Monday, September 15, 2003

....Bali.. I guess we all still remember the Bali Bombing of last year, where hundred die and maimed. This incident almost destroyed the tourist industries of Bali, but the great people of Bali managed to overcome this and has since began to recover. To me personally we all should visit Bali, by doing so it would help these great people recover their lost ground and bring back the brightness of tourism to Bali. From what I gather from the local, it look like more and more tourists have made a come back to Bali. Our visit was in as small way, to contribute to that factor. We saw Bali and like what we see, it is indeed a great place to spend a holiday, where the people are friendly and the tourist climates are indeed a sort of a paradise on earth. By helping each other we would be able to make this blue planet of ours, a great place to live and enjoy life.

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