Thursday, October 09, 2003

Let me begin this day with a quote:" A candle is never dimmed by lighting another candle". Well as usual I went out to pay the bills again, so what else do we do now, paying bills, shopping and shopping, now with the new Mall in Kuala Lumpur, we just can't resist of making a visit, for curiosity sake, remember curiosity kills the cat, and me and my wife love to shop, it is a great past time of ours, you do not need plenty of money to window shop, well when you have to spare, then what else spend it, I believe that as the saying goes ' what is money is you do not spend it' and if you do not have it, just keep quiet and wonder somewhere else like cyberspace, it is relatively free, this would keep us folks happy, as long as you have no hutang [debt] you should be happy, that what's makes life tick... and on returning home, I received a surprise email from a lost friend, I am not sure as to who he is, anyway it does not matter, surely he is one of my good friend from great old days in Kuantan, I have replied to his mail and hope that we will continue in contact, well as I have said before, cyberspace is a great place to be and I supposed this friend of mine visit my Blog site and realized that it is me, remember the boy scouts day and it click, thanks again friends, you make me happy and I hope that it is the same with you.

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