Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Dear friends, this is my blog. It is a sort of my journal, a web site or a personal bulletin, call it what you like, it is me in cyberspace. It contain my thoughts that I hope would enlighten those that read it. Many things cross one's mind when writing blog, so it is in fact an instant thoughts that are put into writing, so that others may share and enjoy. Some of my thoughts may refer to You, my friends and some are pure of my own imaginations, to make it interesting I try to relate the past and hope the it would help to bring back fond memories and eventually trigger some nostalgic past. We are just passing through and the past has gone but with it have given us wisdom, that I hope to contribute to those the read my blog. The present is now and the future is tomorrow but time pass so fast that hardly we realised, the future soon became the present. So my friends, let together make this world a better palace to live and sharing thoughts is one of them. Some time you might find You in my blog and I hope I do justice to your good selves. The blog is organic and alive, I try to keep it up to date everyday, so I would suggest that you ' bookmark' it and glanced at it from time to time, check the archives as well, may be you see You in the blog, if it has not been there as yet. If you find this blog interesting and useful, do send/forward it to your friends, so that they may share my joy of writing with them also. Have a nice day.

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