Sunday, September 21, 2003

While waiting for my wife to do her shopping at the mall, I decided to sit a cafe and have a cup of coffee, a favorite drink of mine, the cafe situated on the lobby of the mall, on the outside facing a busy street. Cars were passing by and would stop at the pedestrian crossing, where crowd wait to cross the busy road. The road was once call the Batu Road but now it has change to another name. It is one of the old part of the city and busy with tourist. Before the coming of the cel phone into our culture, it would not be possible for me to sit and wait and later on find it difficult to locate my wife in the mist of thousand of shopper in the mall, but now with everyone having cel phone including us, it has change the way we move in the crowd, we no longer have to follow each other in order not to get lost, instead we could go on doing our shopping on our own and relax and can keep in touch from time to time with our spouse. With the cel phone we now have more freedom to move and yet keep in touch, It is said that in Malaysia now there are not less the thirteen million set of cel phone, this means that half of the population of this country have cel phone, it look like Malaysian would never get lost again in a crowd. Sitting there having coffee and wait was no more a stress but rather the opposite, it give one freedom and relaxation, I guess the cel phone have create a new culture to the people in as far as communication is concern. In a way it has improved the quality of life of the people. Suddenly there is a beep on my cel phone, and the voice of my wife telling me that she is some where and that we could meet there and proceed on with our kind of shopping. It is indeed a great way to communicate and be civil.

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