Friday, September 19, 2003

As a person who have travel the world and have live overseas, I think that most of us who arrived in a foreign country for the first time have one thing in common, How we wish that we have at least a friend or some one to contact on arrival. Personally I felt that many things could have being solved or make much easier had I had more info of a country from a some one in that country, or I could contact some one on arrival, not that there are not enough info already in the internet or from other sources, but being able to get info from friends or even a stranger through the internet or from just a phone call on arrival at a unfamiliar airport would surely help greatly. It would be great indeed to have a sort of a helping hand that would make life much more productive and beautiful in a foreign land. From my experience, holiday or staying in a foreign countries means more if one have a local friends, or a contact. A phone call would solved a million of the unknown problem and make one life more meaningful and beautiful. Malaysia is my home and know for the fact that most people want to makes friends and need a little help here and there in order to make the trip a productive one, I would like to help anyone in a small way I could, to make the live of anyone coming to Malaysia an enjoyable one. Selamat Datang ke Malaysia [Welcome to Malaysia]

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