Saturday, September 27, 2003

They say that if you want to buy a property, like a house, a kondo or whatever, there are three factors that you have to take into account if you want to make a right decision, the first factor is Location, the second factor is Location and the third factor is Location, so as can be seen, Location is the factor here, I quite agree with these factors. Let me give an example here, the place I live is in Ulu Kelang, Ampang Jaya is the proper name, it is one of the oldest housing estate, developed in nineteen fifty nine, so it is rather old compare to the other development in this area, well in the early eighties came the development of a housing estate call the Taman Tun Abdul Razak and in short it is Taman TAR, well this taman tar is just a short distance from where I live, actually the nearest boarder is just five hundred meter only from my house and the boarder is marked by a monsoon drain and beside is the road that lead to the Kelab Darul Ehsan [ a recreational club ], You know what, a house in Ampang Jaya which is slightly bigger then in Taman TAR cost, let say Ringgit two hundred thousand and an almost the same type house in Taman TAR, guess what, it would cost three or four time that of the house in Ampang Jaya, so what is the rational here, it is the name Taman TAR, it is an elite name of a sort, with club house nearby and rich or cooperate people live, even a semi detach house with land of four thousand square feet would cost less in ampang jaya then in taman tar, one could get a semi detach house in Ampang Jaya for six or seven hundred thousand ringgit, but one could only get a link house,corner lot for that price in Taman TAR, so that what I meant Location, Location, location, it is the location that determined the price of the property and not the house itself.

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