Thursday, November 27, 2008


The beauty of flowers always mesmerise me. It always draw me to get closer to one and look at the intricacy of its petals. It is the color that draw our attention to it in the first place. Once drawn we began to get intimate with it and awe with the beauty of nature. So on that cool morning in Kuantan for wanting to experiment with my new camera I spend some times wondering and admiring the wonder of nature at its best in the early morning sun. I took a slow walk around the hotel ground and captured some of these gorgeous flowers that bloom in the garden. So here folks I am sharing these wonder of nature of flowers that we often see but at time just took it for granted. It do mesmerise me with it beauty and with that loves flows like the saying ' flowers is the keeper of our joy' . How true. It did made my day. Have a nice day.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The child in us...

Folks, from the collection of 'duit raya' [Eid Fitri gift money] our youngest grandson Azib, six years old got himself the latest Sony PSP. He told his parents that he want to buy the PSP with his own money. I even ask him whether he want me to top up the cost of the PSP, he turn to me and said thanks and that not to worry for he had enough of money to get that PSP. He parted with his whole collection of around RM800.00 and now happy with it. As we all know too well that we boys never really grows up and that includes grandpa. That child in us is still there and getting a new toy is always in our mind. So like Azib I thought that I should get myself a new toy as well.

I have been toying with the idea of getting a DSLR camera, sort of upgrading my world of photography. And this time I just did that. I was not that sure which brand of DSLR to buy but because I got an old telephoto lens of the Nikon brand which our daughter Lin bought some years ago and is gathering dust since the introduction of the digital camera, I thought that if this lens from the conventional camera fit the new DSLR I would buy it. Out shopping for the camera I brought along the old telephoto lens and on checking found it did fit perfect, so without really thinking much I bought this camera. A Nikon D60. With that telephoto lens I would be able to be more adventurous in my photography and hope that I may be able to get a better images of those creatures; like the squirrels, birds that made the bushes around the house its home.

Above are some images of my first try with this new toy. Have a nice day.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Of Laptop and 5 A's....

Folks, when you have a great story to tell what did you do before the Internet and Blogging. Well almost nothing you could do but to tell it to your friends and if possible write to the Newspapers but now with Blogging it is a different story altogether. We can just blog it’s away with ease, like I am doing now. The story is still fresh in my mind and a brand new one too. It is a story of recent happening and since it has a somewhat universal value I thought that it worth sharing with the world. Hoping that in a small way it would add value to the world of blogging. The story is about our grandson who took the Lower Primary School Examination what we folk call it here as UPSR and the result is just out.

He is 12 years old and had to sit for this test of sorts, the UPSR. Even if he failed this test he would still be promoted to the next higher standard in our school system. So what is the big deal if it is so? To me I look at it on the positive side. To me a Test is a test and must be taken seriously and I have always been promoting the idea; that do the best in your education for that is your future. Not only that I told all my kids and grand kids that they must do well in the English and if possible answer the test questions in the English language. In our school system some subjects could be answered in English or BM for the National School and in Mandarin for the Chinese School and Tamil in the Tamil School. The school syllabus in all the streams are the same.

Well coming back to the subject of this posting, His Mom jokingly says that if he gets five A's in his UPSR She or rather his Mom and Dad would give him a Laptop. And to make it more interesting his Mom asks what would happen if he did not get five A's. With his usual smile, his answer is that there would be no Laptop. That is, No five A's No Laptop that he could call it his own. There are other laptops in his home and in ours, so actually he is not that far away from any laptop or a computer. Because he love the computer so much and been doing creative things with it, the computer actually has help him in his study as well an understanding what cybersphere is all about. So surely a gift of a computer would be a wise thing to do.

Let me digress a little, this grandson of ours despite been only 12 years old is already a sort of computer wizard in the family. I would get to him if I ever need explaining of how certain program works or I got stuck on some system that my generation never bother to understand. As you most probably know that I am from the cave generation and not that savvy with the IT but because I love new technology I take to the gadgets like duck to the water and this includes the computer and Blogging. So when the examination result was announced last week He did get five A's and as promised by his Mom and Dad he would soon get a brand new Laptop.

Congratulating Anwar for the success I ask him over the phone about the result and he says that he got five A's and many of his close friends did well and that a few of those who got four A's and one B's cried. And he continued that he answered the question in Science and Math in English and of course he took English as well. I kept reminding him that English is very important for his future and he agreed saying that the future is in the English language which is also the language of the Internet, his favorite world from time to time. Folks for this generation to succeed they had to be savvy in computer, which I believe would be an extension of themselves for without it they would be lost in so many ways.

I am glad that our eldest grandson did well in this first test of his. I also remind him that he must not forget that in our school system the SPM [Upper Secondary School Examination before College] is the most important examination and that he must strife well for that too which would be coming in a few years time. To me the SPM is the most important examination in our school system. If you did not do well in this examination then your future would surely be in doubt.

From my observation I gathered that he want to study the science of computer. And I think for been savvy in computer at this tender age he would surely made it. Even that parents must not takes it easy but to kept watch of the progress of the children education throughout the years. The success of the children not only depend on them but the parents as well.

So folks it would be one more Laptop in the Family. Have a nice day

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A image to ponder...

Folks this is where I got lost in cyberspace. Wondering endlessly in a world without boarders. Amazing you could be in any part of the world, see what you want to see, read what you want to read and at time talk face to face with friends across the globe as thought time and distance evaporate into thin air. That what the Internet gave us among other things. Just get into cyberspace, and you are on a journey to the unknown and enjoy the days. I blog and with that I get to share my thoughts with the world and at the same time read blogs that pop up endlessly all the year around. What a world we live in now. I am glad that I get to enjoy life not only on this wonderful world of ours the good earth but in cybersphere as well.

Have a nice day.

Monday, November 10, 2008

A week in November...

Well, it has been a week in November 2008. On Monday 3rd November I drove all the 364 kilometers journey to Singapore. Our youngest daughter who is now working at NUS [National University of Singapore] was back for the weekend and we decided to drive to Singapore with her. This is the first time we are going to Singapore after she landed herself a job in that city state. Now that she has a home in Singapore it would be easy for us to spend a holiday there.

We left KL just after nine in the morning and after several stop arrived in Singapore via the Second Link, the second crossing to Singapore after the Causeway nears Johor Bahru. There was heavy rain along the way and it continues to rain off and on but stop as we were about to arrive at the Second Link. We got cleared by the Customs and Immigrations [Malaysia and Singapore] in a whiz and arrived in Singapore at just passed three in the afternoon. Despite the rain it was an exciting five hours drive and as usual I enjoy driving the Honda on a long distance journey.

November 5, 2008. It is in Singapore that I watch excitingly the result of the American Election and saw that Obama made it to the White House. Indeed a historic moment not only for the American but the world as well. To me this is the change we all have been waiting for and I believe it would be good for the world.

The last time we are in Singapore was in November last year to visit a sick relative. We took the JB way and on the way back got caught on the normal traffic jam in JB. To me the Second Link is the best way to travel to Singapore and back. After a few days there we drove back, again using the Second Link and enjoy the drive all the way to Kuala Lumpur.

Have a nice day.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Court freed RPK...

I am indeed glad that my friend RPK the blogger for Malaysia Today who was detained under the ISA has been freed by the court. Personally I do not believe that anyone should be detained for his or her thoughts. The ISA was created to fight communism or subversive activities and also to halt activities which would be a treat to national security and not for other purposes. If someone have done wrong he or she should be brought to the court using the existing law.

Read this in the Star Malaysia.

Have a nice day.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

President Obama...

Great, it is the best news for the world. Barack Obama did it and was elected to became the next President of America. A new dawn of an era not only for America but the world as well.

To Obama, congratulation Sir for taking the challenge and You did change history. Indeed A bright future for democracy. We hope that you would provide the world with a quality leadership in this turbulent time.

The Full speech of Barack Obama from the Star Malaysia.

Have a nice day.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

The American Election..

I have live in the US and found the people friendly and the living atmosphere great. It is a place where one could acquire knowledge in whatever field one choose. My children did that and I am happy that America gave them the opportunity to study and acquire knowledge. On my latest visit to America from May to July this year I notice that most American want change and this could translate into an Obama win.

Because of its foreign policy American image is at its worst now. I hope that Obama win. It is the only way to bring back America to the fold. With Obama I believe the image of America would be cured fast.

The world is now in a financial mess which start in America. So it looks like the new President of USA has got lots to do come next year. 2009 would be the beginning of a new chapter of the world if we have President Obama in charge.

Have a nice day.