Sunday, September 28, 2003

What is reality, Matrix, for those that have seen both the matrix movie, would somehow understood the question, what is reality, well we are now in the cyberworld and cyberspace is real to all of us who surf the net and enjoy the knowledge we get every moment and at the same time broaden our horizon of knowledge itself. We all know with the internet life on this planet of ours would never remain the same anymore, the changes is so dramatic in that before one could comprehend something, one are hurled into a new dimension of the unknown and had to quickly learn in order to understand the working of this new world of ours. For those that have ignored this revolution would be lost for ever. As the Dr.Mahathir Mohd, the Malaysian Prime Minister said once, we missed the industrial revolution and as a great nation we should never missed this revolution, that is the Information and computer technology revolution that is happening in our mist. For his farsightedness, we are here today in cyberspace with ease, we are indeed lucky to be where we are in cyberspace now, had not for his kind of thinking I doubt we would have advance so far in the arena of cyberworld. With the advance of cyberworld, we are now beginning to have such thing as cyberlanguage, cyberethical, cybernorms and on and on, we keep shortening the spelling for words when writing email i.e. you became just 'u', are just 'a'. Etc. And SMS message has became a new way of communication via the cel phone, a wonder in cyberspace, well we are going to see more and more changes as we progress in the world of cyberspace. As for the language is concern,I believe the English language would be the cyberlanguage of the world, some might want to differ, but I believe without understanding the English Language, one would not be able to communicate well in cyberworld and also would find it difficult to be involved effectively in the Information and Communication technology. It is indeed interesting to see all the innovation happening in our live span's and some of it without us realising are our own making, whatever it is, it has improve the quality of our life and in that makes this world an interesting place to live and enjoy.

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