Monday, October 27, 2003

It is said that honesty if the best policy, is it so?... I believe it is so and felt bad when someone whom you think are your friends, lied or tried very hard to lied, well some human being are like that, they always want to show their good side only and always want to cover up their other side, when this happen, friendships once bloomed will eventually fades, Some how my senses would some how tell me that a person is lying or not and in the end I would get to the truth of the matter....Thanks God that my guidance angles are always there in the time of need..... I pray and hope that all my friends who have not being truthful for some reasons or other before would not continue to do so ...lie....For lying would not pay. In the end they are the one that would be to loose more and as for me I do not loose anything but more to gain, for I always believe in honesty. Recently a person whom we thinks of being evading giving the really answer, from time to time, in order to cover their frustration of life, continue to hide the truth and eventually by the act of God, we some how got the wind of it and got the truth... of course we felt bad, but since there are human and they think they have a good reason for not telling the truth or it is their way of their life, I could not know.... I just could not blame them for not telling...... it is their life and I think that they believe that keeping it to themselves would save them with all the embarrassment, I do not believe it is so.....for it would eventually makes matter worse......Remember not telling the truth to others is actually lying to oneself and refused to accept the reality...In the end it the person that would suffer and not us who believe that friends should never lie to a friend, for what are friendships for if not for real friendship...For honesty is the core of true friendship..... Today is the first day of the fasting month and we all start fasting, fasting is not eating and drinking during the day time, but one could just lie and pretends to fast in front of the public but in private actually do not fast, well who is actually cheating in this case, I believe the person himself is cheating on himself, for among the five pillars of Islam, Fasting is the only one that only God is the witness for actually no one but yourself and God know that you are fasting or not, unlike prayer, zakat, going to do the Haj, pronouncing that you believe in One God and His prophets....all can be seen or heard by other human...but Fasting is not seen except by the person and God in Islam Fasting is really special, you just cannot cheat or lie about fasting, for you, yourself know that and you cannot lie to yourself and of course if you decide not to fast, do not lie, for lying is bad, not only to oneself but also to others especially one's friends.......well I still believe that "Honesty is still the best Policy"so let be honest about it, bear the pain of telling the truth for eventually it is the truth that would makes us more human......for life is like that......Have a nice day......and always tell the truth....." Wishing to be friends is quick work, but friendship is a slow-ripening fruit." Aristotle.

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