Saturday, October 04, 2003

It has been another great day, it is the weekend again but to me as a retiree, it does not mean anything any more for days and times belong to me now, when one is working one would look forward for the weekend, a day of rest and to be with one loved one or plan a trip on the weekend, but those days are gone me, now that all my days are my own, to do what I like, weekend just became just another day, only on occasion that I would look at the weekend especially when there are invitation to parties or the like, other then that the whole weeks day are the same, me with my daily ritual, one of it is the hours I spend in cyberspace, meeting friends and writing my blog. When in cyberspace, time flies just like that and hardly you knew it, you have been wondering in cyberspace for hours already. As I had said before, the internet is indeed a wonderful invention and with it, I have spend wonderful time interacting with friends and relative far and near. Funny thing about cyberspace, distance seem no longer there, just a minute ago I was just chatting with my daughter in Boston, it was an instant thing and we communicate with east and fast, it would not be possible before the era of the internet, what a period in the history of man, instant communication....well I believe we all are indeed lucky to be at this period of our history, so many things happening at one time in our mist and because of all the changes, our life style have improve for the better and hence the living standard. I guess this is the benefit we get from science and technology.....a new way of living and it is a great technology and the changes.....let me tell a story that a friend related to me recently, it is about this writing tool that we, of my generation are familiar with, at that time it is a very important tool, for without it, an office would not be able to function effectively. The story goes, one day this lady friend of mine was browsing through her storage area and she found an old typewriter, she took it and placed it on the kitchen table and then went to continue wondering somewhere else as usual and forgot about this thing that she left on the kitchen table. Soon her grandchild came running to her and told her that they found some machine of a sort on the kitchen table and was wonder what it is, it has keys just like a computer but it look weird and they had never seen it before, well grandma was amused with all the excitement that this old typewriter has generated, little she know that this thing or tools that we call the typewriter is no more a familiar thing in today's office or for that matter one do not see it any more display or used. The younger of these day especially the generation of the nineties are not exposed to this tools of yesterday years, they might see it on the movies but I doubt that any of these generation have every use it to write or print writing on paper. In those days without the typewriter it would be difficult to makes copies and the word 'carbon copy' actually come from the copy that one make when typing letters and need a copy, so a carbon paper is placed in between the numbers of paper where copies area generated, today with the computer we just print as many copies as we like. The advance of the computer have made the typewriter, it's distance relative almost redundant and now have it's place on antique shops and the museum. Well I am sure some of my friends still have their old typewriter or had it been disregard and vanished totally with the coming of the computer's world. For the typewriter at least it main feature, the key board is still used today and I am sure that this key board would be there in some distance future, until another new way is found to key in words to the computer and until then at least we would still have part of the old typewriter, the key board. All the excitement in my friend's house show that the really young of today's generation have the right to wonder what this machine on the kitchen table is all about and so my friend had to do some explanation to her grandchildren on this once wonderful machine that enable man to print letter on paper and make copies instead of writing on paper using pencil of I guessed that is why God make grandma, since He cannot be everywhere to explain to the new generation of the past happening. So grandma your are really someone special to have sure make the kids happy and of course it also makes the grandma happy as well. To all grandma....have a great day, you are indeed great..roses are for ever

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