Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Well, yesterday I went to the Mall near by, the Ampang Point Mall, it is just a short distance away from my home, since it began operation some few years ago, it has develop into a major shopping area for the people in Ampang Jaya, where there are approximately five hundred thousand people live. There are many housing estates here ranging to the elite category with club house, such as Kelab Darul Ehsan to the low cost housing estate, surrounding by lush forest or the Bajiran Titiwangsa, a golf course of international standard, a mosque and a recreational jogging track. In the evening and on week days many peoples of all walks of life took to these track to do their exercises. It is indeed a great place to live, close to nature and yet with all the modern amenities as well. There is an international school near by and as such many foreigner live in this vicinity. One of the oldest Ngo establishment that settled here is the SPCA, it has it's base and an operation centre here, when it start operation years ago, this place was really an out of town place, so far from the urban centre of Kuala Lumpur, but as Kuala Lumpur and the adjacent area became develop, the centre is no longer an isolated institution, it is now within reach of city dweller, so it is easy for city dweller to sent their pets to be taken care of from time to time. As this suburban area continue to develop, a private specialist hospital was build near by, with such facilities the people of Ampang Jaya today had it all and this augur well for the healthy living style of this suburban of Kuala Lumpur. At the shopping Mall, there are many new exhibition of goods and services for sale, and a sale man ask me to sit down to explain his sale of Holiday Packages, well since I had all the time in the world, I took seat offered and listen to him offering various tour packages to local holiday sport and some international destinations, but there is a catch here, one had to be a member first before one could book any of the packages on offer, and only after paying a certain sum that one would be registered as a member and then, only then that one can buy any of the holiday packages on offer, since I travel from time to time, locally and internationally, I go on enquiring about other facilities that this travel agent provide and in the process as the sale person about the cost of ticket to a destination and here when I found that this particular sale person, was lack of knowledge of this hospitality industries, he was totally lost as to the type of ticket available to the traveling public, such as ticket for return flight for a period of three months or less and ticket for more the three months. As frequent travels we all knew too well that air ticket now a days are sold at different prices to a person or a group depend when one book a tickets or what discount are given, this sale person does not have a clue as to the type of ticket available and he was also lost when as to quote ticket to a particular destination on such and such airline, so as can be seen, this sale person is rather naive and was lack of knowledge as to his profession and as such unable to satisfied a customer, what a waste to the company he represent or the customer, as for me since I had all the time in the world, I did not loose anything, but amused that such person are employed in this live, when he is so lack of knowledge or exposure in this line of business. I am really sorry for this sale man, I do not know why he was doing the job that he is not knowledgeable with... I do not know, for sure I know that to succeed in this type of business, he had to study the market and know everything about the Travel and Tours business, as it is from my point of view this guy is trying to sell a product which he himself does not know about and have no experience at all, probably he has never fly ......well this is the situation today... well I went home after doing some shopping at the supermarket and was thinking all the way about this guy.....he has to learn, I hope he sell something today, he is suppose to sell, is he not.....good luck.

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