Sunday, September 14, 2003

A great morning and another great day, on the 3rd Sept, 2003 my wife and me went on a short holiday to Bali, the island of paradise, it was just as short flight from Kuala Lumpur and in mere two and a half hours we arrived in sunny Bali. To me it was a dream come through, to set foot on this island of the rising sun. After checking at our hotel in the hearth of Legian, we did some exploring of the near by shop and found it to be interesting, full of works of arts and craft that are unique to this island. Bali to me is special because it is the only place in the Malay archipelago that Islam do not reach, so it has remain a Hindu cultural area for thousand of years, as such going to Bali is just like getting in a time machine and there you are, in a country where the culture and tradition have remain the same for thousand of years, going around on a tour of the rural area, we saw temples built with great skill and decorated with stone carving. A temple we visited is thousand of years old and still in perfect condition,....[ to be continue ]

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