to worry, I would pick up her daughter. We move on like snail, and eventually got into Jalan Ampang near the Ampang Point. I thought it would be just OK from here onward but I was wrong again. The traffic jam continue to get worst, cars were bumper to bumper again and continue to move like snail, actually hardly moving at all. Then I saw that it is not only at this part of Jalan Ampang but the MRR 2 on both ways are also jam with traffics. I inch forward and listen to the Radio, the Lite FM station and eventually the programme were interrupted with news of a massive jam all over the city. Well I thought that it only at this part of the city but it seem that the other parts of the city is going through this as well. Hey!! what has happen to our city, with all the new roads, the elevated Highways and the Smart tunnel, we still get jam like this!!. I hear a caller to the station requesting for song to be dedicated to her friends who go stuck in traffic somewhere near the Mid Valley Mall. That is on the other side of the city. So it look like we are not alone in this crazy traffic jam on the 25th day of July 2007.

We left home just now at 6.30 pm and now it is almost at 8pm and I am still no where near the Gleneagle Hospital. Our granddaughter call and I told her to hold on and that we are near but not sure when we would get there. While driving I though of how do I get home faster after fetching her, so I told my spouse that I would drive back using the Elevated Highway instead. With that in mind I ease on and eventually reach the Hospital at 8.35pm. It took more then two hours to get to this destination, which usually I would take just five minutes. What a drive!!. I pick our granddaughter and got back into Jalan Ampang but this time did not turn left but instead turn right. Great, there are yellow lines on the road and incoming cars are usually caution when approaching such box of yellow lines. I took the opportunity to use this area of the road and move on slowly. Eventually the other cars which were part of the jam on the other side of the road give way. I cross over and took the road leading toward the city, the opposite direction from our home. From here I took the right lane and slowly moving toward Jalan Jelatek. From the Hospital to the junction of Jalan Jelateh again it is the same things, cars were still crawling both ways. I move on slowly following the slow flow of traffic and eventually got to the junction of the road and wait for the traffic light to turn green. Twice the light changes but I still could not get into Jalan Jelatek. I just took it easy for I know somehow that by taking this road and eventually getting onto the Elevated Highway I would get home faster than using Jalan Ampang, the other way. With the traffic light turn green again I move on and this time got onto Jalan Jelatek. I move on taking the left lane and again here got stuck in the traffic moving toward Setia Wangsa, Melawati and onward. I kept my cool while chatting with my spouse. Up in front I saw the exit toward the Elevated Highway. I am happy and knew that once on the Elevated Highway by going both ways and paying tolls twice we would get home fast.

After almost forty minutes on the return journey I got into the Elevated Highway. Drove on toward the KLCC, went through the Smart Tag lane of the toll and got out of it without stopping. Friends that's the beauty of using the Smart Tag. You do not have to stop to pay the toll, the Smart Tag do it automatically. I drove on and after the exit toward the KLCC parking bay, proceed on and made a U turn and back on the other side of the Elevated Highway toward Ampang. The end of this Highway is Ampang with one exit toward Ampang Jaya and the other toward Jalan Ampang, toward outer Ampang. I move on, at all the exits I saw cars bumper to bumper and for those going forward it has no effect. I drove on with ease but driving slowly following the other cars and eventually I got to the exit for Ampang Jaya. Well, on this side of the road there were hardly any traffic but on the other side it is still bumper to bumper inching toward Jalan Ulu Kelang and other outlet to the city. The third image above shows the traffic at this section of the road. I drove on and got to our daughter's house and this time it just take one hour. On normal day it just take to and fro to the Hospital and back just less then fifteen minutes. Today it takes me three hours. What a day on the road!!. Three hours wasted on that road. Our daughter quipped that, with that numbers of hours driving we would be in Batu Pahat in Johor by now. Batu Pahat is our Son-in-Law hometown. Well that is life, the unexpected happened and that had been my day. In a traffic Jam. In my city of Kuala Lumpur. A day in history as far as I am concern. It is one of those day, for life is like that. We actually would never know what would happen next. That had indeed been a Traffic Day!!!. Have a nice day.

Friday, July 27, 2007

5 Million hits!!!...

Yes, Five million hits in a single day. That is what Big Dog say in his posting today. I could never ever dream of touching that number. A few hundred hits made me happy already. Millions, let it just be a dream. Well, that is what happen when a blogger get an extra ordinary attention. Have a nice day.

Fire!!! ...

I found this site while visiting a blog on the other side of the globe. An interesting blog indeed. As suggested by this blogger do play a little on this site and enjoy. Life is like that. A short visit would be fun but too long might bore you. Have a nice day.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Wild flowers of Fraser's Hill..

In my last posting I did mentioned about the wild flowers of Fraser's Hill. Above are some images of the flowers that I saw blooming at this hill resorts. How I wished there are more flowers grown all over the hillsides and a Rose Sanctuary where one could see all the varieties of roses.

While on a teaching assignment at a college in Chandigarh, India in the mid seventies, I saw one of the largest collections of roses in a sprawling Rose Garden. Just imaging seeing all the varieties of roses on a grand scale. Those gorgeous plant in all the colors of the rainbow, in all shapes and sizes would surely enlighten one's life.

I hope the management people of Fraser's Hill would continue to upkeep the place and add more and more gardens, turning that place into a heaven of gardens made of varieties of the greens and flowers. Have a nice day.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

20 degree Celsius in the tropic...

Well, last Sunday my spouse and I decide to visit Fraser's Hill, the holiday resort that was founded by a British Adventurer and Trader, when this country was under the British colonial rule. It is still with its lush greens and those colonial buildings still standing. The last time I visited this resort was some twenty years ago, so this weekend trip is a sort of a revisit to see what's happening at this cool place in the tropic after a lapse of times. It is still cool like before. Still with that lush greens with the sprawling golf field nestle in the green valley. Fraser's Hill is an enclaves of holiday homes built along the hillsides. It was a holiday resort for those colonial master in an era gone by. The temperature while we were there were around 20 to 22 degree Celsius. From time to time you see mist floating just about your head and at time you actually walk through the mist. When it rain the weather became cooler. Indeed, it is nice to be there enjoying the fresh air and the cool atmosphere.

We stayed at the four star hotel there, the Shahzan Inn Fraser's Hill, the former Merlin Hotel. I had stayed at the Merlin before and this hotel still retained the fire place at the lobby. An uncommon sight in the tropic. It is a constant 23 degree Celsius in the hotel, so there are no air condition or fan provided in the building. In a way this building saved lots of energy without the air conditioned units. When we arrived and check in we saw many people enjoying their lunch at the sprawling coffee house. Indeed a nice place to be, where there are no bustling of traffics like in other towns. We got a nice room at the forth floor, the highest floor with a balcony lookout toward the golf course, a panoramic view of green landscape. This hotel building is built against the hillside and if you get a room at the third floor you may park your car at the entrance of your room.

We took a short rest after the two hours drive from Kuala Lumpur. Fraser's Hill is actually not that far from Kuala Lumpur. It is more or less about ninety kilometers either ways from Kuala Lumpur using the Karak Highway or via Kuala Kubu Bahru in Selangor. Now going up and down the hill is not like before. In those days one had to take turn to go up and down because of the narrow road, the only one to get to this resort. So in those days one had to wait for all the cars going downward to finished using the road downward before the car going up were allowed to travel upward. Now it is not so. The old road is use for going up only and there is another road for going down hill.

On that Sunday morning we left home at just before nine in morning and took the Karak Highway up to Bentong. From there we drove toward Raub taking the country road. Actually we should have taken the new road to Raub but because of poor signage, we took the old Bentong-Raub road. Anyway we got to Tras and from there turn left toward Fraser' Hill. The distant from Tras to Fraser's Hill is just 29 Kilometers. It is still that old country road built during the colonial period by the British. It winds its way along the hills and the river, as such it take almost an hour to drive that twenty nine kilometers. It is a very lonely drive all the way, with very few cars travelling both ways. Anyway since we have decided to take this route instead the one via Kuala Kubu Bahru, we proceed on with caution, driving slowly and eventually arrived at the foot of the hill. After a stop to take some photo of the site, I drove the Honda the nine kilometers steep road toward the resort. It took me about twenty minutes to drive that nine kilometers. It was worth the drive. The roadside were scenic with lush tropical forest and the atmosphere became cooler as we move on. We could see giant fern trees along the way. These kind of vegetation only grows well on the highland where the weather is cool. On arrival we saw the lush greens of the resort. Not much has change since I last saw it some twenty years ago, except that the are now new building of condominium further up the hills. It was indeed refreshing to see so much of greens but I was disappointed not to see as much flowers, for flowers grows very well in this cool climates.

To me Fraser's Hill should be left as it is with less physical development as possible but instead more flowers should be grown. Turning it into a sort of a flower garden. It is a great place to get lost and enjoy the peace and tranquility in a cool atmosphere. It is very near to Kuala Lumpur and it is possible to make a day trip to this place with families even just to enjoy that cool fresh country air of the highland. The Coffee House at Shahzan's provide excellent food and as such it would be a good getaway for parents to have a quality time with family members, while enjoying the sumptuous food there. A drive around the hill side would take you back to nature. This is a good place to bird watch or just to see nature at its best. The wild flowers are everywhere, so are the flora and fauna. The atmosphere and the scene here is so different from that of the city, what with that constant Twenty degree Celsius temperature all day long. It is also a pleasant place to take a slow walk on the many trails provided for that purposes. So friends, when was the last time you visit to this nature showcase on our doorstep. If you have not been there, do take a drive and I am sure you would enjoy the trip. An overnight stay would be much enjoyable for you could also dine in an atmosphere of cool in the open. Or just sit and chat at the fire place at the lobby of the hotel. They burn real wood at this fire place. Truly a cool place in the tropic. Where else could you find such place but in the Fraser's Hill.

On our return we took the road via Kuala Kubu Bahru and the road was not that lonely. From Fraser's Hill to Kuala Kubu Bahru is just 30 kilometers and the road is much better then the Tras - Fraser's Hill sector. The road and the scene is much better along this road. Just after Pertak there is a new man made lake, a scenic sight indeed. I never knew that the place is so scenic until I pass the dam on my way back home. Well friends like the old saying ' nothing venture nothing gain. To my spouse and me it was indeed a great weekend trip to Fraser's Hill. We would be going there again in the not too distance future. So You the Young, why not make that trip and enjoy the weekend in that cool comfort of the lush greens in the heart of the Titiwangsa Range. Have a nice day. [BTW the telephone number of the Shahzan is 093622300][To enlarge image, click on it]

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The cell phone...

Well, I lost my cell phone yesterday while on a short holiday at Fraser's Hill. I think I drop it somewhere. I try to locate it by calling from another number but was not successful. So that's it, I have got to get another one. But before doing that I call the Telco and request them to suspend my number for the time being and that I would come over to collect a replacement chip with the same number. So today I went over to Maxis at the KLCC and within minutes was given a replacement chip. I insert it into an old Nokia that I still keep and it works perfect but I lost all the contacts numbers. And to get going I have to update my cellphone with all the numbers and it sure would takes awhile. How I wished I had kept a record of the numbers somewhere else. Like before the cell phone culture, we had all the telephone numbers kept in a book. Now with the cell phone all the numbers are in the phone itself. So after this happening I had to be wiser. I would look for a drive especially made for storing cell phone numbers.

It look like I have to scout for a new cell phone as well, for nowadays we just could not leave home without a cell phone. Anyways it is also time that I change my set to a new one and this is indeed the opportunity to get a new gift for myself. What a life the cell phone made us. It is now not just a tool for communication but a symbol of the lifestyle that we live in today's world. Technology do changes our culture.

Anyways my lost is someone gain. If the finder return it I would be most thankful but if for some reasons the finder could not return it, it would be OK with me if the finder use it. I would just 'wakaf' it. It is one of those things that happen in real life. The vendor that sell cell phone would be happy as well for they have another phone to sell. And Me, happy with a new set of toy. Friends life is like that. Lets made everyone in the chain of the capitalist system happy and continue to enjoy living. Have a nice day.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Of politic and blogging...

I was away in Malacca for a few days. I stayed at our condo resort. It has been closed for awhile and now we got a new management company to take over the resort. Most condo owners are facing the problems of management. It is not us alone but others are facing the problem as well. Let call it the condo dwellers dilemma in Malaysia. I hope that this time it would be OK all the way. Anyway I am happy that the new management has start to cleanup the area. Water and electricity are back, so now it is possible to stay there in comfort.

Today while browsing cyberspace I found some interesting postings of the happening in the country. Malaysia would be celebrating the 50th independent anniversary this August 31, 2007. Well do read this article in Marina's, in Rocky's and in Sheih on Sheih. In Marina and Sheih blogs it is about the election, whereas in Rocky blog it is about a blogger and his blogging in this country. Have a nice day and take care.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Fruits fusion..

For today let just admire these images from our kitchen. It has to do with globalization. The translucent vase is designed in Sweden and made in China. The fruits: The pears are from China, the apples and the oranges are from the US. It sort of found its way into our kitchen in Ampang Jaya, Malaysia. Well that is our world today. Enjoy. And have a nice day.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Yet another day...

It is the eight of July already. See how time passes. It has been aready half year in the year 2007. Yesterday was the seven day of the seven month in the year zero seven. It was a day with the number 7.7.7. If we play slot machine that is indeed a lucky number. Well only once before did I saw the day, month and year were of the same figure. It was in the year 1977. Anyway it is some date to remember.

Actually I am not that sure of what to write today. I woke up to a call from a neighbour informing of the death of a friend. I am told that he die of cancer. More often then not an early morning call always bring such news. Well that is life and we have to accept that is part of the circle of living on this planet. I believe this friend is in his seventy plus. He was at one time the Director of the National Museum. I said a prayer for him and hope that he would find a place in heaven. Well at this age I get call like this and seeing one by one my friends were called to the Lord. That is life on this good earth of ours. We come and when the time come, we go. That is why I kept saying that we should make use of our time fully and enjoy living. For when the time come we all have to go, making way for the others.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The enchanting moon...

Well, the moon, it has been there all the time. It is a piece of our living sphere, for what would the earth be without the moon and the sun. Surely there would no life on this planet. I have always been fascinated with the moon. It has been my love since from the time I could remember seeing the moon and know what it is . When I was growing up there were myth and superstition about the moon. There was the days when we were not allow to point our finger toward the moon and when there is an eclipse of the moon, folks would have many stories of their belief of the disappearances of the moon and then the emerges of the moon again. There was no scientific explanations then, until we all went to school where we were taught about the eclipse of the moon and the sun. It take quite a long time for those folks in the rural area with their tradition and belief to really believe that the eclipse is just one of those things that happen regularly. It is of how our solar system works and that there is nothing to do with superstition. It has to do with the movement of the earth, the sun and the moon itself. Well and as we progress with living, the superstition soon vanished with times.

I love the moon and always enjoy the sight of it. Like last night I went up to the flat roof of our home and there I saw the moon. It was a sort of a full moon. It was ten thirty in the evening and dark. Other than the light from those electric lamps from the houses, the light from the moon was a magnificence sight. A glow in the dark sky. I decide to take the snap of the moon and am sharing the image that I took last night. In those days when I was growing up in the village, the moonlight were the only source of light to light up the path on a very dark night. Unlike in the temperate zone, in the tropic when there is no moon the night in the Kampong [villages] were pitch dark and if one were to walk one could not even see oneself. The moon light is indeed a welcome sight when we could walk the path without getting lost. In those days there was no street lamps. The moon was the only light source at that time when night comes.

Today one could not imaging the darkness in those villages outside the houses. In the house the only source of light is the good oil lamps. So when electricity came to the village it start the beginning of a new lifestyle for the society. Those were the days. The moon is still there and look the same and I am happy that we still could continue to enjoy the light from the moon and the effect it has on our species. What a love story without the moon. The river scenes would be dull without the reflection of the moon at night. And when one go out to the beach, the reflection of the moon on a calm sea made a lovely scene of calmness. The glittering water of the sea look like million of diamonds spread all over, making a colorful scene indeed. Poets would sit for hours enjoying the tranquility of the evening with the moon hovering above. It would inspire them to write those great poetry, that we so love to read and enjoy. Friends, the moon is part of us and I believe we all enjoy the sight of this lovely object in our sky when night comes. The enchanting moon. Have a nice day.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Of visitors to blogs...

It is the beginning of July. The last six month of this year has been good. Life has been great. I have been enjoying blogging all the way and it add color to my journey of life. Many visitors visit my blogs. Not that many and I am happy with it. An average of hundreds visitors from all over the world visit and read my blog. I thanks them all for that. At least my thought do reach some people and of some use. From time to time some ask permission to use those images that I posted and most of the time I gave permission with gratis. I love to see those images get wider publicity or of use to others. Sharing my thoughts whether through writing or images are my goal in blogging. I am indeed happy that others took the time to read those posting.

At time they drop comment[s] and I replied to everyone of those comments the best I could. Among the many visitors that posted comment is one that call himself as Monsterball. His comments are usual provocative but in between those line that he penned there are also wisdom. It is the wisdom part that I like most for I know it is only at the age he is now that he has that wisdom. I am of his age group and therefore understood his message loud and clear. I would answer his comment my way and would not get into discussion when I think that things does not seem to be leading to a right direction. I believe he read all those reply to his comments and I am sure he is satisfied with the reply. This interactive way actually is good for us blogger for we need to know what others say on the the same subjects that we wrote. Of course there are those people who posted unrelated comments that has nothing to do with the subject posted. This I just reject from been posted, I do not want to get into discussion on things that are sensitive to our society and the world community at large. As for those comments from Monsterball in my blog, I just accept it as one of those things that come and go. Probably he wanted to get it out of his chest and he found my blog as one of the venue for that. Sir, whoever or wherever you are, it is alright with me if you use my space for that.

Reading some of the other's blog I sometime posted comments as well and at one time get a bashing for my thoughts which they seem not to accept. They think their thoughts are the only one that are right and others are all wrong. Well that is our world. It is not a perfect world but to enjoy living we have to accept the fact that what's made our world so colorful. The beauty in that imperfectness. Making our world so beautiful and colorful. As I journey on I just takes it easy and when I found some posting that worth commenting I would leave a comment with all sincerity. Hoping that my comments would give more positive input to the person's posting. I would just respect others comments even if I found that it is not to my liking or not that nice to read. I would just take it as an in passing happening. In a way it add color to my days. Friends that is life. Have a nice day.