Saturday, October 25, 2003

It is Saturday and since it is a nice day and the rain has just stop, I decided to do some gardening, a small patch in front of my house, where I plant varieties of flowers, ferns and shrubs, Though it is only a small patch, it need constant attending for it to flowers all the time. Tending, weeding and watering it from time to time have been a sort of ritual for my wife and me, we had to do to keep this small patch of our garden blooming all the time, it look simple, but it is not so for in the tropic, it rain on and off, so if the flowers blooms and it rain, then the beautiful flower that's start to bloom would just fall off, it is different in the temperate climate, where in summer when most of the flowers are grown and flowers, it does not really rain as in the tropic, here the down pour would be at time very heavy and this is not really healthy for the plants that are planted in pots, for the flow of water would drained those plants foods that are in the pots, it is different if the plants are planted on the ground, it get more nutrition when it rain, so in order to keep my potted plants healthy and bloom well, we had to constantly tend to it and nurtured it well all the time. To me I love gardening, so is my wife, so it is indeed a pleasure to do a bit of gardening and get to sampled the smell of fresh flowers and see the colorful plants in the sun. It is indeed soothing to the eye and at the same time it also enhance the appearance of our home. Nature is such that if one take great care of it, those shrubs, flowers and ferns would in return provide mankind with picturesque site to look at, hence improve the quality of our life, what a day would it be if we are left barren without flowers to give color to our environment. Some one once said that "Flowers are the keeper of our Joy", I believe it is so, for what is life without all those vibrant life color of flowers and the greens of those ferns and shrubs, trees and Palms,add to this great environment that not only provide us with all oxygen that we need to go on living, it is actually a part of us and we should never take it for granted, for this living plants are a very important part of our eco system. In my small garden when the flowers blooms, small insets and colorful butterflies would roam around and it is indeed great to see the eco system at works and to me it is a Joy that I would not want to miss.

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