Friday, September 26, 2003

Kuantan is the capital city of the state of Pahang, the largest state in Peninsular Malaysia, it is situated on the east coast, where the sea shore is golden in colour and the beach is clean and the water is a welcome place to wade and swim, except of course during the monsoon season on the east coast, that comes at the end of every year, some time it came with rain for days and days, with wild wind and some area may floods. It is one of the wonder of nature, some of the populations would enjoy the flood but most would just would like it to see it gone. Any way it is a nice place to spend a quite holiday and enjoy the swim, especially at the Telok Cempedak beach on a sunny day. If one had the time, it would be wise to wake up early and watch the rising sun at the beach, it is a magnificent sight to watch and wonder, the golden glow of the morning sun as it raised above the horizon, it is a sight not to be missed. I know for sure of the greatness in seeing the sun rises as I have seen it many, many time before, for Kuantan is my home town and I literally grew up on those sandy beaches. We as kids would spend our week ends camping on the shores of the many beaches along the coast and enjoy the refreshing breeze and of course the sun rise every morning. Kuantan where we grew up was a small town in the forties with only two streets, one call the Main street and the other the Wall street, this street is named after a former British District Officer, Mr.Wall, in those day we would equate our Wall street with that of the Wall Street in New York, it was fun, we have a Wall Street in Kuantan, but then after independence the nationalist decided that colonial names had to go, so they rename this street as Jalan Mahkota, so now the new generation either do not know the Wall street that once exist or have totally forgotten about it all together, and the Main street has been change to Jalan Besar, Now Kuantan has grown to became the largest city on the east coast, with an international standard airport and a sea port. They are now building a new highway from Kuala Lumpur to Kuantan, which when completed would cut the traveling time to just less the three hours one way. It would be great for the development Kuantan, for more and more people from the other parts of Malaysia especially from Kuala Lumpur would be able to spend their time on the golden beach in Kuantan. As for me it is still my home town and would drive there from time to time to visit relatives or just to spend my time on the golden beach at Telok Cempedak and relieved the fond memories of past event. I shall never forget the exciting and adventurous time we had camping at Telok Cempedak and the great time we share with the many friends in our youth. Some I have lost contact and wished that if ever they read this, they would find the time to contact me, it would be great to meet again in our golden age.

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