Monday, September 22, 2003

I treasured my friendship, so let me introduce two of the special this time, they are Chinaman from Malacca and Tongsan from Raub. Malacca is the historical city to the south of Kuala Lumpur. It is one of the oldest city and have been colonised many time starting in fifteen eleven, when the Portuguese invaded Malacca and over throw the Malay Sultanate and then the Dutch, the British, the Japanese and then the British again colonised it until the country gain independence in nineteen fifty seven. Well my friend Mr. Chinaman is a retired army officer, he use to served in the commando battalion and as we all are aware, these characters that served the commando must be very special people, tough and I think a bit crazy. According to legend, before the regular army went to fight the enemy, they first send the commando unit, and some say that this commando are send beyond enemy line and are considered dead until they came back, I am not sure whether this are true, anyway these guy including my friend Mr.Chinaman are very brave man.... So the story goes. And the other friend is Mr.Tongsan, he live in Raub in the state of Pahang, a bid of a rural town in the middle of the Pahang jungle, one thing interesting about this town is that there are plenty of gold in the area around the town of Raub, I think this is the reason my friend Mr.Tongsan decided to stay put in Raub, probably his house is build on a mountain of gold, they guy is a developer of a sort, that mean in Malaysia is that this people build housing estate and the like and sell to the people and makes lots of money, so I guessed my friend Mr.Tongsan is a very very rich person. I am told he own a Durian plantation, but so far he has not invited my friend Mr.Chinaman and me to sampled his Durian, anyhow he is a really good man, he always sent email containing adult joke and the like and this I think makes us adult happy and at time laugh in front of our monitor when reading his joke. So how do I get to know these two great character, well it all start when our condominium in Malacca got into management problem, the company that managed our condo decided to quit and left the building in a limbo, so we the owners decided to meet and try to salvage the condominium and we had meeting after meeting and I think now after almost six years we began to get thing going with a new management. I guessed we were lucky in that our friend Mr.Chinaman live near the site of the condominium in Malacca, so he has been a sort of our rep. that keep an eye from time to time of our valuable property. We all trust him, because we know that the army trained him well and if one look at him, one would see the soldier in him, tough and honest......Interesting friends I have, I think so.

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