Friday, September 26, 2003

In a kampong [village] where I grew up, there was no air or water pollution, the water was so clean and air was so refreshing, the word pollution never seem to exist, no one talk about pollution. Now that with all the talk about pollution I realised that there was also no sound pollution as well. The reason I am talking about noise pollution is that when we were living in the kampong in Kuantan, we could hear every noise of the wild, the crickets, the frogs, the birds and everything else that makes sound, since there were hardly any cars or buses, lorry or airplane flying by or any factories that create noise, the sound we hear every day in those days were that were created by nature. It was a pleasing sound and soothing to the ears. Now in the twenty first century the sound pollution is so great that one forget the existence of the natural sound, that we use to here in the period when we grew up. The environment and the atmosphere, what a great change and it is not getting better. It is the same with water, we got our water supply from the well or the river near by, it is clean and could be use for drinking even without boiling. And no one are found to fall sick, just by drinking well or stream water, it taste good and it is refreshing, now it is not the same anymore, all the water we get now, from the pipes,well or the river are not really safe to drink, and to make sure it is safe to drinks, it had to be boiled first. As far as the air we breath, it smell refreshing those days, but now, what with the haze, it just smell different, though the oxygen content is just suitable for the human consumption.

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