Thursday, September 18, 2003

Talking about friends, let me say something about my great friends who live in Singapore, for this purpose I shall refer them as only Mr and Mrs ml. Mr ml is of my age group, we grew up together in a small town on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysian, the town is now the capital city of the state of Pahang. It was in the mid forty that we were schooling there. I start schooling in a Malay School and then went to an English School where I befriend this dear friend of mine. We were young then, just kids and some how we both join the Boys Scout movement. It is in this movement that we soon became close friend, with others of our age, we would go camping at the sea side almost every weekend. It was fun, we slept in tents and cook our own food and enjoy learning new skill from each other and enjoy ourselves, usually the group would consist of some six to ten person. I am a Malay, Mr ml is a Chinese and there are others of the other races that make what at that time of our history as Malayan [Now Malaysian] We continue to learn many new skills everyday when we go camping or on an expedition to the outskirts of the town. In the forties the outskirts of Kuantan town was very rural and undeveloped, the river was clean and the beach were golden in colour. As we grew up and continue our education, we would continue to be friend and the friendship continue to grow. A person who still live in Kuantan now that I wish to mention here is Mr an, he is of Indian origin, this person is a sort of a philosopher now, well our friendship with the Mr ml continue even after we left school in the late fifty. We all went on our way in search of the rainbow, and soon we lost contact. Because the bond was so strong, we somehow got in contact again and this goes on for many many years. I got married and he got married to a five young lady in Singapore. He is a singaporean now and continue to live there till now, they have two grown up, one living in Australia and on still live in Singapore. We continue to keep in touch, some time we [my wife and I] would drive to Singapore to meet them and in this golden age of our we became more and more close and this has actually enriched my life. My wife and me have indeed found a truly remarkable friends in both Mr and Mrs ml, a God send that have make our life so beautiful.

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