Friday, September 19, 2003

A month ago just about noon I received a phone call from a stranger calling from the airport, and saying that he is so and so and would like to meet me, I told him that in a way I am expecting a call from him, the reason being that my daughter,now studying in the USA, got an email from a friend from Sri Lanka, telling her that his brother would be visiting Malaysia. Since his brother have never visit other countries except for a trip to India, might need help when he arrived in Kuala Lumpur. So I told my daughter that, just give the person my phone number and I might be able to help, so that how this phone call originated. I told the caller whom, I would just refer here as that to call me back when he has settled at his hotel in town, well he did call and ask me what he should do in the evening since he has plenty of time to wonder for the day, I told him where he could wonder for the evening and also told him to call me the first thing in the next morning. He say he would call me the next morning just before ten am. As usual when I have a appointment, I got ready and wait for him to call. Since I had no idea of how this person look like, he is a Sri Lanka's Tamil and like all Tamil this race would just look like one of the races of Malaysian, I had to device a plan of how I could know him when we made contact. Well, that morning I waited for his phone call but it did not happen, not until almost noon. To make thing much easier for him, I told him to come over to my house, which is not that far from his hotel [ he stay at a hotel near the famous Bintang Walk]He took a cab and arrived at my house, I invited him up and we chat and eventually we became friend. He present us with two pack of Ceylon tea and then I took him for a quick spin of our new capital city of Putra Jaya. He was fascinated with the development and the architecture of buildings in Putra Jaya.Then I drove to KLCC [the Petronas Twin Tower] and then we had lunch, took him around to see this magnificent building, the tallest in world and end off having coffee at a cafe there. We continue to chat and I gave him all the info that he needed to make his one week visit to Malaysia an worth while one, He said that meeting me was one of the best thing that happen to him on this trip, the reason being that he now could plan his holiday in Malaysia much more then he bargain for. We parted there since it was late and he had other plan for the evening. I personally had a wonderful time helping this young man and hope that he have an enjoyable holiday in my home country.

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