Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Malaysian flag I still have the national flag flying in front of my house, which I did put up just before the thirty first of August this year [2003]. I did this every year to honor our flag and to give colour to the national day celebration, as can be seen in my area, not many people put up the national flag for national day celebration. I do not understand why people just do not bother to do just this simple act of patriotism, I believe we all owe it to our country [kerana mu Malaysia] [because of you Malaysia] for all the good life we have had in this country. We live in a very prosperous country,in peace a harmony, with great living standard comparable to any of those countries in the west. We have everything here that the western countries have. In fact we have more, and it is relatively cheaper to live here with the same live standard and life style then in any countries in the west, the developed countries. Well as the saying goes the grass is always greener on the other pasture but some time it is not always true once we get to the other pasture, it might be greener but if we are not lucky it would be not so green after all. The Malay have a saying ' hujan mas di negeri orang, hujan batu di negeri sendiri, lebeh baik di negeri sendiri' [it may rain gold in other country and it rain rock in our country, but it is still better in one's own country] Coming back to the subject of the national flag, I sometime wonder why not many people put up flag of those special occasion, they might have their reasons, just like me, I felt proud to hang one and enjoy seeing it waving majestically in front of my house. Some time it is just difficult to understand the why, perhaps we are a young country, just forty six years old, may be it would take much longer period before people began to appreciate their own country flag. I guessed it the psyche of the people, it has to change and with time I believe it would change and we would see more and more flag flown on those special day. Especially on Merdeka [Independent} day.

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