Sunday, September 14, 2003

....Bali...We explore the temple and found it to be in perfect condition, the front of the temple have fresh water flowing through man make lake and water flowing from holes on the side of the wall, of course this water outlet is decorated with stone carving, everyone of it unique, I am told by our guide that people come here not only to pray but also for solace and seek blessing. I touch the water and find it cooling and had a mouthful and found it is refreshing. We then visit to see the magnificent work in wood carving, where artisan turn wood into great work of arts. Indeed their work of art are really one of a kind. Our tour of the day took us to the top a place near an active volcano, the weather was cool and the surrounding area was lush with padi field and fruits trees. Because of a religious ceremony, a part of the road was closed, so we had to make a detour, this was to me an extra, for we are now able to see the more rural area of the country, the journey took us through picturesque country side and we enjoy every minutes of this detour, it was indeed a bonus. One thing that I should mention here is that every where we went we found the Balinese were friendly, courteous and helpful. The street and the road side were so clean. Flower being part of the life of the Balinese, we found that they use flowers everywhere, in the bathroom, in ponds and of course in their daily religious ritual, every morning and evening they would placed small basket full of flowers and offering in front of their houses and religious monuments. One would also find that all their religious figure are covered with a black and white check sarong, according to our guides, that black and white is part of their philosophy, ...[to be continue]

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